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Nissin Cup Noodle Ads- 01.04.08

cupnoodleads.jpgSo while dan and i got sidetracked from “real work” researching the insanely bizarre world of Cup Noodles… you already saw the Custom Cup Noodles you can make at the factory/museum… well now we have 20 youtube ads embedded for you after the jump. We tried to just show a few, then dan found more and more amazing Cup Noodle Ads, and we couldn’t resist sharing the full collection with you. This all started with my discovery of the funniest cutest animated caveman ads that all end with HUNGRY? Cup O’ Noodles (in that slim jim ad type voice). As the pack of *tiny* cavemen race around to try and catch some very large prey… well, its just hilarious, watch a few! And after that, dan started finding more and more… the main campaigns being a No Border campaign that launched when Cup Noodles were going into space, showing how food could bring people together… and the most recent campaign is the Freedom campaign which is an anime series. So happy friday! Here is more than your usual dose of distraction ~

UPDATES… i just found one with the governator in it… and other hilarious japanese ones… added about 20 more ads.

Dan compiled all the Cup Noodle Advertisements he could find, and incredibly there were FAR more than we expected… he even has a rating system for you if you’re short on time: ** = good and *** = very good

First starting with my favorites ~ the Caveman series! Whic according to AdFreak - The commercials were apparently made in the early ’90s for the Japanese market by a guy named Kim Blanchette, who is something of a legend in animator circles, having worked on The Nightmare Before Christmas and Toy Story and on animatics for Jurassic Park.

***Cavemen - Shake off

***Cavemen - Sneaky Fart

***Cavemen - Wooly Mammoth

**Cavemen - Tree Knock

**Cavemen - Pteryodactyl

Cavemen - Giant Warthog

Cavemen - Sea Creatures

Cavemen - Saiga Antelope

Cavemen - Moa Ostrich

Then there is the NO BORDER! Series ~ which was created back in 2005 when Nissin’s Cup Noodles were going into space, and their brand believes that food is the most important thing, and it will help bring people together.

**No Border 2 - Russia Red Square

No Border 3 - Bombed Out Mexico?

**No Border 4 - Flowers + Tank

No Border 8 - Earth From Space

No Border 6 - Middle East

No Border 7 - Space

Here’s another No Border one with a day trader?

Random info dan also found… The music for the No Border series is by Mr. Children, what a name?

Here is a random Team Cup Noodle one!
Team Cup Noodle

There is also the more recent FREEDOM anime series ~ that we actually wrote about here on NOTCOT a while back

Freedom 2 - Animated Space Rocket

Freedom 3 - Animated Future Motorcycles

Freedom 6 - Running with Buffalo

Wow, you’re still with us and reading/watching? Well on more cool/insane Cup Noodle videos to watch, check out this MISO UNIVERSE PAGEANT!

And for the other posts in the Cup Noodle Trilogy:

- Nissin the brand, and my new found respect for it’s innovative thinking ~ and its eco friendly reusable/DIY cup and refill packs!

- Videos and images of the Cup Noodle Factory/Museum showing how cup noodles are made as well as how you can make your own custom cup noodles!

UPDATED: i found one with our Governator - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Oooh there’s ANOTHER one with Arnold:

Hahaha ~ and a third arnold one!

There’s another funny arnold one for D Cup Noodle (not sure why D cup) but embedding is disabled… so view it here.

Here’s one with Stephen Seagal!

Great overly dramatic one for the World Cup ~ “can’t wait 4 years… Try this cup, wait just 3 minutes.”

CRAZY Cheese Curry Cup Noodle Ad ~ with a crazy cheese head rapper guy

This one has crazy hillbilly happy hippy people:

OK. i dont even know how to describe this 1987 one, but wow.

Japanese one with some girl in a tiny spandex looking Cup Noodle outfit with japanese business men?

This one is a bit longer… and from ‘86 ~ kind of looks like the Cup Noodle Off-Road Racing team? and/or hobos?

Crazy asian sci fi rocker guy… and i think a whale coming out of the sewer?

Hong Kong ad in cantonese for Cup Noodles:

This one with the guy perfectly aligning a raw egg before adding hot water is pretty cute

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