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IKEA Spoka Ghost Light- 10.05.08

spoka1.jpgWhile wandering through IKEA today, i finally gave in and had to take pics and buy one of the adorable kids Spoka Lights. These little ghosty night lights come in three shapes/colors and are squishy silicon rubber ~ its cordless with a recharger ~ and you push its head to turn it on and off. Designed by Bodrul Khalique. What was unexpected when i saw them was the packaging, they come in cute graphic bags, and inside the bag there is even a small pocket stitched inside for the cord. Supposedly on a full charge it can last 4-6 hours and light diodes are not replaceable; diode life approx. 50,000 hours. See more pictures on the next page!










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Where can i order these online?

----- Lily 08.12.12 12:29

they have 2 new ones out in 2010 - they change colors (blue,purple, yellow, orange, red) too cool!

----- Beth 19.04.10 09:57

i have the green and blue ones. i used to tell my ex gf’s friends to be careful when they came over cuz our place was haunted. we’d act like they we’re invisible when they were turned off. and when they were lit up we’d say they were haunting us. got a few laughs it was funny. they (the ghosts)always look startled. funny little guys

----- afraid of ghosts 30.05.09 13:31

sad…they are no longer available…haiz

----- erwninchong 22.03.09 08:09

I love these little guys. I was wandering through the “As-Is” section at Ikea one day and found a blue one, with the bag and cord and everything. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it and it only cost $.99!! I was so dang happy! I need to get the red and green on now!

----- Markus 08.10.08 09:19

Those lights are so funny that i bought all three when i saw them in Ikea ! There is three years that they are functionning in my house !

----- Julien COLLINET 06.10.08 00:39

Andrea, they are in IKEA Australia. i bought a blue one 3 years ago, its around $20

----- pinkymonsterism 05.10.08 23:17

Damn, they look so cute! I look forward to their appearance in Ikea Australia.

----- icie 05.10.08 19:28

First time I saw them were in HKG, but not the same voltage plug in Toronto; so was talked out of buying them.

When they finally came to Toronto few years back, I too bought ONE (green one too!), but then I felt bad having it all alone, so now I have all three of them!!

They are the best!!

----- Andrea 05.10.08 18:48

I had a few of these when I first went away to University! Fun to see them on NOTCOT.

----- Vanessa 05.10.08 18:30

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