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NOTCOT.org Roundup- 10.14.07

NOTCOT.org #6674NOTCOT.org #6664NOTCOT.org #6654NOTCOT.org #6651NOTCOT.org #6640NOTCOT.org #6627NOTCOT.org #6624NOTCOT.org #6606NOTCOT.org #6600NOTCOT.org #6595Click the images to see more! WOW. So that first pic is the Sony Bravia commercial for Egypt… they tossed more spools of thread down than i can count, and it is an incredible sight. While the bunnies were cool… watching that much thread come spinning down the side of pyramid just made my jaw drop… much like the bouncy balls and the paint! Anyhow, here are a few NOTCOT.org goodies to help you catch up/kick start the week. Happy Monday!


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