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NogPong - Saatchi LA + Deep Local- 12.16.10

nogpong00.jpg The Saatchi & Saatchi LA xmas email came out yesterday, and this year they are “giving back by making donations to three nonprofit charities on your behalf: The Amanda Foundation, Free Arts for Abused Children and New Directions“… and then they announced NOG PONG! Exactly what it sounds like, only it’s always our turn, and they get to do all the eggnog drinking…

Teaming up with Deep Local (yup, our new favorite people from Project Reindeer, etc) - “Nogbot started as an off-the-shelf ping-pong practice machine. In one weekend, we reverse engineered the machine and replaced its guts with our own wiring and microcontroller. The new microcontroller allowed us to programmatically control the motors, switches and servos to do our bidding. We created a web-based API to communicate with Nogbot allowing an external program to fire balls at different speeds and directions.” Awesome, right? Well they’ve also shared some pics of what the NogBot looks like! (He’s your real world arm launching those balls as you click from behind your monitor.) As well as videos of the game in action, and the making of! Check it all out on the next page… love these projects that really pull the digital and physical closer in such playful ways!


they even got a little meta and played on the laptop from the other side of the table… nogpong7.jpg

Yup ~ still waiting…

And while i wait ~ check out what makes our robotic arm of a NogBot work!






OK! And here we go ~ as #4469 ~ finally played ~ got some in, and sent some all over… you wait so long, and it’s gone so fast! And a bit laggy! But still ~ good fun! nogpong8.jpg


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