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Bamboo round 2- 05.15.07

I am sad to admit i was a bit too excited and premature on posting the minimal info that Engadget led me to on the Wacom Bamboo. (I should have known better when i saw the awesome box graphics!) Apparently Wacom has pulled out all the stops on an insane international web campaign for this one…. well, international minus the americas so far. Here are some screenshots of the various sites… europe/africa and china’s being most impressive. The flashy line drawn graphics (and overly peppy music) on black are a nice touch. They even have desktop wallpapers… with screensavers and buddy icons coming soon. Screenshots below. Fascinating to see how they alter the branding for each market.

For the World:

For Europe:



For China:

For Japan:

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any info on the price for the tablet posted???

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