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Skater Mail!- 01.11.08

skatermain.jpgOk, while the Busy Beaver package had me all giddy ~ even cooler is what JUST showed up on my doorstep… remember the Skate Life show? Skate Life: Skateboard Inspired Sculptures and Paintings by J. Shea and Freddi C Well it turns out that Joe and Freddi loved the pics so much, they were kinda enough to surprised me with one of the pieces!!! And its SO sweet ~ love the little skater guy, and the great shadows he makes, will definitely need to put this somewhere where the light can make crazy shadows and he can be my artistic sundial of sorts. But the other really awesome thing is the illustration on the brown paper wrap!!! I LOVE this ‘YO FRAGILE!’ guy, and am now debating how to save him, frame him, whether to cut him out, fold it up… ideas? Check out more of J. Shea’s work here. Lots of pictures after the jump!









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Marvelous art work.

----- alan 13.01.08 02:09

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