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Recycled Words

ashford.jpgWill Ashford’s Recycled Words do just that… literally. In an obsessive compulsive pattern recognition, pencil doodling, word in words spotting, ‘art’ loving way, he brings out what was already there but not even seen from your every day book pages, and it blows my mind. I love it when i wake up to emails like the one from Ryan with images of Will’s work where i can’t help just sitting here and staring at image after image for a while… and as Ryan said “It’s like he’s made the old study technique of highlighting into an advanced art form… or something.” I concur. Imagine if we reverse highlighted our books to only show the most critical of information! I guess at that point it would look more like art, and as far as info goes you might as well just carry the cliffnotes around? But this would be an incredible daily exercise, the reverse journal basically ~ granted you picked the right book? Anyhow for those of you squinting to read, in that first image the yellow says LOOK FOR the orange says ART the red says AND the purple says IT the teal says WILL APPEAR and the binoculars say THE END. But really, just click through to see more below! My other favorites are there as well!

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Zune’s Le Cadeau du Temps

zunemovie.jpgI was just checking out Andy’s site and came across this beautiful silhouette animation all about the a fountain of youth in a bottle and the man who goes through the ages keeping it to himself… only to teach the lesson of “how loving a gift isn’t complete until its shared” as Cory Godbey intended with this piece - Le Cadeau du Temps, view the animation below! And read more at Zune, where they even have wallpapers for computers as well as zunes, icons, etc for your downloading pleasure.

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Pantone Pen Prints

prismacolor.jpgSometimes the simplest of things combined with some patience render the most beautiful results… and in the case of Daniel Eatok’s Pantone Pen Prints ~ 73 results… and i wish i knew about these back in 2006 ~ because they are not only beautiful but incredibly cheap as well! The bottom layer being 1₤ and working its way up to the top laying being 73₤. Basically, he balanced a set of 288 Pantone Pens on their nibs and let the paper soak it all in over the course of a month. More images below, i can’t stop staring at them, and am dying to run out and set up my own to try! Found this over at Bobby Sattler’s Whole lot of BS.

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NOTCOT.org Roundup

NOTCOT.org #7846NOTCOT.org #7842NOTCOT.org #7840NOTCOT.org #7828NOTCOT.org #7821NOTCOT.org #7813NOTCOT.org #1094NOTCOT.org #7795NOTCOT.org #7786NOTCOT.org #7768NOTCOT.org #7760NOTCOT.org #7759NOTCOT.org #7747NOTCOT.org #7733NOTCOT.org #7757Click the images to find out more! NOTCOT.org roundup time! Just some goodies i liked that have shown up recently ~ so click and browse away… there are only 4 more days of 007 left!

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Merry Xmas

santa.jpgMerry Christmas ~ and for everyone curious at spying on other’s cards that came into the inbox this year, below are a bunch of nice digital xmas cards with fun graphics and ideas…

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verabee.jpgCould it be? That you readers are right and the image below is the work of the incredibly inspiring Verabee? Aka Vera Brosgol? And even if it isn’t, i’m so glad that the comments on the last post have opened my eyes to her breathtaking body of work! That combined with the music on the gift guide have somehow managed to perk me up substantially today in what has otherwise been a rather drab holiday week. So go check out her seriously impressive portfolio at Verabee.com. Thanks, Robbio and Miss Madeline!

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trapped.jpgI’d like to take this xmas eve to have a totally random nonsensical post. This image popped up when i was cleaning out old emails, i have no clue what it is other than escape.gif… rstevens of Diesel Sweeties tends to leave random images to sign off emails. And its been mesmerizing me on my desktop… i feel like she looks some days! And on more randomness ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To dan, who’s taking this cofounder/dev/save-the-day role for NOTCOT fulltime and letting that corporate silicon valley gig go.

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CG Sphere

spheres.jpgIf you’re ready to lose a few hours going through a massive gallery of drool worthy CG ~ check out CG Sphere. Here are a few of my favorites from the little i went through ~ more below as well!

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Xmas in Brussels

treesdara.jpgDara is back in Brussels for the holidays, and just sent me a quick email with the most incredible mural she wandered past… “I was out in town yesterday during the day in this chic area called Sablon, where they have all the famous chocolate shops, on my way to the grand place, i stopped at this beautiful mural on a door out in the middle of nowhere!” Anyhow, it was such a nice combination and a great use of the physical space, i had to share it with you as well! She’s also attached a picture of the infamous manneken pis all decked out in his santa gear… Now she’s making me think of those climbing santas i saw all through belgium last time i was there in the holiday season!

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eyescapes.jpgRankin is an incredible photographer who has shot celebrities, covers, editorials, etc… but these Eyescapes at the Art Department are absolutely mesmerizing. It truly changes what you imagine when talking about *really* looking into someone’s eyes.

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From The Amazon

amazon.jpgOn random holiday gifts ~ my father and sister just got back from the Amazon ~ and brought me a pile of amazonian craftiness. It’s pretty incredible what they can carve into a brazil nut! (the snake, octopus, and ant)… and although these certainly aren’t the same as getting to have their incredible adventures living on a boat ~ fishing and exploring the Amazon ~ wrestling caymans ~ capsizing dingies ~ following monkeys ~ playing football barefoot on the beach ~ and watching a million and one species of insects smack into the boats lights nightly… these are still pretty fascinating! Also check out the spear below that you tie a string to, mount on a bamboo stick, and use to fish the old fashioned way…

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Ghost Prints

casper1.jpgAlso in the Coudal Swap Meat ~ Four glow in the dark ghost prints by Billy Davis ~ “This set of four prints was hand-screened at Crosshair Press in Chicago, and each features a glowing ghost in various ill-advised endeavors.” Adorable… yet just twisted enough.

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Lucky White Squirrels

squirrelposters.jpgI love that space where biology meets design meets infographics… i just found this awesome set of two Lucky White Squirrel Posters by Moi Moi at Coudal’s Swap Meat Gifted! “The Lucky White Squirrels limited edition print set was originally produced as two 4’x 8’ panels for a squirrel themed art exhibition held at a Toronto gallery located across from a park where a resident population of albino squirrels live. Working with the punnet square and the network diagram this idiosyncratic info-graphic based artwork explains why seeing an albino squirrel is lucky. The first print, a network diagram, illustrates the mix of genes it would take to create albino progeny from a pair of squirrels each carrying the recessive gene for albinism. The second, in real numbers, illustrates squirrel for squirrel the 1:20,000 odds that this would occur.” Purchaseable here for $60.

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NOTCOT.org Roundup

NOTCOT.org #7730NOTCOT.org #7722NOTCOT.org #7723NOTCOT.org #7712NOTCOT.org #7704NOTCOT.org #7703NOTCOT.org #7697NOTCOT.org #7659NOTCOT.org #7660NOTCOT.org #7652Click the images to find out more! Sorry i’ve been a bit quiet lately ~ the gift guides are hard! But been working all weekend to get some really fun ones ready for this week… we’re into the final 5 days today! So here’s a roundup, and i should be back to my usual posting madness in no time!

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Gift Guide Day 12

day12com.jpgGift Guide Day 12 is illustrated and hand picked by NOTCOT contributor, Anna, of Sub-Studio! And Anna’s other half, Sean, put his incredible skills to use on the adorable frames… and the robot that is buzzing around hanging them!

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