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Luddite Rescue- 03.16.05

bensranch.jpg First the idea grabbed me… then this image of a literal cowboy style ranch… it only get’s better as you visit Ben’s Ranch online.

Couldn’t have said it better than DailyCandy:

Luddite (luh-dyte) n. 1. One of a group of British laborers who opposed the development of textile machinery 2. One who fears technological change 3. You.

Only i’d switch ‘you’ maybe for parents, or friends of parents, or friends of friends… or anyone who’s tired of tech support, and you just can’t answer one more tech support session as a favor to whoever it may be…

So send them to the local luddite rescue:

Ben’s Ranch (benz ranch) n. 1. A new in-home service, owned by tech whiz Jonathon Fishman, providing support for all aspects of modern life, from laptop woes to BlackBerry queries 2. A tribute to Fishman’s ranching grandfather 3. That rare union of techie brilliance and interpersonal skills that you so desperately need. (Jonathon can actually explain things in a vocabulary you’ll understand.)

[ok so this is very LA, and does reek of it, but its an innovative and necessary concept, considering i dabbled with a group of web designers, paid a designer’s rate, to babysit the “Fat Actress” computer shopping… who know’s you might be able to tap into the niche in your city/town/farm/ranch]

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Thanks for the comment Jonathon, i’m a born and raised LA girl as well… Sorry! I didn’t mean offense by the LA comment, i love your idea, and this feels like the right type of environment to start out in… your service seems like exactly what a lot of people i know need here.

----- notcot 22.03.05 18:31

I noticed your coverage on my company’s recent write-up in the Daily Candy. Thank you for your positive remarks… although I am not so sure it is “very LA”, but maybe I am biased because I oversaw teh site and I live in LA.

Please let me know more about your audience and thank you for your support.

Jonathon Fishman
Founder and President of Ben’s Ranch Inc.

----- Jonathon Fishman 21.03.05 21:33

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