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Veuve Clicquot Globalight- 04.15.08

globalight1.jpgHere’s that press announcement i’ve been dying to share with you….

Globalight - the latest Karim Rashid piece launching in collaboration with Veuve Clicquot in Milan tonight. An “artistic, orb-shaped lamp with adjustable pink light, Globalight is also an isotherm bottle carrier… First impression? It feels like the center slice of a silver space age egg with its glowingly pink fleshy yolk exposed - encasing a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Rose… The asymmetrical egg like shape is so appealing and naturally inspired, yet relatively random feeling. And if you take a look at more of the gorgeously surreal photographs of the Globalight and its couples - there is also something oh so Easter Basket-like about it… The press release reads:

New York, NY—April 15, 2008 — Champagne house Veuve Clicquot affirms its strong commitment to design excellence, innovation and audacity with the release of Globalight by Karim Rashid, the second collaboration between the eponymous Champagne House and the prolific designer celebrating Veuve Clicquot’s Rose Champagne.The unique, limited-edition piece represents Rashid’s modern reinterpretation of the traditional French chandelier, icon of romantic dinners and meaningful moments. In the United States, Globalight will be unveiled exclusively at W Hotels, leader in modern travel, luxury design, and sensory experience.
Its portable nature makes entertaining a gathering of friends or someone special a charming occasion whether at home or on the road. One bottle of Veuve Clicquot Rose will remain chilled for 4 hours and the LED lights will give a soft glow for the same time, making Globalight an ideal accessory for outdoor entertaining.

Honestly - the pictures after the jump are worth checking out… beautiful sureal photographs - and a fun sketch and story of how Karim Rashid came up with the design…




Karim Rashid on the design of the Globalight:

“When Veuve Clicquot asked me to design a new project for their champagne, to continue the sensual integration of the immaterial and the material as i had done with the Loveseat, i immediately drew an elliptical scribble around the VC rose bottle as if to denote the intent - this is what i must do - and thought how could i bring light and champagne together? - and suddenly realized my scribble was the idea in itself - ‘surround the bottle with illumination’ - embrace the bottle with a dynamic energetic magnetism - encapsulate the bottle with warmth, so i literally made an elliptical object and designed Globalight - like a purse, or a handbag, the ovaloid vignettes the champagne - lights it, glorifies it, and embraces the fabulous pleasurable experience of drinking my favorite champagne. Salut”


With lighting handled by experts, Zumtobel, it can be on for 2 hours and won’t even heat your precious Veuve up…


Only 500 Globalights have been created worldwide with a suggested retail of $4500. In the United States, they will be available for purchase exclusively at W Hotels The Store, www.whotelsthestore.com and www.e-clicquot.com.

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7 Notes

Exceptional design…… so erotically feminine, sensual and sexy

----- Michael K. Leader 18.04.15 07:47

what are the materials used in this product?

----- constanza 22.06.11 11:23

I’m going to agree with mp on this, chalk this design up along with the cone, both equally more art than function

----- MP 09.09.08 21:53

does marc newson and frank gehry scribbles on paper and their interns and team translate the idea into reality?

karim rashid designed a product for VCP that suits the image of their product very well.

----- M! 23.07.08 03:01

Let’s be honest guys. Karim is a shitty designer. He scribbles on paper and has his team create the object.

The biggest draw about Karim is his extravagant personality.

----- mp 17.04.08 08:09

I love it, Karim is a genius

----- Blog Déco-Design 16.04.08 07:20

so cool
i love it

----- Cooper Chen 15.04.08 12:02

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