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Written On The City- 09.01.08

writtenonthecity.jpgWritten On The City has been collecting up imagery from around the world of textual street art ~ and the book is now here! This project is the brainchild of Axel Albin and Josh Kamler of Language In Common. Trying a new form of book review ~ scanned in a bunch of random pieces of pages i liked to give you a feel for things on the next page!

Also ~ the letter, business cards, stickers, etc were so fun, i scanned those for you to check out too! And the next time you see some great texty street art, snap a pic and send it over to Written On The City!








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In AA’s defence- what the hell L, Did you write the graffiti is by you?? Graffiti is a medium of free art and expression and anyone is entitled to it. Do not expect money out of what you did- just be happy that what you said/wrote is now out to more people than it could ever reach :P

----- Nishita 09.09.08 21:49

lauren, your announcement is coming! sorry we’ve been slackin. thanks fer the kick in the pants! :) aa

----- axel albin 08.09.08 20:34

Oh damn! They used 9 of my photos and didn’t even tell me! That’s kinda crappy.

----- Lauren 02.09.08 06:40

the images are collected from around the world - how do you suppose i fund the time and travel needed to see these free pieces? if anything, this book allows more people to see this type of art and unfortunately, books cost a pretty penny to produce.

----- teenwolf 02.09.08 06:16

Although i will probably pick up a copy of the book, they are making money from other photographers pictures which focus on an artists piece that was supposed to be free to anyone who took their time to look around?

just playing devils advocate.

----- mark forsman 01.09.08 13:50

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