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Lochers- 02.22.07

There’s a fine line between sweet and sinister and french line Locher’s dances happily right on that edge… blending the sweet and delicately naive feel of embroidery, with sayings to force a double take and then add some gorgeous web design and brilliant photography… and i’m smitten.

“you suck” - “I don’t play nice” - “fuck off” - “Life is fucked up” - “Insatiable little thing” - “Casse-pied” - “I hate children” - wow. so much can be said so beautifully. Also, love her hair!

The web design is beautiful as well… every detail inspires me today.



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I think it’s gorgeous. Feminine but naughty. I love it.

----- Talie 03.05.07 17:02

This is amazing. She is so clever. I really want the “I hate children” shirt.

----- Nina 06.03.07 07:24

This has been done before with stiched home products (ie pillows and artwork at Urban Outfitters) Not a big fan

----- Kit 25.02.07 08:01

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