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Palm Foleo- 05.30.07

Palm Foleo just announced… basically a streamlined laptop ideal for wifi usage on the go, or sucking internet and email over from your treo. It’s got my gadget sense tingling… i think i need one. Even though i did switch from treo to blackberry pearl and the iphone is coming out soon. GAH. Can we say technology identity crisis, so many to crave, so little time to adopt them all properly? Anyhow, the images of the Foleo (ugh, on the spelling) are definitely drool worthy, especially if the black rippled coating is that slightly rubbery feeling finish. More details below…


Here’s some of Gizmodo’s roundup on the facts: it has a “real” keyboard, a rubber track-nipple, a scroll wheel, a 10-inch screen with a resolution of 1024x600 (but no touch sensitivity). It has 256MB of RAM but the only thing we know about the processor is that it handles some Flash but not the Flash video you find on YouTube. There’s a video out, USB port and Bluetooth for a choice of “dial-up” networking, plus Wi-Fi in case you left your phone at home.

We know that its Linux OS runs off of solid-state memory, enabling the very sweet instant-on instant-off function. However, we have no idea how much flash is packed in at the start. It may not be much: there’s a CF slot tucked under the battery and when you plug in a card, that card becomes your “primary memory.”


So for about $500 is it worth it?

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Uhm.. Still paying for my Mac Book Pro and for my wonderful P990i.. How can I justify this purchase?!? Gosh, I want it!

----- francesco 31.05.07 13:53

It will be interesting to see how this product does on the market. I’m not totally convinced that it will replace my treo… more news on it here:


----- David 31.05.07 09:17

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