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Speech Bubbles

MoMA has a new exhibition on ~ Comic Abstraction ~ and the speech bubbles have been mesmerizing me all morning. There is something fascinating about speech bubbles… to doodle them is so natural… and thought bubbles as well. These mylar speech bubbles are the work of Philippe Parreno back in 1997… great quote from him “A good image is always a social moment.” The other is a close up from a series of works by Rivane Neuenschwander - blocking out all images and text and only leaving the structure of the comic… read more behind all these pieces and see more from other favorites like Murakami, Essenhigh, Herrerra, and more.

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Lego Pop Art

Only thing better than classic surrealist/pop art… and legos… are surrealist/pop art made of legos, in an exhibition, with drunken lego wander around the gallery. Although not new, Art Craziest Nation ran at the Walker Art Gallery in 2005-2006 - by The Little Artists (John Cake and Darren Neave)… and i just found it on my latest lego addiction, Brothers Brick. Above are some of my favorites ~ Dali’s Lobster Phone ~ and Warhol’s Money. Few other fun ones below…

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Porter Airlines

Fly Porter Airlines… toronto’s frisky little airline (looks like their jet blue equiv)… the part that made me swoon today was its mascot raccoon creature (can we say cutest favicon ever?)… and nice clean branding/layouts on the site… screenshots below. And apparently it is the handiwork of Tyler Brule of wallpaper fame and now monocle (the man of the hour on the design/blog scene?)…

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Bell Jars

So, Shade Elaine and i were at a home depot yesterday… and we came across some fun little venus fly traps (here’s my pic on radar)… which got us into chatting about what a fun way to display it would be… leading her on a quest for the ultimate glass bubble or bell jar… so for our reference and yours, here are some fun ones she found…

(left to right, top to bottom)
West Elm - Glass Cloche Hurricanes
Pottery Barn - Glass Domes
Anthropologie - the botanist’s bell jar
Velocity Art and Design - Roost Glass Museum Dome and Base
Paxton Gate - Bell Jar
Branch Home - Terrarium
CB2 - Whirly Hanging Candleholder
CB2 - Teardrop Hanging Vase
Sprout Home - Glass Globes (my personal fav)
Smith & Hawken - Lidded Terrariums (her fav)

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UPS Whiteboard Cont’d

Slight continuation to the UPS Whiteboard post from the other day… Remember the billboards i mentioned i didn’t have a good pic of? Well apparently the interactive agency responsible for the campaign is Atlanta based IQ Interactive, and Amelia of IQ was kind of enough to track down and send over some pics (that billboard is right in LA off the 405!).

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Whiteboard ~ UPS

Whiteboards, i can’t imagine life without them. That said, have you noticed the GIANT billboard white boards (complete with giant brown dry erase marker) popping up around town? All a part of UPS’ latest Whiteboard campaign on tv and billboards everywhere. I can’t believe i can’t find one quickly to post here tonight, so feel free to share, i keep meaning to take a pic, but haven’t had opportune times while driving by them lately…

Some interesting ads and parodies (youtubes below for your viewing pleasure)… also fun trivia ~ “It turns out that after The Martin Agency looked at 1,000 potential actors, they decided to use their own creative director, Andy Azula.” (according to Digital Roam)… also i can’t decide if its cute or too much that they are using the postal service song… Fun site as well.

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Ever have a day where “more just isn’t enough”? Havidol is apparently the solution. This latest project by Justine Cooper reminds me of projects during undergrad ~ the full fledged mock site ~ this one complete with print ads, tv adverts, even the pill design, and jackets, shirts, etc.

Havidol is the first and only treatment for dysphoric social attention consumption deficit anxiety disorder (DSACDAD). What a mouthful. But i love these projects that really make you laugh first, then stop and think about the absurdity and even the similarity to reality today… scariest part, you know you wouldn’t look twice if you saw that ad in a magazine today… it is just as ridiculous as many of the legit pharma campaigns now.

View more of the project at Daneyal Mahmood Gallery ~ (especially the animated ad ~ its brilliant) ~ and the Havidol Website.

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The Non-Object Book - CUin5 - interesting idea… “The non·object book is the first of its kind - the first of a new genre we call Design Fiction™. In the same way that sci-fi movies and fictional tales stretch your imagination, our hope is to take you on a journey into the future of design and inspiration. We will share stories and concepts that offer a new point of view, a new way of thinking, a new way forward. Of course, as with all fiction, some of our ideas may seem improbable – even impossible. Don’t worry, we bought the tickets. All you have to do is enjoy the ride.” fascinating video sneak peek at what it will hold… via mocoloco.


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Also from Marjolijn Mandersloot - her Karavaan works (2005) over at the beeldenroute van Oorlogsmuseum naar Zoo-Parc, Overloon. [discovered her via laura sweet’s .org #3133.

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Aluminum Monkeys

The aluminum monkeys of Markolijn Mandersloot decorate the Bredeschool Malburcht in Graslaan, Arnhem (2006). Breathtakingly taunting and playful, i wish i had these at my school as a kid! Although i would have probably spent most of the time doodling the monkeys outside my windows. Love her work, more images from this piece below.

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WAGS Boutique ~ the british reality tv show over at ITV… ” For 13 weeks, the girls (more used to maxing out their credit cards than swiping other people’s) will swap shelf-browsing for shelf-stacking as they set up and run two rival fashion boutiques in central London. From designing the stores and selecting stock to marketing and perfecting their sales technique, the ten WAGs will require determination, flair and a head for business to succeed.”

Tobias Carlson and partner at M&C Saatchi London made some fun visuals to go with the show… (more below)… the Chihuahua Urinal in particular cracks me up… although i cant imagine that going over well as boys are stumbling home from the bars? Fun campaign.

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I just discovered japanese publisher, BNN, Inc.’s Pattern series today, and splurged on the $49 Grain… and it was completely worth it. For any designers who love having high res royalty free stock that comes in gorgeous books (there is something about the 8.5” shape, nice matte cover, high quality color pages) with cd slot in the back… (aka fellow Pepin Press collectors)… you will LOVE this Pattern Series.

One of the things that impressed me most about this series is that the jpgs are more navigable than the Pepin Press series (which go by page numbers) ~ there is an .htm file on the disc that gives you a nice way to browse thumbnails of all of the files (images below). A bit pricey at 49$ for 100 royalty free jpeg files compared to the Pepin books… the books truly are gorgeous. And the Grain volume in particular caught my eye, although i’m not yet sure what i will make from these 1600x1600 wood grains… Other titles in the pattern series in clude butterflies, soviet style, animal prints, plaids, camouflage, and more.

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Munky King Party

Chinese New Year AND Valentine’s Day right around the corner… stopped by the Munky King 3rd Anniversary and CNY party in Chinatown~ and welcoming in the year of the pig, they even had limited edition trading card sized glicee prints by Luke Chueh, Thomas Han, and Amanda Visell. But what really caught my eye was the PlasticGod Buddha… love the hands. (also found a video of it on youtube below!). Adorably cute store in the middle of one of the chinatown plazas which are really getting far more hipster filled relative to the old school chinese restaurants and stores i remember as a kid. Lots of pics below to give you a feel for the space…

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Puma Inspiration

Walking down Third Street today… the Puma store remodel caught my eye, and made me light up, stop walking, and suddenly my friend turned and saw me crouched down taking a cameraphone pic of the signage…


‘nuff said. and how great are those icons? These are words to live by, and graphics to aspire to. Anyhow, color me inspired… this image makes me smile. Larger image below…

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Type Talk Fonts

TypeTalk - handwriting fonts with something to say. MFA Thesis project of Amy Papaelias, this is a fun, well executed project that gives fonts some context - both in handwriting style and the way it translates what you’re really saying…. examples above are the Sugar and Spice and the Francophile. Sugar and Spice “replicates the expected speech of a nine year old girl. Socially acceptable roles dictate linguistic choices of emotional expression.” Francophile on the otherhand “asserts the French salutations and phrases to decorate an otherwise English vocabulary.” It is even the actual handwriting of a French woman. I love that Papaelias sees typography as “Visual Pronunciation”.

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