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100! - Make Believe- 04.12.05

enter.jpgOOhh new weezer album? Although i’m not sure about that “beverly hills” song… weezer has always been somewhat amusing, and around since the early 90’s, and still function as my feel better driving cd’s. And at least now there’s a chance at hearing some of the new stuff at Coachella…

… and on another note, this is my 100th post! which feels like i need to celebrate… and it also so happens to be Vegas’ 100th Centennial as well. So while not my celebration, but another 100th party, not to mention FREE… Red Hot Chili Peppers and Weezer in Vegas on July 2nd… not sure how to get tickets, but it says to come back to the site on April 18th. Happy 100th! (to notcot + vegas + hope to see you there!)

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agreed. beverly hills song totally sucks. happy 100th! =P

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