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Baggu Bags- 10.18.07

bagguing.jpgBaggu Bags. These clean simple bags sure are getting popular lately! They’ve been on most of the design/trend blogs, and we’ve even had them on NotCouture when we first launched - they are #478. Dan and i had the pleasure of having coffee with founder Emily Sugihara last week (she’s freshly relocated back to California, and is testing out the norcal lifestyle) ~ and we all got on so well it ended up being a few hour long “quick coffee”… she’s an adorable, fascinating, fellow 24 year old ~ grew up in Del Mar ~ put in time at Parsons getting a masters in Fashion ~ interned with Proenza Schouler, worked at jcrew, bebe, etc… and then finally realized it was time for a change. So putting her keen fashion design skills to work on something a bit more everyday ~ she and her mother have taken on the reusable grocery bag market ~ not only helping make our grocery shopping a bit more clean and brand-free, but also help cut down on all the plastic we’ve been using ~ also she and i are on the same page that having a home/wherever you are office, is far more fun than a traditional day job!

I know, i’ve been ranting lately that there are SO MANY options, and it feels like people have suddenly “discovered” the concept of reusable bags… but these are pretty slick and understated (finally!)… and for the gents ~ her folding design actually does fit in a guys tight jean back pocket. So no more excuses for the non-purse toting ones. I have a hands on review/comparison post coming up next, but just wanted to let you guys know how fun our meeting was first!

Also ~ any interest if we were to team up and do some limited edition understated NOTCOT designed Baggus?

Baggus are pretty well priced ~ these nylon bags go for 8$ for 1, $22 for 3, or $38 for 6. And i never told you ~ but rumor has it some hot new colors are coming out soon… perhaps things like hunter green and smoke grey…

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7 Notes

envirosax’s are cuter…

----- alex 23.10.07 16:28

Hmm…you might have to be careful with those around some areas of Los Angeles.

----- SM 22.10.07 09:53

I will take 6! Count me in!

----- Gina Martin 19.10.07 12:08

I’d get them too!

----- lh 19.10.07 08:23

Those bags are great and “Notcot Baggus” is a must!!

----- thirteenx 19.10.07 03:20

Heck yeah I want Notcot Baggus!

----- Nick 18.10.07 15:33

YES! I’d order a set of notcot baggus in a heartbeat - in fact, I may wait to order some now!

----- KC 18.10.07 14:31

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