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Varvatos Crazy Laces- 08.11.06

varvatoscrazylaces.jpgSo John Varvatos and Converse are responsible for that whole slip on/laces-free chuck taylor phenomena that won’t seem to go away. (Love it - Hate it - its inescapable). So with their use of hidden elastic to mess with people heads, i simply had to post up the new Crazy Laces, where i’m assuming they leave out the elastic on the inside, for the elastic laces you see. Slightly messy, kind of fun. Especially those mini eyelets. Looks like Rubin over at CoolHunting got his hands on a pair - i might have to pop over and check them out at the store later.

p.s. can you believe that Varvatos and Converse also did a full clothing line together? [Fall 06 Lookbook]

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