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Israel Environment Stamps

isstamps.jpgSpotted over at The Ministry of Type ~ gorgeous 1975 Israeli Stamps depicting three major environmental concerns - Air, Water, and Noise pollution. Design by Eliezer Weishoff. See larger images on the next page.

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World’s First Internet Balloon Race

balloonrace.jpgFirstly ~ look down to the left corner! How cute is that little orange bouncy raccoon balloon? Secondly, this is not a paying advertiser of NOTCOT, yet i put it on all my sites for free… because i’m in love with the genius of this campaign.

Orange (the mobile phone guys in the UK) are launching the “World’s First Internet Balloon Race” in 6 days - and essentially it is kind of like their own stumble upon race… users register their “balloon” and they can race from site to site trying to get as “far” as possible to win a trip to Ibiza… as for where they go? Sites like this one, can register on their page and put up little balloons, so when people are racing, they go through your sites! (and who knows, some might come back later!)… SO, free advertising for the sites, which give free advertising for Orange, and fun exploring the internet for the users… AND super cute raccoon balloon flash 9 animation for me to have bouncing on my screen. On the next page, i’ve compiled all the info on what happens and how things work ~ and FYI my balloon is named NOTCOT, feel free to give it a boost and i’ll boost you back when the race starts.

So, take note advertisers, if you make it cool enough, you’ll definitely get around… and future advertisers, lets break out of the IAB ad boxes, i’d love to work with someone who wanted to sponsor the next little balloon or critter to hang out somewhere non intrusive and unexpected on our sites!

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Keeseh Studio

0612keeseh1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another post from our friends at Sub-Studio!

Keeseh Studio is a design studio run by two talented RISD grads, Asher Dunn and Shane Richards. Both graduated this year - I was impressed by the quality of their student work and am looking forward to see what comes out of their studio this coming year.

Above is Asher’s Upholstered Chair - I love the bent laminate chair shell - how the back curves to form the rear legs and how it sandwiches the cushions together. Also shown is his Serving Utensil, a nice translation of a common household object.

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Carlos Ramos’ Natural History Museum

naturalhistory.jpgOooooh on things to look forward to, the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City will be showing Carlos Ramos’ “Natural History Museum Part I” with the opening on June 28th! It’s his first solo show! I’ve been looking forward to this show for a while, and Boing Boing posted a link to the preview ~ so i had to share after gushing over them for a bit…

For those who don’t know - he’s a Burbank native with a character animation degree from California Institute of the Arts, and has worked with Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Walt Disney Studios… he was even an art director for one of my favorite cartoons EVER - Dexter’s Laboratory! Also worked on Chalkzone, Time Squad, and more… for the ultimate inspiration - check out his sketchbook on his site… on the next page are some of my favorites i’m looking forward to seeing at the show!

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“Do Not Eat” by Andrew Bell

creaturesinmyhead.jpgOn fun ways to kick off your Monday, i’m sure most of you are familiar with Andrew Bell’s Creatures In My Head. For those who are not, he has the most incredible doodles of critters he dreams up, and they amuse me daily! Well, on great uses for $18, i’m in love with his adorable new book! DO NOT EAT: a collection of creatures by Andrew Bell… a glossy magenta softcover filled with glossy pages of his daily creatures, sculptures, paintings, illustrations… and an awesome set of pull out postcards! My favorite postcard is definitely the “Hey Everyone, it’s TAC O’clock!” one… which i’ll give you a sneak peek at on the next page!

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Gregory Buntain

0604buntain1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another lovely post from Anna of Sub-Studio ~ and i totally had this on my list of things to post when i got back! I guess that’s why she’s a perfect fit for NOTCOT =)

Gregory Buntain is an Industrial Design major at Pratt Institute. Currently working for Brave Space Design and developing his own projects at Pratt, he exhibits a great design eye and really great carpentry skills.

My favorite project is Carbon, a set of diamond-shaped salt and pepper shakers. My only gripe with the project is that they are made of injection molded plastic (I would love to see them in wood). Gregory’s website showcases a bunch of different projects, many of which begin flat-packed and are assembled by the user. He includes lots of great photo-diagrams on how to assemble or use each piece.

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Manac Flying Moose Mud Flap

manac.jpgAs if you don’t already think i’m strange enough ~ that NY trip for design week, which branched off into a roadtrip up to play in the woods in vermont… has been extended a few more days, and from vermont, we kind of decided to spontaneously drive down to Earlysville, Virginia… which is where i’m now posting from! If there’s one thing i’ve learned/realized during this little random adventure, it’s that for me, inspiring design details pop up nearly everywhere everyday in my life, and whether that’s at ICFF or while driving for 10+ hours straight down New England… design is omnipresent, and what really keeps me going.

On that note, my silly exciting find of the day yesterday was after about 8-9 hours of straight driving, stuck in INSANE traffic in NY that was moving at about 20 mph for over 2 hours, and i found myself staring at large semis and their various mud flaps and signage and the typography on them… and then i saw it. Mudflaps with FLYING MOOSE! Forget unicorns and pegasuses… flying moose! I forced dan to try and take a pic of it with his iphone (which i will have to bother him later to get it off)… the one we saw was like the one in the bottom left, it seemed friendlier than what appears to be the newer version on their site now.

So continuing on the Jackalope theme of north american mythological creatures… we sat in traffic discussing the idea of flying moose, and then reading up on the background of the Manac Trucking/Trailer Manufacturer which had this awesome creature as their logo. Turns out that this magnificent creature comes from a native american legend! Very cute tale, read it on the next page, and also see a picture i found of the statue of the Manac flying moose logo!

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Matt Cipov’s “Bird Survey”

nestprint.jpgSuper cute prints just showed up in my inbox… and since we seem to be quite the bunch of animal lovers/biologists, i couldn’t resist sharing these Three Potato Four’s “Bird Survey” prints by Matt Cipov and “Gnatcatcher with Nest + Eggs” large print. See more images on the next page as usual…

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More Bird Feeders/Houses

0528birdhouse.jpgNOTCOT Note: I finally got to meet up with Anna and Sean of Sub-Studio when i was in NY, and they are even more fun than i could have imagined! Definitely NOTCOT people, and i’m so excited to have her as a contributor! (I’m not so used to the meeting people on the internets, still a bit odd to me for some reason?)… anyhow! Here’s a fun new post from Anna!

Jean did a round-up recently of bird feeders and I wanted to add some great bird houses to the mix. I love the Nidusa birdhouse by Art. Lebedev - the faceted shape is beautiful! If I had some outdoor space, I would definitely hang one of those up to attract some little birdie friends. A few more feeders are after the jump!

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Dwell on Design LA!

dwellLA.jpg Dwell on Design finally comes to LA! (Remember i told you it was on its way when it was announced at the FordBrady party?) Personally i’m thrilled that more design events are coming to LA ~ and the folks at Dwell were even kind enough to reach out and give you guys some free passes and discounts on the conference passes:

Use the following codes to register here
Free Ticket To the Dwell on Design Exhibition: BDODEC
Discounted Conference Ticket ($50 Off): GRP22SP
… + check out a free issue of Dwell Digital on Zinio

“The Dwell on Design Event runs June 5-8 at the LA Convention Center, and includes an Exhibition of 200 exhibitors, a Speakers Conference of 50 speakers, and full size Sustainable Pre-Fab Neighborhood built on site, as well as 16 Home Tours of private green residences and evening parties at the Dwell Ford Brady and the Museum of Contemporary Art.”

I’ll be back in socal on June 3rd… so, see you there!

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Why Cheap Art?

cheapart.jpgPinned up in the bathroom of the log cabin… “the WHY CHEAP ART? manifesto” - from the Bread & Puppet Glover, Vermont in 1984… this nice little manifesto speaks for itself! I must say, parts of this remind me of the Target rants on design… and if this is the manifesto for cheap art, what would one for design look like? See a larger image on the next page…

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Caplan’s Army Store Jackalope

jackalope.jpgJackalope spotting! I was wandering into town (St. Johnsbury, VT) on Memorial Day, and thanks to a local town parade, i detoured across the river, around the town, across the tracks, and back again - to get to the one open diner to get some breakfast… upon doing so, i ran across Caplan’s Army Store - where i couldn’t resist popping in to see what they had (and i picked up a black machete, work shirt, socks - i was packed with mostly heels and dresses for NYC city life on this trip…) And low and behold, i found the CUTEST jackalope i’ve yet to lay eyes on ~ while it does suck that these cute little creatures died to make this… at least the poor little guy is memorialized forever?

For those who don’t know about the legendary Jackalopes… crazy jack rabbits with antlers - rumors are that it is “a hybrid of the pygmy-deer and a species of “killer-rabbit”“… basically it is the american version of a chimera or griffin… and thanks to taxidermy, photo manipulation, and photoshop - MANY variations of this critter can be found across the country… (read up on your Jackalope lore) I’ve seen quite a few as a kid, but they tended to lean towards the large and ferocious style… THIS however was the CUTEST woodland creature infant version of a Jackalope! See more pictures of the street, store, and wall mount of this little guy on the next page!

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Amuneal Manufacturing Booth

bentbirds.jpgNOTCOT Note: So, i’m still in the woods, still running up and down the mountain, exploring the woods, bonding with birds and deer and other critters, making bird feeders, learning about plumbing and working on getting hot water going (see? learning to be more handy!), raking leaves, playing in the stream, reflecting on life/the sites, and being ridiculously physically tired… BUT, for the sake of the sites, we grabbed a little room in nearby St. Johnsbury, VT for the internet so i can get a little somethin’ up for you guys - having no cell/internet is quite a trip! So here’s another post from ICFF!

I thought i was over the laser cut metals look, especially the cut and fold yourself shelving, coat racks, etc… then i saw the Amuneal Manufacturing Corp’s installation at their booth at ICFF and it was impressive to say the least. “Inspired from a scene from nature, our in-house graphic designer created a striking motif for the walls of the installation. We then “wrapped” it around a digital 3D model, which generated the laser cutting files required to connect over 3,000 square feet of aluminum. Once fabricated, each lightweight panel received a hand-patinaed finish to contrast the exacting accuracy of the cut pattern. The custom made teak architectural elements, including 14’ tall x 7’ wide entry portals and windows that featured over 30 scale models of recently completed projects, established the strength of the structure.” I got too curious and touched one of the bird cut outs on the main structure, and that stuff is quite sharp!

It was a beautiful space, and with the right lighting the shadows were gorgeous… equally fascinating were their business card holders where the birds were popped out and bent as you pleased to hold the cards between them. See images of the booth on the next page.

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Touching by Tikkurila & Pentagon Design

paint1.jpgFinally, an alternative to paint chips and paint swatches to help you decide what paint to go with… at the Hardcore: New Finnish Design Exhibition in the Meatpacking District (i think this was the best exhibition i saw this trip), i was introduced to the work of Finnish group, Pentagon Design, and their great “Touching” Exhibition concept for presenting paint textures for Tikkurila Paints. It was hard not to go straight over to the large farm animals in various colors/glosses/etc… and impossible not to play with the magnets on the magnetically painted horse!

From the Pentagon Design press release: “Who can resist the urge to touch these near-life-size domestic animals, reined into modeling the diverse selection of Tikkurila paint coatings? Horses, pigs, cows, and calves have been given makeovers with surfaces to match their natures. You can feel the character of the coatings in your fingertips as you pet and stroke the nostalgic mammalian models. Beneath the feeling lie hard facts: the various options for covering a resin surface not only look different, they feel different. There’s magnetic paint, textured coating, tinted light putty and chalkboard paint, oil putty, alkyd paint. There are pearl and silver glazes, done in a lace pattern. This urban petting zoo for the design world is amazingly illustrative, both tactilely and visually.”

More images on the next page! (From both the Hardcore exhibition as well as their press images.)

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Kartell - MrImpossiblePhilippeStarck

kartell1.jpgNot much to say on this post other than, after a long day/night, i was wandering through SoHo, saw the Kartell window, and had to run across the street and take a few quick pics. The Mr Impossible Phillipe Starck cardboard cutouts were far too funny, and reminded me of asian Kit Kats (is it the K and the red on white?). I have a feeling these were more amusing in the dark when the showroom wasn’t open, and they were left looking lonely, posed, and ready for action protecting the chairs in the tiny mirrored space. An exterior shot on the next page…

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