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Veuve Clicquot Country House Inspirations- 10.05.08

country1.jpgWhile recollecting my thoughts and trying to take a bit of a break ~ i’ve also found myself cleaning up my computer, and while doing so, discovered a lot of posts in the making… that never quite made it! So here’s some more catch up. I spent most of yesterday running around LA (and the outskirts) hunting and researching for the house i’m working on (under construction! i get to move in soon!) ~ and in doing so, finding myself thinking about so many details i hadn’t paid such careful attention to before, and things that reminded me about the Manoir de Verzy ~ the Country House of Madame Veuve Clicquot that we visited, and i’m ashamed that i hadn’t gotten these pictures up for you sooner!

There were so many fascinating details to this house and its gardens and being able to visit the actual vineyards ~ consider this a photo essay of sorts taking you through some of my most memorable images while there. This house is where we learned about vintages (even tasting our birth years! mine was a delicious vintage in ‘82) and Dégorgement à la volée in the Vieux Pressoir with Cyril Brun, the wine communications head and wine maker ~ followed by aperitif and specially crafted, perfectly paired lunch with Stéphane Gerschel - International Communications Director, Andrea Crippa - International Marketing Director, Cyril Brun, Felix Bocquet - Quality and Environment Director, followed by a walk through the vineyards with the Veuve Clicquot Vineyards director, Christian Renard. (All before taking off to our surprise helicopter ride!). It was at this lunch that Andrea gave us that sneak peek of the Ice Cube and i showed you some of the tile i loved. Anyhow, so on house shopping, and all the little details that make a house a home, take a peek at some of the quarters where VIPs stay with Veuve Clicquot, and the beautifully inspiring views across the vineyard on the next page!

I love the patterns on the gate ~

My favorite tiles ~

A fascinating family tree of the descendants of Madame Clicquot

For some reason, i loved the Veuve patch on the jumpsuits of the vineyard worker ~and he totally humored me and let me take a picture… you can only imagine how wide his smile was as he laughed while i took this!

Lovely gardens…

Here are some grapes which go into La Grande Dame….

View down the stairs from the guest rooms…

There are beautiful clawfoot tubs in every rooms bathroom ~ and every room was unique as well! I ran around and peeked into each and every one of them…



The dining table awaits…

There were some intense patterns throughout this living room ~

Since it was raining they lent us these scrub like shoe coverings which we all looked quite silly in…

Of course i have to show you some grapes! Which were ready for harvest about a week after our trip..

These little doodads are chock full of caterpillar hormones ~ their way of dealing with caterpillars without using insecticide? If you draw all the males away, they will never find females to mate……

We ran around with a troop of yellow umbrellas as it rained on us in the vineyards…

A view of the mansion from the gardens in the back…

A view of the front from the driveway…

View alongside the vineyards

Neverending gardens ~

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Hi Guys, I was just wondering if you can remember the exact location of this place as I’ve been trying to find it for years.

Thanks in advance.


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