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1988 A Tribute to Stan Lee- 01.14.08

stanleeins.jpgWho hasn’t been incredibly inspired by the infamous Stan Lee? Due to CES, i missed the opening of the Gallery 1988 Under the Influence: A Tribute to Stan Lee… and it looks like an INCREDIBLE show, from many NOTCOT favorites like Luke Chueh, Jason Sho Green, Camilla d’Errico, Kurt Halsey Frederiksen, Dan Goodsell, and more! Take a look here for the full show, and see after the jump for my favorites!


Chris Reccardi - acrylic and glitter on wood - 18 x 24 inches

Luke Chueh - acrylic and ink on board - 12 x 9 inches

Kii Arens - mixed media one of a kind light box - 39 x 19 inches

Johnny Yanok - acrylic on wood - 18 x 14 inches

Brandi Milne - acrylic on wood - 14 x 20 inches

Jason Sho Green - ink on paper - 16 1/2 x 27 inches

Camilla d’Errico - ink on paper - 18 x 12 inches

Kurt Halsey Frederiksen - ink on paper - 9 1/2 x 11 inches

Dan Goodsell - ink on paper - 8 x 10 inches

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