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Veuve Clicquot Dinner on the Seine- 09.02.08

vboat1.jpgWow. I just landed in the absolutely breathtaking Chateau Les Creyeres in Reims… after a helicopter ride (my first!) over the champagne region… which was preceded by visiting the presses and the vineyards… and an incredible lunch at madame cliquot’s country house where the food was created (and inspired) by the champagnes with which they were paired… and learned about the “confusing sex” alternative to pesticides… getting a sneak peek at the latest porsche design collaboration on an “ice cube” to launch next year… tasted champagne vintages including one from my birth year… ok basically, TONS to share with you, and minimal internet connection… so everything is going to be a day or so off…

…but for now, i got some pictures up before i left the hotel this morning so here’s a peek at last nights adventure! Incredible boat ride up and down the seine for dinner last night - on the next page are images of the experience - including the absolutely gorgeous Riva boat collaborations with Veuve Clicquot in person, seeing the eiffel tower lit up blue with the stars of the EU while sparkling to mark france’s term as EU president, meeting Lia Riva and hearing stories of life in Monaco and her childhood of gorgeous boats, and ultimately this was the start of our getting to know the Veuve Clicquot family, and truly understand how rich the history of this brand is, and experience how passionate the individuals involved are in quality products, experiences, and DESIGN! Ultimately it’s becoming very clear that more than just a brand, Veuve Clicquot is a lifestyle, and the lifestyle they have created, is certainly one i’m sure we could all get used to!
















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I used to think French culture was too gaudy, but now I understand, as Mae West claimed, “Too much of a good thing is WONDERFUL!” Vive le Francais!

----- Anna Kealoha 13.09.08 14:55

Wow the photos are amazing! Very very beautiful!

----- Naturai 03.09.08 12:41

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