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Flower Bomb- 07.29.06

Perfume - FLOWER BOMB. by Victor and Rolf. Kind of pretty, kind of bizarre, posting this just for the packaging.

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love love love it.

----- amandanicole 24.03.08 10:49

I’ve searched 2 years for thee perfect perfume! Finally today I ran across this one. Flower Bomb! Needless to say, It indeed is the bomb! I love love it. It awakens all my senses and makes me feel alive! YUM! :P

----- eva michelle 14.12.07 21:10

I LOVE this scent. I receive so many compliments, I don’t want to share what it is! I just say it was a gift I can’t quite recall the name. They say perfume with many notes is now considered passe’, if you go with trendy do not purchase. However, if you are unique this is the perfume for you.

----- Joy 15.08.07 05:17

yeah i kinda want this now…

----- shadeelaine 01.08.06 01:58

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