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Helvetica Cake

Happy *belated* Birthday, Helvetica! Check out this incredible cake that Matt Michaluk and friends made…. absolutely gorgeous, and making me a bit hungry this morning… more images here. And a MUST SEE video of the cake eating in action below… (via Swiss Miss!)

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Sandra Fettingis

Sandra Fettingis has an interesting body of work centered around a combination of film, acrylic, sculpture. “I print archival, digital images on clear film and mount them on acrylic sheets. I then layer the acrylic/images to create three dimensional wall sculptures. The end result can best be summed up as multi-layered 2-d prints that combine to form a 3-d object.” A few of my other favorites below ~

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Monocle’s Kitakoga

So, i’ve procrastinated on flipping through Tyler Brule’s latest endeavor - Monocle “a briefing on global affairs, business, culture, & design” ~ and i think it might me one of my new favorite reads… but the real question is how did no one tell me about Kitakoga? The pull out manga in the back of the issue ~ think— the comic book for the Bruce Wayne set? I’m hooked. And the blatant product placement made me giggle the whole time (who wants a prada phone now?)…

Here’s the premise (go on, read it out loud to yourself in that dramatic voice-over tone): “Spring — 2010. A Democrat is running the White House, Sweden is about to take up the reigns of the EU Presidency, NATO is still heavily engaged in Afghanistan and The Horn of Africa is up for grabs. On the opposite side of the rapidly melting polar ice cap, Canada has become the self-appointed guardian of the top of the world and Russia’s playing catch-up. China is still basking in post-Olympic glory and South Korea has become the region’s new creative powerhouse. In the middle of all of this, Japan has assumed a more assertive role not only within Asia but also globally. The country stunned the world in 2009 with the surprise launch of a corps of robotic soldiers it deployed to protect its embassy in Beirut and has been working on the launch of a new unmanned air vehicle that has sparked the curiosity of governments around the world. A special branch of the defence ministry has been established to safeguard the technology. Shinobi (shadow ninjas) are the guardians of the Rai-zing (Thunder of God) project.”
The animated feature should be done by the Batman: animated series folks in collaboration with the Evangelion team? [Lots more below]

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Darren Waterson

The work of Darren Waterson is the most inspiring thing i’ve rediscovered today, first introduced to me as a certain someone had me trying to hunt down the artist of the Silversun Pickup’s latest album cover (and believe it or not, googling was unsuccessful, but wiki-ing and emailing their PR worked nicely). And i know i don’t usually post are quite this largely, but this particular piece mesmerizes me to no end (and a few other of his recent pieces i love are featured below as well). This is “His Universe”, 2005, 60’x60’ ~ can you believe that is oil on wood? organic, fluid, abstract, detailed, flowing, deep, i dont know how to describe his work really… somewhere between what a friend mentioned as reminiscent of old scifi covers… and also brings to mind the work of inka essenhigh… either way, there is something inspiring and meditative to these pieces. And he’s a local! BA from Otis ~ studied at Kunst ~ and resides in SF currently!

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Antenna ~ go write it down. This is a magazine to look out for this summer! Preview issue just showed up and i’m smitten. As much as blogs amuse me, they will never replace my need for magazines… something about precise layouts, the touch and smell of paper, the way you can FLIP through a stack of pages… its not to be replaced! That being said, Antenna got my magazine excitement going again, especially since it has some fun graphic design, and reads like a mix between Lucky magazine and design magazines with a dash of the street/skate scene. (oh and its more guy slanted, but without the softcore)… this issue literally goes from A to Z as you can see in the contents page, and between the “real” articles… i’m loving their layouts for themed pages… like roundups of great glasses, cell phones, candy, condoms, bomber jackets, skateboards, and so much more… so here’s a sneak peak of some of my favorite pages to keep you going until August 2007! [and the (N)EEDS- morning after section cracked me up.]

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Heart Throb @MK

Heart Throb opening was last night at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery. And it was packed… with scenesters, hipsters, art lovers, and some of the most breathtaking works i’ve seen in a while. (note: i might be biased, having loved the work of miss van for some time now… also junko mizuno.) It was incredible how highly priced all pieces were, but even more impressive was how quickly they were selling out. For all of my pictures during the show, view them in the gallery. .. also view the scans of the Miss Van limited edition postcards there.

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Miss Van Princesas

Went by the Miss Van/Junko Mizuno opening last night… and was floored. But before i show you all the gallery pics, here are scans of the limited edition Princesas postcard set (500 copies)… the paintings were drop dead gorgeous… literally could have spent all night standing and staring at them. Incredible thing is really how far she’s come from the street art in the 90’s, to practically instantly sold out $30,000 paintings.

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Embroidered Calls

Louisa Bufardeci has created a unique blend of embroidery, technology, and information visualization ~ here is an example from 13 captured telephone conversations - all one minute long, 2006, machine embroideries. Perhaps the perfect installation for a sound studio waiting room? Visually the ability to visualize these in such a tactile manner is fascinating, and equally interesting are her embroidered portraits of Anti-War Speeches (more images below). via Gizmodo

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Le Blog De Nesk

Shade Elaine and i spent all day on Radar… and then in our brownie induced delirium to follow, we discovered Le blog de nesk… and couldn’t stop giggling and loving the images… You can even get their shirts over at Le Neskerie.

So here we have a girl feeding spiders to her venus fly trap (much like the adorable little one Shade Elaine just bought a bell jar for)… a monster i wish i had, which seems to dump on people… and a strap on unicorn that can’t not make you smile… more of our favs below.

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Speech Bubbles

MoMA has a new exhibition on ~ Comic Abstraction ~ and the speech bubbles have been mesmerizing me all morning. There is something fascinating about speech bubbles… to doodle them is so natural… and thought bubbles as well. These mylar speech bubbles are the work of Philippe Parreno back in 1997… great quote from him “A good image is always a social moment.” The other is a close up from a series of works by Rivane Neuenschwander - blocking out all images and text and only leaving the structure of the comic… read more behind all these pieces and see more from other favorites like Murakami, Essenhigh, Herrerra, and more.

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Lego Pop Art

Only thing better than classic surrealist/pop art… and legos… are surrealist/pop art made of legos, in an exhibition, with drunken lego wander around the gallery. Although not new, Art Craziest Nation ran at the Walker Art Gallery in 2005-2006 - by The Little Artists (John Cake and Darren Neave)… and i just found it on my latest lego addiction, Brothers Brick. Above are some of my favorites ~ Dali’s Lobster Phone ~ and Warhol’s Money. Few other fun ones below…

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Porter Airlines

Fly Porter Airlines… toronto’s frisky little airline (looks like their jet blue equiv)… the part that made me swoon today was its mascot raccoon creature (can we say cutest favicon ever?)… and nice clean branding/layouts on the site… screenshots below. And apparently it is the handiwork of Tyler Brule of wallpaper fame and now monocle (the man of the hour on the design/blog scene?)…

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Bell Jars

So, Shade Elaine and i were at a home depot yesterday… and we came across some fun little venus fly traps (here’s my pic on radar)… which got us into chatting about what a fun way to display it would be… leading her on a quest for the ultimate glass bubble or bell jar… so for our reference and yours, here are some fun ones she found…

(left to right, top to bottom)
West Elm - Glass Cloche Hurricanes
Pottery Barn - Glass Domes
Anthropologie - the botanist’s bell jar
Velocity Art and Design - Roost Glass Museum Dome and Base
Paxton Gate - Bell Jar
Branch Home - Terrarium
CB2 - Whirly Hanging Candleholder
CB2 - Teardrop Hanging Vase
Sprout Home - Glass Globes (my personal fav)
Smith & Hawken - Lidded Terrariums (her fav)

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UPS Whiteboard Cont’d

Slight continuation to the UPS Whiteboard post from the other day… Remember the billboards i mentioned i didn’t have a good pic of? Well apparently the interactive agency responsible for the campaign is Atlanta based IQ Interactive, and Amelia of IQ was kind of enough to track down and send over some pics (that billboard is right in LA off the 405!).

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Whiteboard ~ UPS

Whiteboards, i can’t imagine life without them. That said, have you noticed the GIANT billboard white boards (complete with giant brown dry erase marker) popping up around town? All a part of UPS’ latest Whiteboard campaign on tv and billboards everywhere. I can’t believe i can’t find one quickly to post here tonight, so feel free to share, i keep meaning to take a pic, but haven’t had opportune times while driving by them lately…

Some interesting ads and parodies (youtubes below for your viewing pleasure)… also fun trivia ~ “It turns out that after The Martin Agency looked at 1,000 potential actors, they decided to use their own creative director, Andy Azula.” (according to Digital Roam)… also i can’t decide if its cute or too much that they are using the postal service song… Fun site as well.

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