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Cow In A Box: Dissected- 05.29.07

Cow in a Box… how DO they get that moo in there? These have been around since my childhood, and are nearly extinct if nearly fruitless internet searches show that only one manufacturer seems to be left. So when i wandered into Stumasa today, i had to buy a few… and sacrificed one to be dissected and shared with you all… step by step walk through and video below! And no, discovering the simplicity of this old school toy’s innards does not make it any less fun, and its still much better than its technologically driven counterparts. And for under 5$, who wouldn’t want one on their desks.

I got three cows in cans…

The weakest sounding one got the can opener…


There was foam…

and a mysterious black cylinder…





Cracking open the base of the black plastic canister…

It’s a weight with a balloon tube taped to it… and a thin plastic disc…

It’s a blow toy/noisemaker in the weight! And air get sucked and pushed through it to make the noise!

Here’s a video - for you to hear the normal sounds… and see how that inside really works:

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Great post, I was disapointed that the video was no longer available, but non the less I have a question. After you took the smaller plastic cylinder out of the larger metal one did it still function as intended and if so what are it’s dimensions? I’m asking because my grandmother had a milk pitcher(shaped and painted as a cow of course)in her cow collection that had one of these in it. Us kids loved to hear that moo when we visited and she’d turn it over. Well she’s long gone now, but I now have that pitcher and the original noise maker(glued into a cavity on the bottom of the pitcher)has long ago stopped working and I want to replace it and most of these now available are either too tall or big around to fit that cavity. The original is about two and an eighth inches in diameter and about the same height but the cavity would accept one two and a quarter inches tall, but still only two in diameter. I sure would appretiate any help you might give in getting back one of my fondest memories of visiting grandma and grandpas house. Best regards, Gary

----- GAry Beaver 24.08.15 10:37

thank i was always wondering…..

----- connors 23.04.13 04:52

video unavailable =( also where can i get one online without it being a big box of like 20?

----- Marcello 11.10.09 10:29

I’ve been looking for one of these for my 21 month old son. Thanks for the link, the dissection and the video. GREAT!! =)

----- derek 14.01.08 12:22

Many thanks for this. This has puzzled me for many years and now I can finally get a good night sleep.


----- Tony 07.10.07 15:05

Ha Ha That brings back memories!

----- David Winkfield 25.06.07 13:43

well the weakest one is most likely the “sheep” one. i had to buy some for a piece of work i was doing…and i noticed some didn’t “moo” as long as the others…their holes were different (slightly larger) than the “cow” (longer mooing) ones’ even though the outside looked the same.

----- nikki 30.05.07 14:51

I used to love these so much, gotta get one for the kids :)

----- pitpawten 30.05.07 11:25

You just made me cry with laughter! When you push and pull the whatever-you-call it at the end. That’s too funny. Seriously now, I have to stop playing that video from 20 seconds in!

----- Alan Eagle 30.05.07 10:22

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