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Glorious Excess (Dies) - Mike Shinoda

gloriousexcess00.jpg Just checked out the preview of Mike Shinoda’s Glorious Excess (Dies) show at the Japanese American National Museum, the follow up to his Glorious Excess (Born) show last year. It’s stunning ~ a definite must see ~ and what’s nice is that besides the fact that the work is technically beautiful and a fun mix of skulls, urban art, “vanitas”, mixed media wallpapering with gossip rags, a casket and silver skeleton, video and more… the way it all comes together as a thought provoking look at the life (and death) of celebrity through paparazzi and the consumption engine behind it all is fascinating ~ especially coming from Shinoda who is most known for Linkin Park and Fort Minor, and he is also an Art Center trained graphic artist and illustrator. Take a look at the images on the next page to get a feel for the flow from excessive living to implosion to death to ascension… and if you make it to the actual show, the video that ties the whole show together is definitely worth sitting in on! (Love that he actually filmed what it was like being on the “star home” bus tours - and captured the world of the paparazzi from the red carpet perspective) - Take a look at the pics on the next page! Some really stunning pieces!

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Help Rocket World Contest

rocketworldcontest.jpg So when my friends over at Rocket World reached out asking for some design help they thought it would be nice to ask you all for some help as well! The Creature Hoodies have been such a hit ~ and they are adorably cozy (fleece as fine as you’ll find from folks like Patagonia ~ but less branding and even cooler little details you never even dreamed of, but can’t live without once trying it!)… You can see lots of pics of the latest one (with removable ears - and swappable horns - with no face) from the giveaway post from the holidays… and for a chance to win one of the 2010 Creature Hoodies (that you will help decide the fate of) plus a Rocket World Gift Bag ~ and two runners up will also get gift bags! Anyhow, if you’re feeling nice, please check out the possibilities for the 2010 Creature Hoodie on the next page and more details on how to share your opinion!

not to bias you, but i’m all about 3b or 4a… can’t decide between the black or grey yet…

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The Federation for the Advancement of Time

826la0.jpg Latest from the 826 LA - Echo Park Time Travel Mart… a second set of posters designed by Amy Martin! I think i’m loving this series even more than the last! Its the details that really get you… take a look at them up close on the next page!

And on a side note - on completely amazing things that have actually left me baffled as to how to properly share it with you… the ESSENTIALLY ODD BOOK ~ basically a design catalog of all the products produced for all of the 826 stores/tutoring centers, is just incredible. A definitely MUST own/gift/read. Hardest part has been trying to figure out what pages to share with you, when every one is so fascinating… but post to come soon perhaps. Or maybe i’ll have to show you stuff from each section bit by bit… (ideas? thoughts?)

Anyhow ~ go see the fun new posters in their entirety on the next page!

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A peek into TBWA\Chiat\Day LA

tbwachiatday1.jpg On inspirational spaces ~ and that very odd feeling of wishing i had a huge office filled with creatives to hang out and play with (not that you kids here on the internet aren’t fun!) ~ who knew that answering a random email/twitter would lead to having such an inspiring lunch over at TBWA\Chiat\Day, and getting a chance to explore their VERY fun office space over in Playa Del Rey? I suddenly have the hankering to break out the vinyl cutter and fill unexpected spots with giant quotes… play with designing guest stickers (for people entering the house/office???)… spray painting giant logos out on the floor of the patio… build a BAR out of surfboards… and so much more silliness… It was really incredible to be in a place that so clearly prioritized creativity and the generation of fun ideas. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve always loved advertising, and i REALLY love the visual and innovative sides… but recently as i’ve learned about advertising on the web, i’ve gotten to see the less fun side of it (negotiations, accounts, ideas that get devolved until unrecognizable - as well as incredible ones of course!)… I guess you could say it was fun to have that moment of “ooooh so THIS is where my crazy campaigns and banner ads come from”… and just so nice to connect with real people behind the artwork, ideas, and campaigns.

SO ~ take a peek inside TBWA\Chiat\Day, the incredible land of ad legend, Lee Clow… tons of pics on the next page!

p.s. Huge thanks to all the TBWA\Chiat\Day-ers who knew NOTCOT ~ it’s such an honor to hear the sites help keep you inspired! And i’m not kidding about being curious to see what else you find out there that i miss!

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skane0.jpg There’s something so fun about the juxtaposition of animation running around the real world ~ adorable campaign by the Swedish Tourism board aimed at brits - Dave Goes To Skåne. When i first saw this over at CPLuv i had to go watch them all! Dave is a cheeky cartoon londoner running around mouthing off in some gorgeous swedish spots ~ and you cant help but laugh, then wish you too were lying on the beach, or climbing about designer goodness in the woods… see the 4 videos on the next page!

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Will Barras - Party Mammoth

barras1.jpg What better way to kick off friday than with a Party Mammoth? Was just checking out the preview for tonight’s Thinkspace Gallery MODART Group Show and this one just made me grin… and then get lost exploring the other awesome works of Will Barras. Check out more of my favorites on the next page…

i think i’m smitten by the way he uses color…

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BRIAN VIVEROS “Mess With The Bull”

viveros0.jpg Just picked up this special Thinkspace print release from Brian Viveros ~ “Mess With The Bull”… The most amazing thing about these prints? Brian says “I wanted to bring more life to this print as a whole so I worked on each one individually adding to the face and body, just lil’ subtleties ya’ know - not taking away but adding more, something special to each one so its not just your everyday print.” and thus begins the game of “spot the difference” ~ you can see the larger image of the print from the Thinkspace email on the next page… but i think my main little feature is the tear is more of a mascara bleed (which i actually quite like better!)… and it’s just so incredible that he touched up each of the 12 prints to make the colors pop more ~ and such a beautiful frame as well. I have her hanging over my desk right now ~ something about the strength and unmesswithable emotion effusing from her that is just the inspiration we all need sometimes ~ especially while getting through the more painful moments in life? So take a peek at the close ups on the next page…

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Arkitip 0048 + McGinness + Incase

mcg.jpg I always feel a little giddy when things that make me so happy end up collaborating so beautifully… Arkitip + Ryan McGinness + packaging from Incase??? #0048 looks so good! Watching these collaboration i couldn’t help but wish that there were some McGinness Incase products launching as well! But i can make do with being excited that Incase is truly an amazing packaging company in so many ways… from reusable packaging like my favorite messenger bag, iphone cases, and more… to gorgeous packaging anytime they send things out… to the box on this latest issue of Arkitip. Even cuter than the contents, is the white glove video they made to show it off… check out more images and the video on the next page!

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Carlos Ramos “India”

india1.jpg On stunning art shows coming up ~ just got a sneak peek at Carlos Ramos’ upcoming show “India” at the Corey Helford Gallery - this LA artist had the solo show “Natural History Museum Part 1” last year ~ and this one looks to be just as promising! From the press release: “Corey Helford Gallery is proud to present “India”, a solo exhibition of new works by Los Angeles artist Carlos Ramos. In 2008, Ramos transformed the gallery into an epicenter of flora and fauna with his stunning “Natural History Museum Part 1” exhibition, and for “India”, he continues to dazzle audiences with a unique collection of works celebrating this enchanting South Asian republic. Ramos weaves his fascination with Indian music, culture and history into a magnificent display of narratives that span from the Ganges River and the statue of Bahubali to the Mahaparinirvana Temple. His characters come to life in more contextualized environments than before, and the addition of gold leaf adds opulence and splendor to his vibrant cel-vinyl works. Open to the public, the reception for “India” will take place on Saturday, August 15 from 7 to 10pm, and the show will be on view until September 3, 2009.” Check out a peek at the works on the next page!

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Anthony Burrill

burrill1.jpg Woke up smitten by the work of Anthony Burrill this morning as i went through his posters on Concerte Hermit… and realized it all felt so familiar because of his Wallpaper Covers back in June 2008. See more on the next page!

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Design + Fishing Reels

reel1.jpgBeauty in Technology post series sponsored by Samsung’s new LED TVs! Post #3 of 6 in this series exploring random beauty in technology, NOTCOT style.

This series has quickly evolved into an excuse for me to find beauty in the unexpected and tech related. Be it Retro Radios, Worry Stone Remotes… or even Fishing Reels? While not the first thing to jump into your mind when thinking tech ~ it’s been fascinating to see how technology has changed that space, while the electric reel isn’t nearly as pretty as i think it could be, it’s certainly interesting. And has its huge waterproof charger port too. But as i looked at that one and was taking pictures, i quickly got distracted by the beautiful fonts and logos and other little details on an array of reels! So for this third beauty in tech post ~ here is a close up look at the details of fishing reels that caught my eye and inspired me yesterday! See the images on the next page!

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Nissan Cube Mailer

cube1.jpg I can’t even remember the last time a piece of mail made me literally JUMP (and yes, maybe shriek slightly…) - and please do NOT take this as a challenge! But i was however intrigued enough to share this super simple design with you ~ complete with video so you can experience it too. Nissan Cube - well done. You got me. As much as i hate cubist cars, this is just too fun a use of paper and rubberbands not to share… so check out video and pics on the next page!

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NOTCOT.org Roundup!

notcotorg #23681 notcotorg #23618 notcotorg #23657 notcotorg #23633 notcotorg #23602 notcotorg #23569 notcotorg #23666 notcotorg #23594 notcotorg #23628 notcotorg #23572 notcotorg #23642 notcotorg #23632 notcotorg #23582 notcotorg #23512 notcotorg #23676 notcotorg #23525 notcotorg #23500 notcotorg #23503 notcotorg #23559 notcotorg #23477 notcotorg #23673 notcotorg #23647 notcotorg #23626 notcotorg #23678 notcotorg #23663 Not feeling so good since i got back from comicon for various reason ~ kind of in mad catch up mode too! BUT, a very nice escape/diversion from my every day ~ that being said, i’m around, but a bit slow on getting my thoughts and images together today, so thought i’d get the inspiration flowing with some that are helping kick start me this week from NOTCOT.org! So click away up there to find out more about each and every square!

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Bazaarium Continued…

baz1.jpg After the last post on the Bazaarium ~ while hanging out at SDCC i ended up going back to the booth and doing a bit of shopping for the things i just couldn’t resist… and/or needed to show you close up! For close ups, you have to see their variety of super cute black and white buttons ~ seeming like silhouettes from afar, you notice the little x’s for eyes… and i love their logo! and packaging! and their promo card is just so beautifully designed! Anyhow browse it all on the next page!

and visit the Bazaarium!

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SDCC 09 - The Bazaarium + Silhouette MT

bazaarium0.jpg Hard to believe it was Nov 2007 that i first wrote about Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre… i got reminded about it when i saw The Bazaarium: Your Victorian Emporium booth at SDCC. I had no idea you could by those cheeky little victorian silhouette images in cute little wood frames! As well as awesome black and white buttons and gun shaped soaps! (Might need to head over and get some later?)… Also, so many new pieces since i last visited the Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre… so take a peek at some of the newer ones i’m loving as well as the booth and goodies available on the next page!

also got a card saying “for a limited time 5% off all purchases with this code: ODDGOODS”

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