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Veuve Clicquot + Design- 04.15.08

veuveoverview.jpgWarning, i have this tendency to do late night visual research binges - (binge and post?) - which result in rather large collaged image files - and tonight between the bottle of Veuve Clicquot and the press release i’ve been anxiously sitting on until i can share it with you without breaking embargo - i really couldn’t help myself and dug up any and all crazy Veuve Clicquot inspired designs on the net. And really i’ve been truly fascinated by the really cool designs that have been popping up lately… the Karim Rashid Loveseat grabbed me in NY at ICFF last year (it’s SO fun to sit in!) and then the Porsche Design Vertical Limit fridge at the Toronto IDS this year… and i just wanted to see what else there was… So see below for more of that signature Pantone 137c.

Veuve Clicquot & Porsche Design have launched the “Vertical Limit”, a handmade stainless steel cabinet that houses 12 vintages of champagne. Each compartment is lit and 1temperature maintained. Only 15 made. $70k!! [via NOTCOT.org #6979]

On sleek furniture designs… i fell for the Karim Rashid Veuve Clicquot Loveseat this morning over at Luxist. There’s something about the infinite curves, yet a nice separation of space (with a bottle of bubbly as the border?) thats enticing, and the photography for the piece is beautifully surreal. [from an old NOTCOT post - and images of it in person from my ICFF trip]

Quite the party by Veuve Cliquot and the Wapping Project - “Last night was the launch we did for the highly original collaboration between Veuve Clicquot and one of the most innovative arts venues in London, The Wapping Project. Yellow 1877 is a celebration of Veuve Clicquot’s unique yellow colour first registered in Reims 130 years ago. As guests approached the party last night, they were met by a dazzling array of candles underneath Sam Spenser’s tree, dramatically canopied in silk umbrellas. Before the entrance, architects Shed 54 put Stairways and Reflection, a structural piece using neon light streets inside the accumulator tower. The ‘mistress of the jigsaw’ gave everyone a piece of yellow jigsaw with a number of it which they would then play later in the evening, while a dance by choreographer Maresa Von Stockert was performed in vaults within the boiler space. A small grove of silver birch trees was also the setting for a yellow phone box - that rang during the evening. Endless Veuve Clicquot champagne, great music by DJ Nikki and one of the most inventive evenings we have all had in a long time.” [via Camron with more info at Yatzer]

I was excited to see that this year Veuve Clicquot was one of the seminars at my alma mater, Domus Academy, in Milan! In conjunction with the Future Concept Lab they have worked with the students to create a product that embodies all that they are about…

“Veuve Clicquot, leading company in the field of champagne, has been proposing for a long time something more than the mere product itself. It expresses an attention towards the world of design, particularly sensitive and in line with the target of its consumers. Design becomes a driver of a mind and life style that is extremely refined but accessible, rich in history and culture, but at the same time modern and projected into the future. We can see it in the first examples of successful brand extension proposed by the Brand, from Vertical, the Porsche Design wine cellar, to Karim Rashid’s Love Chair, up to the champagne coolers in different shapes and materials, underlining the simple sophistication of Veuve Clicquot. The iconic yellow is in fact becoming a symbol and a brand of its own, which contributes to the research and design exploration of further objects able to represent the brand without becoming simple gadgets, but on the contrary, acquiring the dignity and the independent credibility that all design projects should have.” Read the full brief here… and apparently the results have just been presented - i can’t wait to get a peek!

Now here’s the overwhelming part… all the other products i found! And it’s quite fascinating how intruiging (and yellow) the various bucket designs, travel cases, paint “box” (can of minis!), necklace and pins by Arthus Bertrand, and more… i’ve created an image map so you can just click them to find out more…

Oh, and just to be thorough, these just in… the Magic Box which was popular in Japan, and the Pucci Grande Dame collaboration!

VC - Magic Box.jpg


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I LOVE LOVE the LOVE seat! Perfect for face to face flirty conversation over an ice cold bottle of Veuve and the Pucci items are to die for!! Exceptional presentations for an extrodinary Champagne!

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