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Paula Scher

Dear Clients, Yes. Somedays the perfect logo/concept/design really does come to us in 30 seconds. Don’t complain if you love it. You’re not just buying the process, have a little faith in your designers.

To the designers, Trust your instincts.I love this video Shade Elaine just sent me interviewing Paula Scher. Go watch it. Get inspired. Make great work. Also great article here.

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Christofle + ECAL

When a traditional silverware company, Christofle ( dates back to 1830! official silversmith to King Louis Phillipe and supplier to Napolean III) - decides to team up with Lausanne’s ECAL - to let students experiment with the medium, you know it will be breathtaking. It’s awfully late, but i just read this in Wallpaper and had to share it. We’ve all touched silver, you know you can leave fingerprints on it… so i love that they built that into the design of the business card holder and and USB Thumb Drive… also in the collection are condom holders, push pins, sewing kits and stencils. Silver is in again, casting the everyday in gold and silver is everywhere (from toys and cocktail swords to AA medallions)… full article scan below.

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SF in Ruins?

Jermacide sent me a link to this incredible picture (click the link to see full sized, its 7000px wide i think)… San Francisco in Ruins… You really need to look at it in full view and scroll around. Wow.

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Versailles + Lebovitz

Versailles has always fascinated me, since that European History class freshman year of high school. And when i finally saw it in the flesh a few years later it was breathtaking, even when tourist filled. So maybe that is why i’m curious and awaiting Marie Antoinette to come out… but better yet - the Vogue photo shoot that Annie Leibovitz did on location with Kirsten Dunst is beautiful and surreal ~ and i needed to post this video of the behind the photo shoot over from Style.com. This Vogue shoot was the first authorized by the Chateau de Versailles in 25 years… and the outrageous gowns designed for the shoot are definitely worth taking a look at. Full article here, which reads more like a romance novel gone wrong than a historical account of the life of Marie Antoinette.

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Rare Device + Jill Bliss

Big fan of the works of Norcal artist Jill Bliss since checking out her work at Doe in SF ~ and apparently she will be having a show in Brooklyn at RareDevice - Exhibition dates: October 4 - 29, 2006; reception date: October 7, 12 - 4pm. Available for purchase will be a new limited-edition poster specially designed for the show. These items will be accompanied by limited-edition redwood-themed items such as totebags, wallets, journals, datebooks and button sets.


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“Origami meets street art.”

I am a big fan of paper, the more i work digitally, the more i need to flip through a newspaper. There’s something about that tactile sensation of playing with a piece of paper, doodling in a notebook, inventing new origami… so you can only imagine how much i love this series by Shin Tanaka. More pictures of the event below, as covered by RUGenius, who wandered the depths of Berlin, in the name of NOTCOT, last night - stumbling upon everything from an opera on a pirate ship to the red light district’s murals to blue mohawk bartenders followed by camera crews for a reality tv show - and survived.

“Origami meets street art. Less Rain presents Shin Tanaka’s collection of paper Origami. Designed by himself and other Japanese and European graffiti artists and illustrators, he created new facets of these iconic objects. The special clue: Everybody can create an own version of the paper toys T-Boy, Gritty or Spike. The artist puts the paper toy templates on his website so that everyone can download, customise, build and display an own individual character.” —- more from Less Rain’s Blog.

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Shin Tanaka - the works

RUGenius checked out the Shin Tanaka, Paper Craft Exhibition put on by LessRain in Berlin last night, and there are some impressive pieces! So before i show you more, this post is dedicated to just taking in how amazing the body of work shown is.

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Suspension of Disbelief

Suspension of Disbelief: a magical world of mischief, memory, and imagination… over at Volume One, is my official 2am zone out happy/trippy/”hang-in-there” flash to stare at tonight. This new season from Matt Owens (thanks!). Check out the movie and print aspects of this great project as well… you can’t afford to miss seeing all of these!


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Berlin Street Art

RUGenius has an eye for street art ~ and she sent me a ton of images showing me some of the better pieces she stumbled upon, so if you’re curious about the street scene in Berlin, check out some of her finds below.

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Little Brooklyn

Who’s this Little Brooklyn character? Story below…

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Computer that Hoops

Was wandering and hunting my way through the hot sneaker blogs, and found this Adidas ad campaign that was pretty slick. Their graphics and music i’m used to being pristine and mind blowing - but this time the content grabbed me too… a visual history (morph?) of our best friends today… desktops/laptops - shoes? Go watch the film here.

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Wemoto not only has some amazing boards, pillows, beer, and clothes, but i can’t stop staring at this booth display for the Bright Skateboarding Tradeshow.

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Melbourne Art Fair

Giant bunnies! Lucy Feagins gives us another dose of the art scene in Melbourne. The Melbourne Art Fair is a biennial event showcasing contemporary work from Australia and the Asia Pacific region. It used to be called ‘The Affordable Art Fair’, but this year the more palatable AU$1000-$2000 price tags of previous years were a little few and far between… so it’s probably a good thing they re-thought that.

What hasn’t changed is the fair’s emphasis on commercial art – work that sells. Which I guess makes it a more accessible arts event than most. Close-ups below.

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One Man Wrecking Machine

It is so stuck in my head, i needed to share it with yours. The guys at Monster Factory (addicted to their blog, it always makes me grin like an idiot when i’m reading it) ~ did the music video for Guster’s “One Man Wrecking Machine”, and it is so cute that nothing i say here will do it justice. So go watch it. I think i’m on 5th time watching it as i post this.

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Potters Niche Genius

As posted here before ~ i said i’d try and check out this Harry and the Potters emo-pro-literacy-summer-tour phenomena, and that i did. WOW. Here’s my follow up - not to be a cynic, but here’s goes. They are possibly an example of marketing genius - while the size and enthusiasm of the crowd blew my mind - the merch booth was really where it was at. The amount of cash being shoved at them in exchange for shirts (14$), posters (10$ - yes i bought one, its a gorgeous and well made print), CDs (10$) and toothbrushes (2$, i dont get it.) - was mind blowing. These guys found a niche… few bands can get into the libraries of america peddling merchandise - let alone hit up the indie hipsters and tweens AND harry potter loving kids and their parents. By offering songs that encourage fun and reading and rocking out to take down Voldemort, they’ve found their way into the hearts and wallets of so many parents and readers alike, wow. We watched the whole spectacle in complete amazement as the tweens and hipsters jumped up and down singing along while wearing their “Save Ginny Weasley” shirts.

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