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trapped.jpgI’d like to take this xmas eve to have a totally random nonsensical post. This image popped up when i was cleaning out old emails, i have no clue what it is other than escape.gif… rstevens of Diesel Sweeties tends to leave random images to sign off emails. And its been mesmerizing me on my desktop… i feel like she looks some days! And on more randomness ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To dan, who’s taking this cofounder/dev/save-the-day role for NOTCOT fulltime and letting that corporate silicon valley gig go.

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CG Sphere

spheres.jpgIf you’re ready to lose a few hours going through a massive gallery of drool worthy CG ~ check out CG Sphere. Here are a few of my favorites from the little i went through ~ more below as well!

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Xmas in Brussels

treesdara.jpgDara is back in Brussels for the holidays, and just sent me a quick email with the most incredible mural she wandered past… “I was out in town yesterday during the day in this chic area called Sablon, where they have all the famous chocolate shops, on my way to the grand place, i stopped at this beautiful mural on a door out in the middle of nowhere!” Anyhow, it was such a nice combination and a great use of the physical space, i had to share it with you as well! She’s also attached a picture of the infamous manneken pis all decked out in his santa gear… Now she’s making me think of those climbing santas i saw all through belgium last time i was there in the holiday season!

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eyescapes.jpgRankin is an incredible photographer who has shot celebrities, covers, editorials, etc… but these Eyescapes at the Art Department are absolutely mesmerizing. It truly changes what you imagine when talking about *really* looking into someone’s eyes.

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From The Amazon

amazon.jpgOn random holiday gifts ~ my father and sister just got back from the Amazon ~ and brought me a pile of amazonian craftiness. It’s pretty incredible what they can carve into a brazil nut! (the snake, octopus, and ant)… and although these certainly aren’t the same as getting to have their incredible adventures living on a boat ~ fishing and exploring the Amazon ~ wrestling caymans ~ capsizing dingies ~ following monkeys ~ playing football barefoot on the beach ~ and watching a million and one species of insects smack into the boats lights nightly… these are still pretty fascinating! Also check out the spear below that you tie a string to, mount on a bamboo stick, and use to fish the old fashioned way…

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Ghost Prints

casper1.jpgAlso in the Coudal Swap Meat ~ Four glow in the dark ghost prints by Billy Davis ~ “This set of four prints was hand-screened at Crosshair Press in Chicago, and each features a glowing ghost in various ill-advised endeavors.” Adorable… yet just twisted enough.

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Lucky White Squirrels

squirrelposters.jpgI love that space where biology meets design meets infographics… i just found this awesome set of two Lucky White Squirrel Posters by Moi Moi at Coudal’s Swap Meat Gifted! “The Lucky White Squirrels limited edition print set was originally produced as two 4’x 8’ panels for a squirrel themed art exhibition held at a Toronto gallery located across from a park where a resident population of albino squirrels live. Working with the punnet square and the network diagram this idiosyncratic info-graphic based artwork explains why seeing an albino squirrel is lucky. The first print, a network diagram, illustrates the mix of genes it would take to create albino progeny from a pair of squirrels each carrying the recessive gene for albinism. The second, in real numbers, illustrates squirrel for squirrel the 1:20,000 odds that this would occur.” Purchaseable here for $60.

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NOTCOT.org Roundup

NOTCOT.org #7730NOTCOT.org #7722NOTCOT.org #7723NOTCOT.org #7712NOTCOT.org #7704NOTCOT.org #7703NOTCOT.org #7697NOTCOT.org #7659NOTCOT.org #7660NOTCOT.org #7652Click the images to find out more! Sorry i’ve been a bit quiet lately ~ the gift guides are hard! But been working all weekend to get some really fun ones ready for this week… we’re into the final 5 days today! So here’s a roundup, and i should be back to my usual posting madness in no time!


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Gift Guide Day 12

day12com.jpgGift Guide Day 12 is illustrated and hand picked by NOTCOT contributor, Anna, of Sub-Studio! And Anna’s other half, Sean, put his incredible skills to use on the adorable frames… and the robot that is buzzing around hanging them!

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1207dbros1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

D-BROS is the product arm of advertising and graphic design firm, Draft Co., Ltd. I love almost everything that comes out of D-BROS - very witty 2-D and 3-D products. The Jewelgraphy card above would be great as a stocking stuffer (or as a card). It reminds me of the costume jewelry I used to play with as a kid, only cooler. After the jump are a few of D-BROS’ 2008 calendars. I love how actual ribbons are incorporated into the design of the Ribbon calendar. The Joy by Day by Toy calendar starts as a blank slate but comes with a pack of coded stickers that allow you to decorate it on an as needed basis.

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Museum of Childhood

museumchild.jpgThe Serif just featured these great posters for the Museum of Childhood at the V&A. Not much to say here, more just for your staring pleasure… and reminiscing.

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Terrazo: Views of Mexico City

mexico1.jpgBetween the overdosing of digital and physical mass consumption going on all around us this month ~ it is refreshing to see this email from Kelly about the Terrazo: Views of Mexico City photography exhibition by Pablo Lopez at the Sasha Wolf Gallery. There is something mesmerizing and calming about the perspective and detachment in these images… between all the shopping and dealing with the masses, these images certainly help you step back for a moment.

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NOTCOT.org Roundup

NOTCOT.org #7464NOTCOT.org #7471NOTCOT.org #7472NOTCOT.org #7475NOTCOT.org #7480NOTCOT.org #7483NOTCOT.org #7492NOTCOT.org #7500NOTCOT.org #7505NOTCOT.org #7506Click the images to find out more! So many great designer inspirations at .org this week i couldn’t resist another roundup to help kick start your week!

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Creature: in person

powell0.jpgCreature by Andrew Zuckerman… i’ve been pretty obsessed with this book since the post, but been so slow and busy i hadn’t gotten around to ordering it until making the gift guides (it showed up on Day 28 and Day 21)… at which point my mom apparently took the hint and ordered it. Well good news + bad news. The book is BREATHTAKING, even more so in person with the large coffee table format. I wish i could have ordered a copy for everyone i know… truly incredible. The bad news is… she happened to order it from Powell’s (the largest independent bookstore!) instead of our usual Amazon since she had some credit to use up… and unfortunately the packing wasn’t quite up to par and being the book/product junkie that i am, its driving me absolutely mad that the corners were all bashed up, and the bottom right corner of all of the pages are buckling a bit… enough to notice when flipping through such pristine white pages… oh, and somehow this copy has it looking like the cat on the cover is crying green… So, as my random Saturday night post, just wanted to vent slightly, and let you know i’m suddenly reminded why its more satisfying to buy things in person sometimes… in brick and mortar stores… or sticking to super huge giants who take too much care in packaging for survival during the holiday season! more images of some of the awesomeness within, as well as what’s driving me crazy.

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NOTCOT.org Roundup

NOTCOT.org #7450NOTCOT.org #7437NOTCOT.org #7423NOTCOT.org #7418NOTCOT.org #7405NOTCOT.org #7401NOTCOT.org #7396NOTCOT.org #7395NOTCOT.org #7380NOTCOT.org #7359NOTCOT.org #7357NOTCOT.org #7332NOTCOT.org #7325NOTCOT.org #7327NOTCOT.org #7451Click the images to find out more! Since i am a total slacker and i decided to take the day off and drive down to LA from SF… then have more fun prepping some packages and gift cards for mailing (SO fun!) instead of scouring the internet for some posting, or actually downloading and cleaning up some photos off the dslr… in order to avoid the back to back gift guide posts, here’s a massive roundup of buy-ables from .org! First thing i will definitely need to do once tagging and better categorizing and all that classification related stuff gets sorted out - a tag for things we can buy… instant personal catalog to make gift guiding and shopping (for both me and you!) much easier.

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