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Peter Gronquist Solo Show- 05.05.08

blinggun1.jpgBlinged out faux-designer weaponry were all the rage at Gallery 1988’s latest show in LA that opened this weekend - Peter Gronquist’s “The Revolution Will Be Fabulous: A Weapons of Mass Designer Show” - and i must admit i was pretty disappointed. The biggest problem for me, was that in knocking off luxury brands, the key thing is to keep that luxury designer quality feel to it! And up close with these weapons i just wan’t feeling that. Highlights were definitely the Louis Vuitton Electric Chair in the center of the gallery and the Pacman Grenades! Over a dozen more pictures on the next page to give you a feel for what the scene was like, and a few close ups as well.

















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One thing. Does nobody actually appreciate an old idea with a new twist, sure Sachs did it, but hey, give a guy credit for being creative, you’re trying to kill whats already dead (pardon the pun.) I actually thought this was beautifully executed, stunning gold, beautiful peacock recoil pads, and an execution chair made from famous, bigoted brands. nicely done.

----- Saurin Galloway 18.09.09 09:34

yeah they look hot but like the last dude said…
sachs already did it… way better.

----- jamie 30.09.08 18:56

Being one who buys and enjoys these brands everyday, I feel this was a fun and interesting showing. I never thought or seen anything like this, I
said WOW where can I get the LV chair for my conference room. As stated above this is an old idea, great, but this is the first time for me and would love to see more and buy a couple. Please share your knowledge on other artists that I can research. Thanx. Great job Peter.

----- Briefly Comfortable, Inexpensive Underwear 01.09.08 13:24

I love the Jesus Gun. The rest is a follow up of the father of Ladies Gun:
Antonio Riello. Take a look at these beautifully executed Ladies Guns:


----- Ayaka 07.06.08 04:31

Everyone’s got their panties all in a bunch because it’s “passé” or because the craftsmanship isn’t sublimely perfect. One: I’d like to see you do better and get a gallery show for it. Two: The very name of the show, “The Revolution will be Fabulous”? It’s just bliss. I think it’s hilarious and awesome. It’s like a bunch of drag queens got together and made militia wear. And I don’t care how many times it’s been done. Everyone needs a couture military rifle. I know I do.

----- Kittydoom 14.05.08 18:03

this idea is boring,and over. On top of that, it would have to be of the highest quality for it to work. I made an LV bondage/gimp mask. This was made from a real LV bag, and a master beltsmith put it together. This was 4 years ago, and i wouldn’t even call myself an artist.

this is crap!


----- craig doyle 11.05.08 20:00

nice, ver nice….

----- mike soles 09.05.08 15:14

The stance against consumerism has been done to death but I kind of liked the crossgun.

And I hate to admit it but I kind of liked the look of the Hermes and Gucci guns.

----- Spiderbait 08.05.08 07:10

this is wank

----- marcus esquire 08.05.08 04:59

Some of these pieces are very very nice, like the Hermes gun and the Paul Smith bullet, but some of these look like terrible (hello, I’m a golden gun with the name Versace/Chanel super glued on the side!). The artist may be trying to make a statement about these brands (which I can appreciate, looking at some of the handbags of the past two years) through these less attractive pieces but it just comes off as lazy and last-minute.

One of the above posters had it right, the Pac-Man grenades DO look like the product of a high-school shop class.

----- john 08.05.08 03:13

Yeah, that’s nice…. BUT THIS IS THE 20TH ARTIST TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS! This guy is a hack!

----- RNDAVIS 07.05.08 09:11

I am extremely disapointed in the comments above!
People are reading into this way to deep. From the prospective of somone who definately appreciate fashion and humor; This is a creative way and very humerous way of looking at the destructive behavior of the materialstic and consumer based world that we live in. These peices have their own unique qualty becuase you can tell they are crafted from real guns.- and how could one say this spits in the grave of the true revolutionaries- that is compltely unfounded, this is a mock of our kim kardashian fascinated society who spends billions of dollars a year on handbags. I felt compelled to express my acprecation for this artist

----- kingery.m 07.05.08 03:06

this type of consumer-obsessed mentality being applied to what is essentially the OPPOSITE of consumerism, spits on the grave of the people who were true revolutionaries, and spits in the face of those who are true revolutionaries today.

real political revolution by the gun will be turned against these symbols of capitalist consumerism first! to think that mass consumer culture can co-opt revolutionary ideals as some sort of a buzzword or the latest fad, is insulting and vulgar.

if this is what the revolution looks like, then it is a sad day for the youth of today.

----- bahh 06.05.08 10:14

I’m so sick of designer brands being implemented into unusual items. Especially when it’s brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc. It’s not a new concept. I’m very disappointed in 1988 showing this ‘lack of creativity’. P.S. I went too and the details were lacking at best. It reminded me of some of the junk I turned in last minute at school.

----- RNDAVIS 05.05.08 15:51

tom sachs much?

----- JoshuaAlexander 05.05.08 12:20

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