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Hulger 100% Design

I love all the ingenious things people manage to do with shipping containers… to add to the list? This great installation piece by Hulger (the brilliant retro phone handsets for mobiles and bluetooth) over at Tokyo’s 100% Design this year, where you can experience what it feels like to be able to see and talk just like prisoners, but not touch.

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Free People Blogging

Free People has a Blog! I must admit i’m impressed with the cutting edge webbiness of Free People - they were the first fun shopping site i noticed had RSS feeds for their new products, and they are fully embodying the selling a lifestyle/culture brand with their blog… surrounded by their classic stylishly vintage/collage-y design that i love, and filled with fun, witty commentary and designer eyecandy (as well as behind the scenes tidbits from the catalog shoots and whats going on in their philly office, customers get a feel for WHO the people behind the clothes are… after all isn’t that what corporate blogging is all about) So what’s next? The Urban Outfitters blog?


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Michael Schall

Came across this piece by Michael Schall, while at that art festival in DUMBO, and was completely mesmerized by it. Can you believe it is graphite on paper? In this piece, from afar it looks like mountains… and as you get closer, much much closer, you notice all the tiny water towers. Close ups below.

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Capsule Design Festival

After working on NOTCOT.org far too long - Jermacide fell out of his apt in Hayes Valley, SF this morning to check out the Capsule Street Festival For Design. You can see pictures below of some of the crafty goods, masses of people, and even the bald guy from Bald Guy Greetings out enjoying the bizarre heatwave we got all through California today. It’s been absolutely gorgeous out today.

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Carved Crayons

Diem Chau has mad skills when it comes to crayon carving… i keep finding myself stopping this post writing to go stare at the pictures again. Chau also has an incredible passion for storytelling, especially of the oral tradition. I love this quote from her statement “My grandmother told some of the best and most unique tales. She had a wonderful way of spicing up the traditional fable. According to her, Cinderella was kept from the Prince’s ball by having to sort a jumble of Mung beans, Red beans and Soybeans. Snow White went on many dates with Prince Charming before they got married, their first date being a picnic in the park with sandwiches and sliced melons. These small deviations are what fascinate me with oral traditions. Ordinary events injected into fantasy worlds make them more believable but, at the same time, it makes them extraordinary. Stories enable us to live a more vivid life.” Her grandmother ought to write them down and publish them - with her crayon carvings to illustrate it… i’d buy that.

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POST 1000! ~ complex prob solving

Can you believe this is the 1000th post on NOTCOT.com? It kind of feels more exciting than a birthday. (granted i’m behind in projects, overworked, and working on this friday night… i guess part of me wishes i had a reason to escape and celebrate something!)

Anyhow, thought a good 1000th post is this Art of Complex Problem Solving that Asvetic posted to .org… because problem solving is no easy task, but evolving .com and .org have kept me on my toes and constantly finding new problems to solve and things to learn. And seriously - how gorgeous are these images? Some of the most impressive uses of rollovers i’ve seen lately. Great content, presented beautifully…

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State of Design

Lucy Feagins, Melbourne contributor, sends us more design news from down under. State of Design is a new State-government funded design festival (yes, another one!) kind of trying to bill Melbourne as the ‘design’ capital (although everyone kind of knows that’s a title traditionally held by Sydney).

There was lots going on around town as part of the festival and unfortunately I didn’t get along to see a lot of it, but one exhibition I did see was ‘Freestyle – New Australian Design for Living’ at the Melbourne Museum. The exhibition was beautifully and thoughtfully laid out, though it seemed like more of a retrospective of established Aussie designers that a true collection of ‘new’ Australian design. Anyway, it was fantastic to be reminded of so many successful and inspiring Australian designers, and also to see such variety within the one show – from furniture to fashion to ceramics and jewellery. Among those designers featured were fashion designers Akira Isogawa and Easton Pearson, bag designer/manufacturer’s Crumpler Bag, Jewelery and homewares designers Dinosaur Designs and many others. See some of my top picks below…

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Converter by Deadly Squire

NOTCOT’s favorite designer couple, Anna and Tim Harrington of Deadly Squire, present Converter. This new show opens this week at my favorite Williamsburg Gallery ~ The Riviera. Known for their beautiful patterns (you may remember their skateboard, as seen in NOTed) ~ “Textiles/Patterns reside in an uncrowded corner of the design world having the unusual property of being simultaneously raw material and finished work. The pattern designer’s work is completed when their design is applied to paper, fabric, etc. but it’s true purpose is not served until those patterned materials are made into something by another artist.” So to put their patterns to good use (better use? a different use?) they have enlisted 20 artists to apply them to everything from furniture and apparel to jewelry, sculpture, animals and more. Can’t wait to see what they come up ~ if you make it over there, send pics!


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Bravia Paint - Finally

Picture 3.png
The Sony Bravia Paint Adspot we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. So happy Tuesday - go enjoy an insane amount of paint acting like fireworks… it took them 5 days just to do the clean up. and don’t forget to watch the MAKING OF… yay for paint in glasgow.

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PET Project

Miwa Koizumi’s PET Project. “I love the idea of using liquid containers to make water animals. Contained/containing, trash/non-trash, like the jellyfish or anemone: Living/non-living. And i wanted some pets…” PET (polyethelyene terephthalate) - San Pellegrino, Evian and Poland Spring plastic water bottles. Do these get to join the Water List?

Found Koizumi’s PET Project over at Spring Design & Art in Dumbo, brooklyn, which felt like my equivalent of a candy store. SO many designs i have obsessed about on NOTCOT were there to touch and drool over in real life! From the flat diamond acrylic/gold/cilver rings, to the gun shaped vases, to the jimmyjane “fuck design”’ vibrators, and the balloon lamps - i literally found myself spinning around in what certainly had a Museum Store kind of feel, only more Store with a Museum side to it… You can see my picture of her piece below.

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This is a first for me, i’m somewhere in the air about an hours flight west of Kansas City, can’t sleep anymore, so popped the laptop open and noticed that the Fitzsu Playsam GrandPrix page is still open… so since i wanted to post about it when i got home, so, why not now? So just pulled images from that one page to create the collage above!

Playsam is a classic Swedish company, creating some of the sleekest minimalistic toy cars i’ve ever laid eyes on, with their perfect balance of wood and gloss paint, there isn’t one that doesn’t fit in as well on an executive’s desk, as rolling across a child’s playroom. Well step that up a notch, and let over 33 designers have their way with this design classic - and you have the Fitzsu Grand Prix. Everyone from Karim Rashid, James IRvine, Michel Graves, Scott Henderson, + Yves Behar to Touma, Mark Mothersbaugh, Tarina Tarantino, and Viktor Schreckengost to name a few. FitzsuGrandPrix an LA event on October 19, 2006 where the finished one-of-a-kind wooden toys will be auctioned off to benefit the World Childhood Foundation. (via SwissMiss)

See Previous Playsam Posts here: Roadster and MORE and iCar

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Rodrigo Bruna

This redefines my view of a starving artist… his work is all made of TOAST. It was mind-blowingly beautiful, yet you know that at any moment, pigeons that sneak in could destroy days/weeks of work when they invite their friends over for a feast. Came across the work of Rodrigo Bruna at the 10th Annual Dumbo Art Under The Bridge Festival yesterday over in Brooklyn. Lots of fun toasty pics below.

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Kurt Halsey Frederikson

Ryan posted the incredible work of Kurt Halsey Frederikson to .org the other day, and i’ve been smitten since. Can’t get the brilliantly emotionally moving painfully blunt imagery and text collages out of my head. More of my favorites below, and many on his site.

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Designed For Natural Living

RUGenius would like to make the claim that watching tv is productive… because she just saw this incredible “Designed for Natural Living” Campaign… then tracked it down on youtube - then found the french Novotel campaign site - complete with better quality video, desktop wallpapers (see my favorites below), and screensavers. By Young and Rubicam, music by Emilie Simon.

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Executive Coloring Book

The Executive Coloring Book - it took me all day to even pick images to show you from this, it is too funny. Some great excerpts… “This is ME. I am an executive. Executives are important. They go to important offices and do important things. Color my underwear important.” — “This is the product my company makes. It is an inter-fibrous friction-fastener.” — “This is our competitor’s product. It is a nail.” — “This is my pill. It is round. It is pink. It makes me not care. Watch me take my round, pink pill… and not care.” Best part is? This is by Marcie Hans, Dennis Altman & Martin A. Cohen way back in 1961.

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