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Kehinde Wiley

[First things first, click the pic to see it bigger] Kehinde Wiley is an LA native, that holds a SF Art Institute BFA and Yale MFA - and Gen Art Pulse just did quite the e-newsletter on him (which by the way, is one of the only newsletters these days i actually look forward to!). He’s found a niche in brining the back the glory days of paintings where you imortalize men and women in larger than life gold framed paintings… they were big in the days of kings, and even just a few generations back (there are even quite a few of these at the family house in asia of my grand/great-grand parents)… you know the type - you’ve seen them in any art history and history class. Wiley has put a spin on them and brought this grandeur back to the modern day, imortalizing important Black figures in our lives today in a similar style - but with that modern flair that jumps out so nicely at you. He’s was even comissioned to do the portraits of all the VH1 Hip Hop Honor Honorees in 2005. Its really beautiful breathtaking work - and the idea is pretty sweet. Pity that his work doesn’t cover other people as well! But maybe it will be a start to help inspire others to take on the old school portrait styles and reinvent them for today.

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What do you see? Flocked inkblots on wallpaper, you say? Correct! “10 original Rorschach inkblots flocked onto and camouflaged within a classical damask pattern”, by Portia Wells. She also did a series of portraits of the West Coast… “Identities are constructed through the items we own— they begin to act as portraits of ourselves. Silhouettes are often referred to as the poor man’s portrait and are thought to reveal a sort of inner truth. ” They feature silhouettes of macs, new balanace, nalgenes, timbuk2, dior and more of our lifestyle cliches.

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God of MySpace (Design)

Those my MySpace friends, are MySpace pages. I kid you not. They work, they don’t violate the TOS - and yes, they are that pretty and there are many more after the jump, so try not to drool on the keyboard. Now that you’ve taken a peek at his handiwork, meet the man behind it - 17 year old Androo is a high school junior nearby in Pasadena - and hopes to get in to Art Center (is there really any question about this? Art Center readers - time to do your part!) And what’s he have to say about his MySpace abilities? “I am not a myspacial freak, I just design on myspace, beacuse well, I am not yet a professional, meaning i have no clients, no money, and no where to do web design, so i do it here. Word.” Go be his friend here. And those of you wanting to hire him - be warned, there’s a waitlist.

p.s. keeps the myspace adds coming, i love seeing how briliantly creative NOTCOT readers are - and how else am i supposed to find genius via myspace?

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Imaginary Friends

Cartoon Network is my fishtank, its has been on in the background since high school. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends - has a BLOG! Not too many posts, but some great images. I love seeing the rough sketches of the development of Eduardo and his skull belt. They should sell Eduardo’s belt. And Coco is such a nut.

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Amex Butterfly

There are gimmicks and there are - American Express Gold Card gimmicks… sleek, sexy, and i’m sure intentionally flashy. Introducing the Butterfly. The card literally folds in half to fit in this keychain case. Its actually pretty enough to grab with merely your keys and cellphone. You can take it out fully to pay, only half way to swipe, or (according to the demo) just hand them the case (but i forsee many a confused waiter). Now when are they going to add the RFID tag so i can swipe the Butterfly at 7-11’s like the Blue card?

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DIY Microwave Crucible

MocoLoco gets all the good stuff from Kieren Jones - remember his Subversive Ikea? Well now they have got pics of his DIY Microwave your own jewelry kit! (and no they don’t know when or if this kit/instructions will be available!).

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Gas Stations

This is one of many in Ralf Peters’ Tankstellen series of photographs, and its sureal perspective on gas stations is eerie and gorgeous, and makes you wonder if this is the future of the gas station… [via vvork]

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This is WOW. Breathtakingly amusing and mesmerizing - and it calls out to my black and white loving, collage addicted, animal/anatomy curious sides. It is so gorgeous. I do not really get who/what/where or why, but WOW. GO check out NFCTD. And while i do not advocate flash normally, loving this use of it… and for those who are too rushed to wander and click - the tab key is your friend. [via Core77]

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Ceramic Babies

These ceramic babies are kind of scary. Yet incredibly detailed and beautiful. Work of Shigeki Hayashi will be exhibitting through jun-jul at Dream Creation, kobe, japan. For a wealth of images. [via DesignBoom]

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Love Pics

lovepics.jpgThere’s a new e-zine - LOVE PICS! - its pretty, its Italian, and it has 101 flashy glossy pages to blow your mind away. In particular the work of Fabio Catapano (aka licoszen) grabbed me. Check out this fab “happiness is illegal” image… The others were fun as well - my only complaint is i too much flash! It felt like it took me a year to flip through the pages… i miss paper. or even pdf in this case? But pretty stuff - so still worth checking out. And don’t be silly, just b/c its Italian doesn’t mean it doesn’t want your contributions! So submit away, and convince them to tone down the flash a smidge?

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Mixed USB Tapes?

Alice Wang first brought us Pet Plus… and it was mind opening and hilarious all at once… AND some are actually going into production!

Well now she has launched Audio Sticks - a project re-evaluating the future of the way people obtain, listen and distribute music. Likening tapes to USB keys - she raises the question of whether these tiny keys will be the future of mixed tapes. The device would have a column of USB slots ready for your music - and the volume and track selection is along the side (see close up below) - and speakers along the side. As well as the packaging and imagery on the keys themselves. Take a look at the other images below.

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Volcanic underwater post

I always remember Vanuatu as that crazy country with the really fun stamps when i was little. Well oO posted some great links over at .org - they actually have an underwater post office, as well as a mailbox on the edge of a volcano! I’m ready to try to make my next dive trip to Vanuatu just so that i can write a letter on waterproof paper (like what nalgene had) with my waterproof pen, and mail it in a waterproof envelope from under the sea.

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Adidas Fresco

adidasfresco.jpgWe all know that this time of year, footballers are gods. World Cup takes over television, radio, and almost any store you walk into (unless you’re in the US, but we will ignore that). So why not immortalize them as they did back in the day? In ceiling filling, larger than life murals? … so its in a train station instead of a church, but that is a place where followers of the football pass through to reach the stadiums, where they worship the players, no? Via the CoolHunter is this ceiling of Hauptbahnhof train stain in Cologne, Germany. Wow.

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Oddica Check-Out

JEAN.LIBRARY.jpgSo what IS the deal with those Oddica library cards? Or that is the question that kept coming up when i previously posted about their fabulous packaging. So here’s a close up image of one they made just for you and your curiosity - and the guys at Oddica have THIS to say about it all:

The Library Card functions on a few other levels — it let’s us promote the Artist, and let’s us connect with the customer on an old-fashioned level. If we ever get too big that we cannot find the time to handwrite the customer name, then we know we have gone astray. Also, the Dewey Decimal numbers, we locate numbers that correspond to the particular design. Like for the Undertaker, I think we did Cemeteries, English, or something.

Mystery solved. And it highlights the brilliance and attention to detail that is put into every bit of all things Oddica - so go take a look at the new shirts and sweatshirts, and if you order one, you get a sweet library card too!

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Subversive Ikea

Kieren Jones - you are brilliant. “Kieren Jones uses IKEA’s best selling products, the Poang chair and Bumerang clothes hangers, to create new products such as a sled, a stag’s head and a crossbow that fires IKEA pencils. To be precise, Kieren has created do-it-yourself manuals that guide the user through the necessary steps to create these new products.” via MocoLoco. With Ikea - you can do anything?

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