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Muji Animal Toys- 10.18.07

mujixmas.jpgWow. I’m glad i don’t have kids of my own this holiday season… because between these new Muji Woody nature inspired toys and the ikea ones i recently posted… they are so adorably well designs and well priced, my whole floor would be covered in these things! (Although, how fun would it be to run a preschool with only designer goods? It would be a fun way to set the standard extra high for all these kids from day one!). So here we have everything from wood DIY Dodos (my fav), blue whale, turtle, mammoth… a chalkboard globe! Woody hedgehogs… a zoo in a bag! (every executives desk clearly needs this)… and even an evolutionary puzzle to learn from. More images and more toys below.


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It’s a wonderful collection of toys. kids love cute animal toys

----- Rudin Dchosta 02.11.08 22:58

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