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Potters Niche Genius- 07.29.06

As posted here before ~ i said i’d try and check out this Harry and the Potters emo-pro-literacy-summer-tour phenomena, and that i did. WOW. Here’s my follow up - not to be a cynic, but here’s goes. They are possibly an example of marketing genius - while the size and enthusiasm of the crowd blew my mind - the merch booth was really where it was at. The amount of cash being shoved at them in exchange for shirts (14$), posters (10$ - yes i bought one, its a gorgeous and well made print), CDs (10$) and toothbrushes (2$, i dont get it.) - was mind blowing. These guys found a niche… few bands can get into the libraries of america peddling merchandise - let alone hit up the indie hipsters and tweens AND harry potter loving kids and their parents. By offering songs that encourage fun and reading and rocking out to take down Voldemort, they’ve found their way into the hearts and wallets of so many parents and readers alike, wow. We watched the whole spectacle in complete amazement as the tweens and hipsters jumped up and down singing along while wearing their “Save Ginny Weasley” shirts.

See - it really is at the Los Angeles Public Library in downtown. And they rocked it like no other. These kiddie-emo bands made more noise echo through the whole monstrous building than i thought was allowed in a library. (libraries make me think “shush”).

Here are Draco and the Malfoys, the openers (the long haired guy is also the Harry and the Potters drummer). And this pic gives you a good feel for the crowd overall.

They were older than we thought.

So were the viewers.

We think the merch booth would make drug dealers jealous.

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back by popular demand. mUahaha.

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