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Daedalus & Icarus- 10.12.07

icarusanddaedelus.jpgDaedalus & Icarus, one of those classic myths that always ended in being told “and that’s why you should listen to your parents”… Can you blame the kid for flying too near the sun? Having his wings melt? Well how appropriate to have Tord Boontje, whose designs turn any space into tranquil fantasy world, reinterpret this father soon duo?

As you can guess the Icarus is the pair of wings suspended from above… and the newly released Daedalus is the brilliant inventor as the down to earth desk lamp. These beautiful pieces by Artecnica are made of polyester, and will certainly transform any room you place them in. Close up of the Daedalus below… [And for those of you who need to brush up on your ancient mythology - the Icarus page will catch you up]


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----- brandon 21.11.07 08:29

I like it… GREAT!!!

----- Princess 17.10.07 02:39

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