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LA to Paris (Veuve Clicquot Style)- 09.02.08

veuve11.jpgSo yesterday was a whirlwind day of hopping on air france in LA, finding myself in Paris, whisked from CDG to Le Faubourg Sofitel, and before i even get into meeting everyone - drinks with Christophe Pillet - meeting the veuve team - dining on a yacht up and down the Seine - and more… here’s what i first encountered upon arrival ~ breathtaking clouds, quite possibly the most comfortable bed i’ve ever lay in, gorgeous Veuve Clicquot gifts and notes awaiting on the desk, adorable awesome packaging for the Hermes soaps in the bathroom, and the Buddha Bar outside my window… take a peek at the photo series part one on the next page!

For now… its 7:30 am, and i have to run to meet everyone at 8, so more images as i find time/internet!













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You are being super spoiled! I love it. Enjoy yourself…and come see me in London :-)

----- nikki 03.09.08 03:18

I love the Hermes soap containers…..but did you steal them? You better have, because those would be awesome storage boxes for paper clips, rubberbands, jewelry, etc. Im assuming you were smart enough to take them, most hotels expect their soaps and lotions and shampoos to be taken, so why not, its not like the maid is going to be pissed at you. Its Hermes, they are all over Paris. Hermes is like our Walgreens, there is one on every corner. OK, maybe not, but still, its not like they cant get another.

----- Kirk 02.09.08 23:47

how do you all have such amazing lives…

are you hiring?!?

----- jacob 02.09.08 23:13

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