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Popsicle sticks- 04.06.06

The Art Office in Indio (yes, home of Coachella) - has been making these incredible structures out in the desert - that are much like enormous popsicle stick art. “WOOD SCREEN CYLINDER AT JOSHUA TREE
Our proposal seeks to transform and record the colors, light, and landscape of the desert through a folding, geometrically manipulated, structural wood screen cylinder created from a very simple, readily available, construction-based module: a douglas fir surveyor stake.” Phillip Smith, one of their principals emailed us about this gorgeous project, and you certainly need to go see more. I wish i had a screen like that in my house! Or it would be perfect in those SF Bay windows!

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Hello, how are you doing? I just looking for some information on how to make a lamp with popsicle stick. I remember when i was young that mine father make a popsicle lamp and i was think to make my own, but i need some ideal on how to start. I gat the jumbo stick and i not sure if they would work.. Any inform will help alot…


----- Miosotis 04.11.08 19:20

I too am looking for popsicle stick lamp and or bowl patterns for my disabled husband or anything more advanced than projects for children. We made a lot of these things back in the 50’s and 60’s, surely someone still has patterns that they are willing to share.

----- Jean Sullivan 15.08.07 13:24

Do you have any instructions telling how to make popsicle stick lamps? If not, could you please tell me where I might find any patterns/instructions for making them?

----- Rossalynn Vandiver 28.07.07 12:21

Hi everyone! I couldn’t BELIEVE the popsicle stick art!! I too use to make the popsicle stick lamps & bowls back in the 70s. I have grand children now, & would like to teach them, but I just can’t seem to find the instructions on the internet. Does anyone here know a website that has them(free) Thanks so much for any help ahead of time. Sandy

----- Sandy 14.07.07 23:51

I am also popsicle stick artist and to dose out
there that creat this form of art, I congratulate
you for we are few. If you which to see some of my work contact me or you which to let me see your work. Let all of us popsicle artist other
medium unite. Lets find some grants “guys”.
Bless you all. Francisco Vallejo.

----- Francisco Vallejoy 27.09.06 10:37

reminds me of some projects i did several years ago! I’m a RISD person as well, but started these popsickle lamps back in high school. Dang, some other people get the attention first.
check it out.


----- tango! 06.04.06 20:13

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