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Fail Harder Tee- 07.29.06

FAIL HARDER! It seems the be best best path to success, or getting posted on NOTCOT, because i am just loving the guys at WK12 more and more every week. First there was discovering their Pushpin piece with the fun meaning behind the saying… Then came the behind the scenes video. And in my mail yesterday i received what at first appeared to be a box of boxes of pushpins, but instead there was a Fail Harder shirt. Classy clear on white, so subtle it makes people try harder to see it. At the bottom front interior there is even a white print of their logo with the two guys and the keys. Handwritten card and all. If this is an example of Failing Harder… we should all try to fail like them.

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Now available to civilians on alchemi.

----- Mike 03.08.06 17:46

having seen this shirt in person, i can attest the sheer awesomeness of it all.

----- shadeelaine 01.08.06 01:55

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