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NOTCOT Giveaway 6: Perpetual Kid- 11.22.08

winkid.jpg TO WIN: Leave a comment here ~ make it fun! ENTER BY 11/25. WINNER: Tim in Pittsburgh, PA!

Our friends at Perpetual Kid, not only have nearly everything from Fred & Friends as seen in the Fred Giveaway, but more gifts and playfulness than you can imagine for just about ANYONE on your list. So for a fun weekend giveaway, here’s a silly duo that i bet most can relate to… coffee cups and cup o’ noodles ring a bell? Well old classic bad habits of my boarding school/college career have been reinvented into ceramic icons… One winner will get: 1 I Am Not A Paper Cup which is double walled porcelain with a silicon lid, and 1 Ceramic Noodle Cup… more images and coupon on the next page!



For your shopping, don’t forget this one from the NOTCOT Holiday Coupon Book!


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448 Notes

I won, right?

----- matthew Robertson 25.11.08 23:45

Crossing my fingers!

----- Marcus 25.11.08 23:20

I want to be the ceramic champion.

----- Wes C 25.11.08 23:07

This is a cup
not a paper cup
nor an environmental hazard

reuse and reuse
never letting this cup drop
if you do do not fret
it is not paper

----- Noel Taylor 25.11.08 22:19

Ramen, Ramen, Ramen. It’s what we eat when we’re students and poor. Not to mention, I’m tired of using all those paper cups. I work with kids I need coffee, so I drink a lot. :)

----- MC SPECTRUM 25.11.08 20:48

save-a-buck buy this cup. love it.

----- chichi 25.11.08 20:03

I want. But yet I fear.
Over-zealous workmates, of the eco-conscious nature.
May attempt to recycle.

----- panLoaf 25.11.08 19:56

So amazingly cool!

----- Olympia 25.11.08 19:38

Give me this. Let me disguise my caviar-eating ways as I pretend to blend in with my office underlings while they slave away and I “supervise”.

----- skinnypea 25.11.08 19:14

These would reduce the carbon footprint of my two most delicious addictions!

----- Joanna 25.11.08 19:14

form follows function

----- nini 25.11.08 19:06

Is there ramen worthy of that ramen cup? :)

----- Sabrina 25.11.08 19:04

Don’t you hate it when you feel pressured to be clever and witty and, well, you just cant. Maybe, if I had some coffee …

----- itwasinevitable 25.11.08 19:01

2 things. raspberry hot chocolate and ramen. total win on cold days!

----- jonaha 25.11.08 18:58


----- Pwnie 25.11.08 18:06

sweet. as a university student, coffee and ramen are my staple food.
If I have these, even if I can’t be good to my body, at least I can be good to the environment! :P

I heart the cup noodle cup…

----- Joomin 25.11.08 17:58

I would love to use these if only because I’m allergic to wheat and cannot actually eat ramen anymore.

----- Caroline 25.11.08 17:54

adorable cup! i want! pleeze!?

----- mckenna 25.11.08 17:50

oh maybe i’ll win

----- Timothy 25.11.08 17:44

Ramen o kudasai! And a cup of tea to chase it.


----- Sam 25.11.08 17:33

so great for my lunch and learn seminars!

----- ~candy~ 25.11.08 17:28

I love these!!!! Amazing!

----- Deegadee 25.11.08 17:23

green is the new black…

----- Angeles 25.11.08 17:00

I can has win contest?

----- Rose 25.11.08 16:56

“I am not the winning comment…”

----- wolf 25.11.08 16:42

I am not a loser!! You may send me the prize now.

----- Jason 25.11.08 16:38

I’ve seen these around - very cool! Great pop art.

----- Jenna 25.11.08 16:37


----- Akshay Sardana 25.11.08 16:16

I used to keep a supply of cup noodles in my filing cabinet. They wonder why I never file any of the crap on my desk.

----- 1up 25.11.08 15:50

Now all I need is some ceramic coffee and noodles to put into these.


----- Julian 25.11.08 15:46

I want to get these for my co-worker, she loves this style of art/decor!

----- Cara Christopher 25.11.08 15:44


----- jake 25.11.08 15:42

If I win this prize, I vow to not accept another styrofoam or paper cup for my morning ‘joe or lunchtime Pho.

----- Jason 25.11.08 15:33

I could finally one up my friends for buying Starbucks all the time, because hey, I’ve got a ceramic cup! Good luck buying your four dollar coffee.

----- Kendra 25.11.08 15:24

I am not a paper cup either…

----- Stephanie 25.11.08 15:24

People who need their caffeine fix, really need it, could give a crap about saving the environment. They just want their coffee and they don’t care at whose expense.

----- Elizabeth M. 25.11.08 15:23

|| OK, sorry for double post but HAD to fix the owl (he asked me to)
|| (*v*)
|| /);;;;)7

----- Rick 25.11.08 15:20

٩(●̮̮•)۶ ٩(●̮̮●)۶
lovely gifts!

----- carola 25.11.08 15:16

I’ve been thinking about getting one of those cups for a while now. Would be awesome to have one!

----- Leona D 25.11.08 15:11

so i actually was shopping at a store that sells the cup of noodles and I’m only 5 foot 2 inches, when I was walking around a corner and got startled by a gynormous 6 foot 4 inches plus man who was walking around a corner, so I jumped and hit a display of the cup of noodles and broke one. So I technically have bought one because I had to pay for it; however, I do not get to eat my noodles out of a sexy ceramic cup. Sad!!

----- willa 25.11.08 15:09

A haiku:

This cup of noodles
In pristine white ceramic
Oh my! How classy.

----- Jerianne 25.11.08 15:06

All I want for Xmas is you :)

----- liz 25.11.08 15:03

Noodles + Coffee = Bliss!

----- Amy 25.11.08 14:51

umm im not even sure if im eligible to win given i live in merry ole england and not in the states and all and i dont even call them ramen, they will always be two minute noodles to me…but umm why not

----- ordinary_will 25.11.08 14:21

These are amazing!

----- T 25.11.08 14:11

I saw this the other day and thought it would be a nice addition to my collection.

----- Michael 25.11.08 14:11

Whoa! You’re blowing my mind in such a good way

----- Kristen 25.11.08 14:11

Made from Recycled Awesomeness…just like me!

----- Lucky Rachel 25.11.08 14:01

I’m pretty sure I could save the world if I win this giveaway.

----- qui 25.11.08 13:48

nice eco-friendly idea, hope it comes with some kind of ramen/coffee refill coupon ;)

----- SAMOR 25.11.08 13:43

help save the earth, re-use your disposables!! ;)

----- iza 25.11.08 13:35

i’d love that cup!

----- melissa 25.11.08 13:33

AAAAAGGHHH! This pseudostyrofoamcup is lodged in my eye!

----- Paul 25.11.08 13:33

this is ridiculously cute

----- andrea 25.11.08 13:31

Makes me want to be asian

----- Eduardo O 25.11.08 13:15

These would be great in the studio… 80% of my garbage is paper coffee cups! Help me help our * environment- it’s a win win situation, yes?
——————————————————- *
___ /
(*v*) *
* ” ” *

----- Rick 25.11.08 13:14

i want it soooo baddd…

----- Adam 25.11.08 13:11

Noodles and coffee. Yum.

----- Jennifer 25.11.08 13:05

A must for college kids. ^_^

----- Lily H. 25.11.08 12:46

noodles and coffee is what i live on! they were thinking of me when they made these.

----- Lents 25.11.08 12:32

I have been wanting that mug since it came out!!! Dear GOD, I hope I win.

----- Eric 25.11.08 12:29

I’d love to win this one.

----- Lauren 25.11.08 12:16

can i drink coffee in the noodle cup and eat noodles in the I’m not a paper cup?

i think so!

& maybe i will have some funny drinks in both!

----- Beatrice 25.11.08 12:12

These things are so “me”. They’re fun, ironic and a bit twisted. I’m looking at these for gifts but I’m unsure if everyone else would “get it” like I do.

----- Laura Wattles 25.11.08 12:10

I need this cup for my son who is a grad student———all he eats is noodles!!! and more noodles!!! He would like this a lot.

----- Melanie 25.11.08 12:10

Finally a way to make me feel a little less like a bum while eating my ramen noodles!

----- adam brackney 25.11.08 12:01



----- J OBRIEN 25.11.08 12:01

“And now, from the same factory that’s brought you your porcelain throne for over 100 years, comes a product so close to your heart you’ll just cry”

Count me in!!!

----- Luke 25.11.08 11:55

je ne suis pas une tasse en papier.

if you know Rene Magritte then you will know the similarity.

----- banel 25.11.08 11:47

“Hair, Hair, Long Beautiful Hair.”
-Sir Winston Churchill

----- Tommy Hawks 25.11.08 11:38

I think I would just enjoy confusing the hell out of Starbucks workers with the cup!
As a college student the ceramic noodle cup would make it almost gourmet!

----- secretagentspy 25.11.08 11:38

the ceramic paper cup might just get me to start drinking caffeine again…

----- janelle 25.11.08 11:37

this is rad. i always order my coffee like this…small coffee in medium cup, no lid. to save lids, you know, and also to have a little extra room so the coffee doesn’t spill out. i don’t know, maybe the medium instead of small cup nullifies the fact that i don’t get a lid. regardless, owning this cup would solve the problem!

----- haley slagle 25.11.08 11:29

OOOhhhh I’ve been wanting these for a long time! Eco-friendly and ohh so creative!

----- Maggie 25.11.08 11:25

count me in!

----- stacy hester 25.11.08 11:17

Being the new kid was always hard. you move every other year, school yard friends come and go. you get better at remembering names and tid-bits of information. You can always re-invent yourself, that was the perk but after many years, you just wish for something of substance. In Asheville, North Carolina I was a budding sculptor. In Tucson, Arizona i was a strung out junkie (or so i told everyone i ran into.) I ran my fingers through the branches of the conifers in Dixie National in Utah.
Through it all wondering if there would ever truly be a way to make this unstable and uncertain life of mine, last.
Driving into the dark over the Tennesee border, cup of coffee in the dash. Eating out of styrofoam and paper. Driving the point home that nothing can last forever.
The old masters believed in forever. Using materials forged by the earth, sand and stone weathered by water.
Could it be possible that perpetual kid realized this deep philosophical journey would be underway?
Is it simply that NOTCOT was the true open road?
I still desire the balance between permanence and flux. maybe today is the day for true change…

----- e. Kym Smith 25.11.08 11:15

i am not a paper cup either.

----- shida 25.11.08 10:43

I would love these SOOOOO BAD! I heart ramen like nobodys buisness!! But I may have to give it to my buddy who even has a RAMEN BLOG!

So cool!

----- JB 25.11.08 10:36

Oooh! I’ve been looking for a To Go coffee cup! The noodle bowl is pretty rad too.

----- Kristin 25.11.08 10:17

that not cup is the only one that will fit in my antiquated car cup holder! I have been denied coffee in traffic for too long….

----- romina 25.11.08 09:44

Please oh please oh please oh please.

----- Ali 25.11.08 09:29

I am not a paper cup either…It must be our destiny - we are meant to be together!

----- keira 25.11.08 08:50

Gotta love the re-usable stuff.
Especially when it’s funky looking!

----- Marj 25.11.08 08:34

so rad!

----- Derek Sung 25.11.08 08:23

So useful, and so pretty…

----- lostinthepost 25.11.08 08:00


----- Denise 25.11.08 07:35

need some hot ceramic receptacle action!

----- kris 25.11.08 07:19

NOTCOT not using “i am not a paper cup?” No you DID not…

----- Randall 25.11.08 07:05

…(-_-)(_ _)(-_-)(=_=)… i need a cup for some coffee…

----- junx 25.11.08 07:02

How sweet is the non-throw-away ramen cup?

----- Tony 25.11.08 06:19

I used to avoid those paper mugs, convert me!

----- Klara 25.11.08 05:57

Please please!! I really want this so bad

----- MC 25.11.08 05:39

my two daughter will enjoy…eating sometihing made of polymers in a not plastic cup…
best wishes

----- Silvana 25.11.08 02:11

Aaaaa too many comments already

----- aYomy 25.11.08 00:00

Now I can feel like a caffeine addict all the time. And I’ll never be accused of not being asian enough ever again.

----- Leslie Huang 24.11.08 23:41


----- SAYDEE.AZILEM 24.11.08 22:33

I have a habit on chewing on cups while I’m drinking coffee. If I get one of these…my teeth will break.

----- Hyo 24.11.08 21:01

omnomnomnom noodles~

----- Salena 24.11.08 20:59

I’ve always liked the minimalistic Japanese style, and it’s no different here. Cute irony, clean design, love it!

----- Trace Feng 24.11.08 20:57

There’s nothing like a nice warm cup of ramen on a cold winter’s morning.

----- Angela 24.11.08 20:55

the funny part is i made a “prototype” to this when i was in college. I was a ceramic major and i made a cast of a starbucks cup, but i didnt get the lid to work. So this would be amazing to have! wish i had thought of the silicon lid, oh well.

----- RevTen 24.11.08 20:47

no i am not a commentator!

----- peachy 24.11.08 20:34

mmm ceramics

----- sbh 24.11.08 20:20

Technology is all around us- cars, computers, cell-phones, iPods, USB cables, robots, lamps, malls- and all of it used, uses, or was made with, technology. So the question of what technology has had the biggest impact on my life is really hard to answer. When I first read the prompt, I immediately thought INTERNET! I mean, the internet has ingrained itself so much into everyone’s life that many wonder how we would live without it. But after a little thinking, I realized, the internet isn’t exactly a technology, it uses technology. It is just a connection of huge collections of servers by gigantic fiber-optic cables that cover the globe. With my first thought eliminated, I had to think about the question more carefully- Computers? iPods? Cell phones? While I use all of these every day, none have really impacted my life. So what has? In my mind, I traced the origins of all of these devices, and ended up at the same spot. The Pencil.
The Pencil is the most normal object out there- it is cheap, simple, and everywhere. It is also the starting point for everything, as they are just extensions of one’s brain (which is the greatest technology/non-technology out there). Without the pencil, none of the aforementioned technologies would exist- no one could shout “Eureka!” and run out of the bath to a pencil and pad and develop a simple solution to a complex problem. Without the pencil, no one could design the iPod, the internet, or the computer. So how did this technology originate?
Well, sometime in the 1500s, a huge graphite deposit was found in England, near Borrowdale. This deposit was more pure than usual, and the locals found that they could easily whittle it down into sticks. As the science scene at the time was rather cold, they thought this material to be a form of lead (and today, we still call it lead), but in reality it is actually a form of carbon. Anyways, this was (still really is) the only large-scale deposit of solid graphite, so many tried to turn powdered graphite into the stick form. In 1662, the first successful attempt to do this was made using a combination of sulfur and antimony.
The Italians were the ones who came up with the ingenious idea of a wooden holder for this lead stick. Simonio and Lyndiana Bernacotti came up with the first idea of a wooden pencil for marking carpentry pieces. Unlike the modern pencil, this concept was a more oval shaped pencil, and was made using a hollowed out juniper tree twig. Soon later, a much more efficient model was introduced: cut the twig in half, hollow it out, place the graphite stick inside, and glue it back together. This same method is used today in the production of pencils.
Now that the pencil had been created, many set out for ideas to improve it. One important innovation, still used today, is the pencil with the eraser attached. No one had even thought of this idea until Hymen Lipman patented it in 1858. Another huge advancement in pencil technology was the formation of different graphite “weights”. The weight of graphite in pencils determines how dark or light a line drawn with it is. Graphite today is made by combining graphite powder and clay in different ratios, to produce different weights. The man who came up with this process was Nicholas Jacques Conté.
So where is this technology headed? Well, as of today, the most popular pencils are called mechanical pencils, due to the fact that everything on it is replaceable and they never need sharpening. Technology in these pencils has reached its peak- no one needs a pencil that with graphite so perfect it costs $300 a stick. I believe the next step is to create pencils that record what you write. If you can calibrate a pencil to your writing, and then write with it, instantly a whole new world of functionality appears. Whether it be the ability to write an essay by hand, then proofread it later, or send text messages by writing it out with a pencil, this technology would be looked upon as a necessity soon after its (affordable) conception. Another possible leap forward in pencil technology are pencils that sync up with computers to get rid of the need for a tablet. This would make drawing on the computer so much more natural, in addition to giving you both a real and digital rendering of your art. All I can say is this- while the insides of the pencil have been developed fully, the possibilities of what pencils can do is endless.

and yes, I wrote that.

----- Jonathan 24.11.08 20:15

Noodle Noodle noodle, I made you out of clay, noodle noodle noodle.

And with you I will play!

----- Sean Leary 24.11.08 19:56

I love the mug!

----- Alec 24.11.08 18:56

If only the cup o’ noodles came with dehydrated green onions!

----- Ellen 24.11.08 18:46

noodle me!

----- kelly 24.11.08 18:31

I’ve been dying for the “i am not a paper cup” for a month…always sold out. that mug makes me smile, it’s so good.

----- k. elizabeth 24.11.08 18:11

Woe to anyone in the office who throws out my cup.

----- Erin 24.11.08 17:45

I would love to have the perpetual white ceramic cup as my own. I would fill it with delicious beverages on the daily and giggle when people realize the innate cleverness that it carries. I would show it attention with hot chocolate and love with blueberry green tea. It would be my little companion, my little bearer of deliciousness.

----- sauce 24.11.08 17:37

looking at them since a while… me likey!

----- Kate 24.11.08 17:07

Where we come from, there was no “ceramic cups” this kind of thing. We work hard and labor long hour to use paper cup! Everyone wake up early in morning to work in field. We are growing the paper cup, the foam peanut, and the plastic bag. Plastic bag always hardest to grow. We did not even have shoes for feet, and we walking far to sell plastic bag and foam peanut at market. And after cold winter, you are left with only paper cup in hand. During war, not even have paper cup!

----- gho 24.11.08 17:01

i can has not paper cup?

----- sarah 24.11.08 15:52

coffee & ramen are delicious!

----- dani 24.11.08 15:22

These are the best baby shower gifts I’ve seen. You can count on nobody else giving the new baby stuffed pee & poo.

----- myrna eisenlauer 24.11.08 15:17

Q: What do you call “Fear Factor” in Asian countries?

A: Lunch

----- Don 24.11.08 15:16

recycling is the way to go!!!
God bless our troops

----- Timothy Selig 24.11.08 15:12

Very cool products. I recently saw and almost bought the I Am Not A Paper Cup.

----- Dan 24.11.08 15:09

The Cup’o’Noodle Kid strikes again

----- DDB 24.11.08 14:47

loving the coffee cup. now where’s the porcelain spork?

----- zakka life 24.11.08 14:35

best coffee cup EVER!

----- masterbates 24.11.08 14:21

i heart fake paper real ceramic cups.

----- It's Holly 24.11.08 14:08

These are so cool, Ive been lusting after the to go cup for so long!

----- caitlin 24.11.08 14:07

Recited from memory.
The Jabberwocky:

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!

He took his vorpal sword in hand
Long time the manxome foe he sought
So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
And stood awhile in thought.

And, as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh, Callay!
He chortled in his joy.

In this often not-so-fantastic-world, joys such as these are what make silly people smile uncontrollably, leaving the rest of the world decidedly unimpressed with the whole affair. I love the travel mug, in particular. I’ve had the same mug for four years now. The insulation is cracked the handle broken, but it’s hard to justify buying a new one. It is a good thing! I love it. Travel mugs should be kept as far into forever as possible! That is their very purpose for existence. Durability and unwavering loyalty to their friend and owner.
Enjoy life.

----- Matthew 24.11.08 13:52

i heart ramen!

----- Anner 24.11.08 13:52

Ah, love these novelty items.

----- Anthony 24.11.08 13:39

NOOOOOOM!!! So many ramen noms.

----- Vanessa 24.11.08 13:39

Yay reusable AND ceramic! This is perfect for those of us trying to cut down on our plastic consumption too!

----- Jessi Blackham 24.11.08 13:00

Hey guys, c´mon, I know that I will not win that gorgeous teapot from the other Giveaway, so let me have the cup at least !!!!

----- Daniel Segatto 24.11.08 12:42

coffee and noodles,
tasty and so good to eat,
breakfast of champions.

this haiku goes out to all those who love coffee and noodles.

----- Allie 24.11.08 12:40

i’m fueled by ramen baby!!!

----- hydralily 24.11.08 12:16

with the amount of ramen i eat…i NEED this!!

----- lisa 24.11.08 12:00

Oh man! I love it when my diningware plays mind games with me. I remember one time when I was in high school and went to Chili’s for the first time. I did not realize that glass steins of water were actually made of plastic! I lifted my (plastic) glass a little too forcefully and splashed water all over my face. This product reminds me of that embarrassing age where every little stupid thing brings you shame.

But, hey, I also love that it is eco-friendly. Hooray for sustainability and visual trickery!

----- Jessica 24.11.08 11:56

Love the coffee mug!

----- Matt 24.11.08 11:41

not that I drink coffee… or tee for that matter… but this cup is just brilliant.

I would walk into starbucks with it and tell them that I brought my own cup :) I would rule the nation

----- Louise 24.11.08 11:24

i am making a fun comment

----- shannon 24.11.08 11:21


----- james richman 24.11.08 10:46

That’s exactly what I want for xmas!

----- Amelia 24.11.08 10:41

what a fun idea!

----- CAROL 24.11.08 10:38

oodles of noodles!

----- twinkerdill 24.11.08 10:24

A friend and I have briefed on how guilty we feel for adding seasoning salt to ramen, an already terribly alarming saltified treat. We’ve started a support group.

----- Law offices of Johnston & Johnston 24.11.08 10:16

This would be the perfect accessory for my “I need a fucking coffee” tee!

----- Heather 24.11.08 09:33

Mhmhhmmm makes me hungry!

----- Bravotoner 24.11.08 08:58

Sustainable Noodling. Be For It.

----- Johnny C 24.11.08 08:48

Being a first year starving design student, I eat a lot of noodles and drink too much coffee. If someone designed an object that I would need and love, I’m pretty sure this would be it.

----- Marta 24.11.08 08:28

coffee + ramen, all my favorite things!

----- Tay 24.11.08 08:24

I’m cold and hungry, and these would be perfect!

----- pupdog 24.11.08 08:11

Ceci n’est pas une pipe
Ceci n’est pas une tasse de papier.

----- Kim 24.11.08 07:48

my coworker eats noodles everyday!

----- Gina 24.11.08 07:33

Sweet! Now I can be green at work when I have coffee… and at home when I eat noodles! :)

----- Allen 24.11.08 07:30

I am not a paper cup alwasys reminds me of the PETA sticke with the chick saying “I am not a Nugget” also duely noted the Owen Hart I am Not a Nugget. Yes i Was a Nerd and watched wrestling when i was younger but is swear it was when it was good just before the down fall. Now give me the Ceramic cup. I NEEDS ME THAT. OOOHH NO GOING THROUGH CAFFIENE WITHDRAWL…. NE ME A CUP

----- InfamousAdam 24.11.08 07:09

I am not desperately trying to win a NOTCOT giveaway.

----- Lee 24.11.08 07:09

can’t wait to draw my own logo on this coffee cup.

----- mig 24.11.08 06:52

I NEED these because I AM a college student, with an apartment and very little money but at the same time I have environmentally conscious (as much as I can be). I’m the only roommate who recycles! Help me out please!

----- Mariam 24.11.08 06:14

I can exactly remember the scent as the noodles cook, as I waited for it to cool down enough for me to eat it. This is something so far back and knowing it is ceramic is more than enough for me to want it. : )

----- David Alano 24.11.08 06:03

Here in the Philippines my lunch is coffee on one hand and a cup of noodles on the other. I think these gifts are meant to be mine :)

----- sheila 24.11.08 06:00

I’m loving that we’re leaving the disposable era and entering into the recyclable era! Also love how these mimic the look of paper/Styrofoam!

----- KatieJo 24.11.08 05:54

Could use these to house my daily work diet nad beverage of choice.

----- tony 24.11.08 05:43

i esp love the Not a paper cup !

----- Kathleen 24.11.08 05:30

In Engrish: “I don’t lick paper craps!”

In English: “I don’t like paper cups!”

----- rafael 24.11.08 05:10

I would totally use the noodle cup all the time
i’d probably end up putting oatmeal in it instead though LMFAO.

----- Maddie 24.11.08 04:58

These are brilliant.

I’m a South African living in London and the weather is getting worse by the day.

This is definitely a must have for these bloody cold mornings.

----- Sergei Muller 24.11.08 02:13

love ‘em!

----- Seán 24.11.08 02:09

my dream is to save a not-so-plastic-cup from the deep dark depths of a dumpster one day. like on the 25th or so :)

----- mark 24.11.08 02:00

perfect for my ramen!

----- brian jang 24.11.08 01:16

Excelent !!!

----- Bojan Babic 24.11.08 00:27

I simply not know what to comment anymore, but the hope of playing and (maybe someday) winning is just too appealing..

----- Guggi 24.11.08 00:23

i’m eco-friendly in a way that i bring my own eating utensils whenever i eat out, so i must have these.

----- joan 24.11.08 00:23




----- Lorien 24.11.08 00:00


----- Robert Cowan 23.11.08 23:45


----- jeremy 23.11.08 22:59

I’m a starving grad student that eats top ramen all the time, this would be perfect!

----- Carol 23.11.08 22:08

i need to eat more noodles

----- nic 23.11.08 21:41

I love ramen!

----- Sky 23.11.08 21:29

I love my “It’s not a papercup!” I know I am going to break it….let me have a backup!

----- april_d 23.11.08 21:20

Noodles are fun for everyone especially in a ceramic noodle cup!

----- Christi Waer 23.11.08 20:59

The College Kid’s Breakfast of Champions! I feel like I may be the most qualified since I used an old vodka bottle as a water bottle this morning! Hey, it was classy!

----- Gia 23.11.08 20:41

being in college I know the importance of a good noodle cup, these look super fun

----- Dana Galbraith 23.11.08 20:08


----- huimin 23.11.08 19:54

PERFECT!!!! my 2009 new years resolution of a noodle and coffee diet would be so much easier with these two items…..fingers crossed…oh how i love my noodles :)

----- whitney h. 23.11.08 19:50

Please let it be (ra)MINe

----- annie 23.11.08 19:46

i always like new ways to consume my daily caffeine.

----- Evan Doyle 23.11.08 19:37

Art has beaten science, industry, and technologies’ paper cup. :-)

----- mezbot 23.11.08 19:09

These are pretty darn clever!

----- Garret 23.11.08 19:05

I am not a person with an I am not paper cup. I want to be a person with an I am not a paper cup.

----- Darrel 23.11.08 19:04

ooo awesome stuff! i am the perpetual kid!

----- Steph 23.11.08 19:00

My shoesize is 11
yes, that’s also how many noodle cups I have a day as well

----- omar 23.11.08 18:59

If you wanted my ceramic cups I would give them to you.

----- Justin 23.11.08 17:49

the papercup has been on my wishlist for a while now. this is awesome!

----- karlaanne 23.11.08 17:41

ju chi meammm I need my nooddless

----- Héctor 23.11.08 17:25

Me please? Yum, yum, yum.

----- Meghan 23.11.08 17:14

wo ai niii

----- cynthia p 23.11.08 16:37

I am in desperate need of a new coffee cup - my housesitter broke my old favorite and he also flooded my kitchen while running my dishwasher using laundry detergent.
Since you aren’t sponsoring a contest for a new Fisher&Paykel, I am hoping I might win these super cool ceramics to sip my coffee from and make me smile.
And it’s hard to smile when you need to buy a new dishwasher and fix a linoleum floor!

----- germi 23.11.08 16:29

Some COOL Cups for some HOT Stuff. And for 2 of the Best Delectable Edibles. :D

----- Justin A. 23.11.08 15:37

I want that!

----- Jon 23.11.08 15:18

Dearest notcot,

I have written a haiku for you:

Notcot eats my time.
I demand retribution.
This will due nicely.

keep up the good work.


----- chris sanger 23.11.08 15:17

Being a college student, I could eat my ramen with class now and all my peers will be jealous. That or I’ll tell them where to get their own!! :)

----- Jessica 23.11.08 15:07

noodle me once, shame on you. noodle me twice, shame on me. for not keeping the ceramic mug you are offered me the first time!

----- grace kay 23.11.08 14:55

This will make a lovely addition to the “i am not a styrofoam cup” and “im not a disposable take out container” collection.

----- Daniel Zana 23.11.08 14:29

i want to be a perpetual kid. make my dream come true.

----- brett 23.11.08 14:20

I would love to win this cup! I’m constantly on the road and being able to skip the disposable cups at all the cafes and gas stations would be devine!

----- Adri 23.11.08 14:19

Ok, others may be kissing up to you, oh masquerading ceramic cup, but I am going to call you out like the villain you are. With your double-walled insulation, I know you lie in wait, keeping the beverage hotter than we think, so that we scald our tongue when we use you. I know that the fact that we cannot tell how hot you are simply by touching your exterior furthers this diabolical plan.

I’m here to take you away, so that you do not lure other innocent, unsuspecting victims into your web of deceit.

And you, noodle cup, may think I don’t see you. You’re wrong. I do. You’re on notice as well.

----- RubyGrrl42 23.11.08 14:15

“I’m not a paper cup!” Said the cup in a chirpy voice.
“Well I’m not a polystyrene noodle cup…you don’t see me telling the world”, mumbled the noodle cup.
“Oh you are such a noodle brain, have some fun!” exclaimed the cup.
“At least I’m not an airhead like you!” the noodle cup snapped back, “Spilling your juices everywhere!”

----- Andrew 23.11.08 13:52

I am not a paper cup either!

----- Reisssss 23.11.08 13:48

Ramen noodles in coffee could make for a happy morning. I can sleep when I am dead.

----- capnmariam 23.11.08 13:38

I can haz C U P ?

----- jordan 23.11.08 13:28

does it come with real noodles? with or without.. .it would make my life a little bit more green. Reuse!

----- Marianna 23.11.08 13:26

If I won this is what I would do:

Use that noodle cup just about every day because I love noodles… and it’s probably going to get bumped up to 3 times a day next fall since I’ll be goign to college.

Give the not paper cup to my theatre teacher because he gets starbucks EVERY DAY and I kinda can’t stand seeing all those paper cups and plastic lids going in his trashcan every day. And as an artist, I would naturally have to paint the starbucks logo in the outside to make is transition easier… haha!

----- Laura 23.11.08 13:23

“I am not a winner…” but I could be wrong

----- rla_2 23.11.08 13:22

would make my life alor easier! and the cup is just so awesome

----- lena 23.11.08 13:08

I don’t believe I have an inner child. I did, at one point, but I’m fairly sure I sold it for cake money. I like cake. It’s sweet and yummy. Inner children can be overrated. Cake? Cake is never overrated or unappreciated.

But I digress; I’d like to win this contest so that I may be able to lure my inner child back.

BTW… do you sell cake?

----- Jenna 23.11.08 13:02

kinda wish the coffee cup was packaged different but I’ll take one.

----- whewell 23.11.08 13:01

The ceramic “foam” cup is GENIUS! And so well executed too.

----- Jefferey 23.11.08 13:00

i need some entertainment

----- Roland Bango-Fi 23.11.08 12:48

these are extremely tasteful.

----- WANT 23.11.08 12:44

MMM… Noodles!

----- Brandon 23.11.08 12:37

How does it know it’s not a paper cup? It looks like a paper cup for sure so I’m guessing it’s just a regular paper cup trying to make a career. Well, guess what, missy: it ain’t gonna happen! Go back to your paper brothers and sisters, because you’re not special. And if you say one more word about it, you’re getting recycled, get it? End of discussion.

The noodles thingy looks ok though. Made in China?

----- Inx 23.11.08 12:37

yay to coffee-cup-looking drinkware!

----- Jer 23.11.08 12:33

Any twenty-something knows the glory and value of a cup of noodles… I WANT! :)

----- Stacy B. 23.11.08 12:31

Im sitting with a 30 page paper on Cuba’s prospects for democratization. I go to school in North Dakota (NORTH DAKOTA!) it was -10F when i woke up on Friday. Please I need some motivation.. A hot coffee cup or a kickass ramen cup would make my winter!

----- Per Westergren 23.11.08 12:31

These are just great!

----- Lisa 23.11.08 12:24

oh, very cool. pick me, please.

----- John Geluso 23.11.08 12:18

You know, these could be weapons too. The “I Am Not A Paper Cup” is pretty heavy for it’s size. Thus, I’d like to win for the simultaneous coffee drinking/self defense that would ensue-imagine walking down the street with a cup of coffee, when a mugger approaches. Simply slam your coffee cup on his head, leaving your purse intact and an untraceable weapon in your hand…really, is anyone going to expect the guy with a cup of coffee?

----- swankifiedjello 23.11.08 12:10

What I wouldn’t do to win these… fortunately, leaving a comment isn’t among them.

----- Joe Wasserman 23.11.08 12:08

Oh god I would love to win these, woot for RAMEN and coffee~

----- Susan Liang 23.11.08 11:34

perpetual kid has the cutest stuff & notcot was how i first discovered it. i love them both!

----- linny 23.11.08 11:31

Bring on the noodle cup! :)

----- noxcel 23.11.08 11:29

Just seeing these pictures today made my day :D

----- Lisa 23.11.08 11:19

They’re like the high-end equivalent of college essentials. =D

----- Nat 23.11.08 11:12

As many people prefer sipping soda through a straw in a take-away cup with a lid, so do I enjoy my elixir of life from a plastic-lidded cup. Travel mugs just don’t cut it, with their recessed sippy-holes and superfluous handles. I’d rather be less wasteful and not use paper cups, but because I don’t care for them I keep losing my travel mugs. But lo! This beautiful solution would not only satisfy my plastic-lid cravings, but also make me the envy of other arty-types AND keep my coffee hot far longer than any paper cup ever could. A beautiful solution, appealing to my sense of efficiency and orderliness.

Plus, I’d love to fill my ramen cup with distinctly not-ramen items, just to be that bit of non-sequitur in the eyes of random onlookers. Is that fresh-cut fruit in her ramen cup? Chicken shawarma? Gummi Life Savers? How…odd.

(And frankly, I’m surprised that more people have not posted variants of Magritte’s “Ceci n’est pas une pipe.”)

----- Beth 23.11.08 11:10


----- Nicholas Sipes 23.11.08 10:54

I’m a Cup o Noodles guy

----- Alex 23.11.08 10:22

The ceramic noodle cup has creative packaging!

----- Jerry 23.11.08 10:20

I hope the ceramic is durable

----- Commenter 23.11.08 10:18

great products

----- J. C. 23.11.08 10:16

This is not a funny comment.

----- Ragondin 23.11.08 09:57

I want them both!

----- Tawna 23.11.08 09:51

Somebody else want to win this? :D

----- mutare 23.11.08 09:38

This is awesome. Please choo choo choose me.

----- Travis 23.11.08 09:19

heh, all of these are pretty awesome!

----- Kevin 23.11.08 09:14

i need this!

----- morganne 23.11.08 09:12

I do love noodles.

----- Michael 23.11.08 09:05

These will totally class up my grad school diet of red bull and top ramen. If I win, I promise to eat ramen with one pinky lifted up while thinking warm thoughts of NotCot

----- Hiroki 23.11.08 08:50

with the cup and noodle porcelain yuminess, my meals will be complete! Great Giveaway!

----- MiJa 23.11.08 08:50

Can I ask for a free refill with the ceramic cup?

----- Dennan 23.11.08 08:41

The only difference between myself and a paper cup, is that I am not a paper cup.

----- Rav 23.11.08 08:37

OMG, I’m like a grad student and this will really class up my daily diet of Cup of Noodles and Red Bull. If you give it to me, I promise to eat ramen with my pinky lifted up thinking warm, warm, ramenlicious thoughts of NotCot.

----- Hiroki 23.11.08 08:36

this would do nice w/ my noodle collection

----- jayp0411 23.11.08 08:24

I am not a fun comment.

----- AromyX 23.11.08 08:07

These are awesome! Thanks for the coupon!

----- Dan Pinto 23.11.08 08:02

I just hope I don’t accidentally confuse them with the real (and disposable) thing…

----- Jeremy 23.11.08 07:59

The clever irony of waste packaging products as reusable items. Absolutely love and want it!

----- Matthew Kolb 23.11.08 07:54

to truly fulfill my Asian potential, i need this reusable ceramic noodle cup. pick me!

----- Leslie 23.11.08 07:32


----- Caro 23.11.08 07:21

green is the new gold

----- seth 23.11.08 07:04

Eating instant noodle will never be da same again!!!
n also my special cappuccino in my fav fav fav CUP!
plainly tooo coool!!!!!!!!!
love em’

----- Nana 23.11.08 06:57

I needs, i needs, such a great product!

----- Aaron 23.11.08 06:53

i’m not a disposable junkie

----- rachel 23.11.08 06:31

I like them.

----- brad 23.11.08 05:52

Oooo! Purty! If I were to win I’d probably end up buying another coffee cup from them, because I can’t imagine my family leaving this one alone:)

----- Amy 23.11.08 05:25


----- Maurizio 23.11.08 05:05

I have no clever witty little comment but I would love love love that’I am not a paper cup’ - been coveting it for months - just like everyone else!
Pick me, pick me!

----- missmilki 23.11.08 04:22

i want to drink my morning tea on the London underground without spilling it everywhere.

----- Ina 23.11.08 04:11

Why do people call it ‘RAMEN’?
It’s SUPERMI you dodoheads.


----- siy 23.11.08 04:07

My cat’s name is mittens, my mom says my paper cup isn’t a paper cup…

----- Josh 23.11.08 03:56

I’m allergic to paper so this would make me feel like everyone else,

----- Gustaf 23.11.08 03:34

Wannahave… :)

----- Ljam 23.11.08 03:28

Ah, memories of my poverty days. Wait, I have those noodles in my cupboard now=(

----- Anam 23.11.08 03:15

I think I can’t get giveaway 5, so can I get this one then?? it’s fun right? My comment I mean?? hehe

----- Dian 23.11.08 02:57

wow those two are my favorites items from perpetual kid, mmmm I should get them someday

----- Xara 23.11.08 02:27

I don’t mind jumping on the bandwagon with this….but what happens when our porcelin reserves get low people???? Porcelin doesn’t grow on trees ya know :-p

----- jerE 23.11.08 01:49


----- james 23.11.08 01:18

I am a college student. I LOVE Ramen Noodles. Not only do I love them, I eat them constantly. Of course, I must microwave them, we have no stove on our floor, but it works. Right know, I am stuck eating them out of old, normally one time-use food containers. If I could somehow get one of these, it would definitely solve my problems. I just know in my heart that this is the one thing missing from my life. I have been searching my whole life for this very thing, a ceramic noodle cup.

Not to mention that I am stuck stealing paper cups and lids from our university food establishment to put coffee in.

Man, Perpetual Kid maybe make the most turbo-awesome products I have ever seen.

----- Bryce Driesenga 23.11.08 01:16

I am a coffee-drinking-noodle-eating-environmentally-friendly-asian, thus, these two fine inventions would be excellent way for me to keep being me.

----- Rich 23.11.08 01:06

That cup-o-noodle cup is brilliant. I must have one!

----- Louise 23.11.08 01:05

perfect companion for my black gold in the mornings!

----- deb 23.11.08 00:55

I want these!!! the coffee cup is specially beautiful…

----- Bia R. 23.11.08 00:52

I’m not a person, who don’t like winning…

----- estetas 23.11.08 00:46

Finnaly! I can enjoy these delicacies without the execrable styrofoam aftertaste. Thanks notcot!

----- Brad 23.11.08 00:36

one ramen bowl to rule them all!

----- david 23.11.08 00:33

Open letter to a cleverly disguised ceramic cup and bowl

Dear cleverly disguised ceramic cup and bowl, you intrigue me with your paper-like look, yet hard exterior. At first glance you seemed cold and rigid, like a corpse in rigor mortis. I pondered this for a while; did you think of yourselves as dead and unlovable? Were you having an identity crisis, worried that because you looked disposable no one would ever take you seriously in your work? I admit, cleverly disguised ceramic cup and bowl, it kept me up at nights. I understand what you might be going through. To be a “mix.” Perhaps your father was a dead beat paper cup, and your mother of a porcelain china tea set. They met on the kitchen counter. She was struck by his flashy colors and easygoing flare; he by her see-through shell and delicate features. It was a lustful passion that ended in heartbreak for your mother as your father left in a flurry with those trashy napkins and flousie leftovers. She raised you alone, but every time she looked at you she saw Him. You had the look of your father, but the soul of your mother. Kids called you “sheet rock”—‘hard on the outside, white on the inside.’ You took it in stride and built yourself a life of substance and culture, where you met each other and formed an unstoppable duo; realizing there were others like you in the world, and all they needed was a spokesperson to say “Yes we can” change the world! And people saw you in a new light, giving hope to beverage containers of all makes and models. Cleverly disguised ceramic cup and bowl, you are inspirations to us all.

----- Bree Graczyk 23.11.08 00:12

i need this for my morning cup of caffeine and oatmeals. it’ll make breakfast hip again!

----- edgar 23.11.08 00:11

I love the idea of a reusable noodle and coffee cup. So fun!

----- Aimee 23.11.08 00:08

Those are a must for college life! =)

----- Justin 23.11.08 00:04


I’m not paper cup,
absorbing liquid goodness.
Drink not sour bleach taste!
Trendy ramen cup—
like startling bright diamonds
attached to flip-flops.

----- James 22.11.08 23:58

I love these

----- steve sparkes 22.11.08 23:29

Cup of noodles always remind me of late nights where my mother and I would stay up watching some cheesy soap opera or some infomercial. They make me miss my mom.

----- Masa 22.11.08 23:26

Awesome stuff :) Imagine the odd looks at the office, drinking coffee from an instant ramen cup :)

----- Cailin Coilleach 22.11.08 23:22

these would be nice to get. :)

----- Caroline 22.11.08 23:13

These would be awesome, though I can’t promise that they would both hold ramen and or coffee all the time.

----- Mike Rogers 22.11.08 23:09

I am not a Paper Cup,
In your sneaky, cool disguise.
I wonder how my drinks would taste,
If I could win you as a prize…

I want you, Ceramic Noodle Cup,
To house my noodles, dear.
My chopsticks won’t squeak down your sides
or poke holes in your rear.

----- Chris Spurgin 22.11.08 23:04

god i am super snacky right now.

----- nate 22.11.08 23:03

loved these since i first saw them! the commentary on disposable vs. reusable is great, and as a college student these are just perfect.

----- megan 22.11.08 22:55

Awe-suuuh-um! I need these. Puh-leee-heez?

----- Josh 22.11.08 22:53

lovelovelove! Happy Holidays everyone!!!

----- Colleen Redmond 22.11.08 22:47

i am not a fleshy sack

----- andrew 22.11.08 22:43


----- dylan 22.11.08 22:38

“I am not green with envy…”

----- Karina 22.11.08 22:26

I’ve been meaning to pick up an “I am not a paper cup” for a long time now… whoever was the first person to come up with the idea of making plastic/paper cups out of ceramics is brilliant… simply brilliant! Pick me, please!

----- Pete Molick 22.11.08 22:23

oh, i’ve always wanted this. it is so cute!

----- olive flower 22.11.08 22:05

I am not sure to win that, but sure do want to

----- Gal 22.11.08 21:59

For the longest time I pronounced ramen “ra-MEN” with the emPHAsis on the second sylLAble. Until it made my friend laugh and laugh because it sounded like I was trying to make it all pretentious and fancy. “Would you like some ramén?”

You know, in that cup, my ramen actually would be all pretentious and fancy.

----- Beth 22.11.08 21:57

I’ve totally been eyeing these up for a bit now. They’d make working while eating/drinking coffee in the studios just a bit more convenient.

----- Allie 22.11.08 21:56

I am a ridiculously large fan of Ramen as well as tea, so this would be a fantastic idea for my half-japanese self.
I am a broke teenager with no job, so buying these is not an option. haha

----- Megan 22.11.08 21:30

I’m not a paper cup either!

----- Sinking Cities 22.11.08 21:25

in pain and insane for white porcelain!

----- Godfrey 22.11.08 21:06

Ineed the cup, really. early early mornings, 4 months old baby, a dog, and not one coffe shop open. Don’t you think?

----- Hadar Gatt 22.11.08 21:04

the “this is not a cup” is a great idea. i think it’s a tie with the ceramic crumpled “plastic” cup and the greek cup.

----- Josh 22.11.08 20:59

oh man, I’ve been meaning to get “I am not a paper cup” for my coffee obsessed friend for a while now!

----- Tiffany 22.11.08 20:52

These cups are pure genius! There re-usable possibilities create infinite opportunities.

----- tako 22.11.08 20:52

I am hoping that the “I am not a paper cup” will bring to fruition my “I am not a major nerd” look.
Accessories make the person, right?

----- Jessica J. 22.11.08 20:51

I WOULD ABSOLUTELY DIE TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE. The visual play on those highly generic items make them even more unique.

----- eudaiphoria 22.11.08 20:44

I am not a comment.

----- rose 22.11.08 20:42

I think I should win because I like noodles and I like ceramics. :D

----- melinda 22.11.08 20:39

Thanks for the chance to win and the coupon! Good luck everyone, Jeff

----- Jeff M. 22.11.08 20:34

I’m a poor college student who lives off of ramen and coffee and would absolutely ADORE these. :]

----- Alyssa K 22.11.08 20:16

I’ve been wanting to get the “I Am Not A Paper Cup” for some time now. But they don’t sell it where I live!!!

----- Joy Chan 22.11.08 20:12

Sometimes I like to go to grad school with coffee, and I could be the coolest kid in class if I had that ceramic cup. Then maybe I could make some friends and enjoy the ‘good life’ and to imagine all that is only a sweet cup away.

All that aside, here’s my comment! thanks for keeping up the site

----- Paul Prins 22.11.08 20:09

Surely there is no better match than the cermaic ramen cup.

As a full-blooded Taiwanese, complete with yellow skin and slanty eyes, I feel most at home with a bowl of ramen in my hands. There are always packages of ramen in the pantry from the local Asian grocery store that need a bowl to fit it.

And as a future freshman in college, I predict that I will be spending many a lonely night with a bowl of ramen in my hands. So let’s not be wasteful and reuse a simple, but fun ramen cup.

The coffee cup will be an added plus to keep me awake during finals week.

----- Jeff Lin 22.11.08 20:04

bring it on..stay green! :)

----- reeva 22.11.08 20:03

I Am Not A Giveaway Winner!

----- Valerie 22.11.08 20:00

Pick me please!

----- Gordon 22.11.08 19:48

Now I won’t have to waste paper cups every monday morning!

----- AJ 22.11.08 19:43

‘I am not a human’ meh? but I deserve to win this.

----- oakie 22.11.08 19:41

i’m always looking for new ways to make ramen classy!

----- xue 22.11.08 19:40

With those cups, my conscience would be much more balanced knowing that while I’m destroying my body - I’m protecting the environment. It’s very zen.

Go caffeinated msg!

----- Julie 22.11.08 19:31


----- Marie 22.11.08 19:24

Man, these giveaways are getting better every time!
With one of these not paper cups, I would be the coolest person in my office and I will be green! I deserve it!

----- Felipe 22.11.08 19:23

hahahaha when i first saw this a week ago i decided to eat noodles just to give myself an excuse to buy this

----- Miguel 22.11.08 19:09

These seem appropriate, as coffee cups and cup o’ noodles are staples of the college kid.

----- Liz 22.11.08 18:55

this and the bowl with a handle are on my list

----- insolv1niac86 22.11.08 18:42

I’m suddenly having a violent craving for coffee and noodles…

----- Vanessa 22.11.08 18:39

My mom would love the I’m not a paper cup.

----- Julia 22.11.08 18:34

I’ll eat oodles of noodles from my noodle cup,
tea in my not paper cup, I’ll drink it right up!
This diet I will not adopt on NOTCOT’s accord,
because just out of college, it’s all I’ll afford!

----- Rachel P. 22.11.08 18:32

perpetual, yet perplex…one please!

----- Myshta 22.11.08 18:22

i like to move it, move it.

----- christina 22.11.08 18:14

I’d love love love to have these!!

----- Danielle S 22.11.08 18:08

aww i just bought one of the noodle cups for my best friend! we constantly eat ramen! haha

----- ashley 22.11.08 18:04

I love them, they are a great idea for someone who goes to starbucks alot and can just get it filled there without throwing away endless cups, and the noodle cup is great for all those college kids who are eco friendly (me), but since Ive stopped my coffee intake, and have been decreasing all things MSG, I wouldnt have to much use for them…But damn, just looking at those noodles, they look soooo good (gargles). Maybe I will start up on the noodles thing…

----- Kirk 22.11.08 18:04

Nothing better than free environmentally friendly stuff!

----- Emmie 22.11.08 18:03

Those are cool! I’d like one.

----- 5chw4r7z 22.11.08 18:00

I need these because:

1. My room is full of enough empty coffee cups to start my own coffee shop.

2. I’ve got enough cup’o noodles in my pantry to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool.

3. I’m a poor college student who can’t afford either. :(

----- Justin 22.11.08 18:00

Is the ceramic noodle cup double-walled, like the cup? If so, awesome!

----- Conrad 22.11.08 17:59


----- steven 22.11.08 17:55

But if I “just say no” to paper cups, how where will I get my words of wisdom from people I have never heard of?

----- Jonathan 22.11.08 17:50

I want some cool stuff!!!!

----- jake 22.11.08 17:36

me want

----- jen 22.11.08 17:36


----- josh 22.11.08 17:33

‘I am not a paper cup…’ is equal parts charm and subtle insidiousness. Just like me.

----- taryn 22.11.08 17:31

with a “paper” cup like that i might actually be one of those jackasses who brings a reusable cup to the coffee shop.

----- dontstealmyidea 22.11.08 17:19


----- Anna Hinojosa 22.11.08 17:12

Cups! I love them!

----- Megan 22.11.08 17:03

I like cups!

----- Rob 22.11.08 17:02

i saw this at urban outfitters yesterday and thought to myself. its so clever.

----- ruby 22.11.08 16:58

Yes… I will use these on my looong commute out on the LIRR to my sterile budget-slashed state school… I will still look like a starving grad student, and still spend like a starving grad student, but I will feel a little better. And they’re way less disposable than my degree! sweet!

----- Eileen 22.11.08 16:46

add some nutella and a baguette and this is the COMPLETE college meal!

----- aaron 22.11.08 16:38

i rove lamen

----- Simon 22.11.08 16:33

I live off of hot water and ramen noodles. College diet’s amazing :)

----- Eric 22.11.08 16:25

i need the cup!

----- april brooks 22.11.08 16:24

I absolutely love this! Honestly though, if I got this I’d give it to my sister who is also very environmentally conscious… hm… This is something I’d want to get a few close people to inspire them to reduce and reuse, or if they already do- to help them to proudly show it off! Of course I want one as well though. :)

----- Ashley O. 22.11.08 16:22

My urban and environmental planning professor would probably cream himself over these.

----- Sarah 22.11.08 16:16

I drink tea almost religiously and bike everywhere. I have been wanting to get the “I am not paper cup” to rig inside my bike frame for biking to class everyday during the winter. What a classy deal, nice dark gray bike and a clean white “paper” cup in the frame. Ideal.

----- Adam 22.11.08 16:12


----- Jane 22.11.08 16:09


----- Edward 22.11.08 16:07

“Ceci n’est pas une pipe” or “This is not a pipe” by Rene Margritte

----- Erik Dahl 22.11.08 16:05

ooooh. i drink so much coffee, this would be perfect!

----- js 22.11.08 16:03

I need fun things like these to inspire me to be funny in these posts!

----- Arezu 22.11.08 16:02

I would make these out of ceramic myself but i dont have the skill.
how about one of them so i could do a mold. ill send you a copy :P

----- Hann 22.11.08 15:56

the ceramic noodle cup is so cool!
I like eating food out of a special container, it makes what ever I’m eating special even if its only plain noodle or rice.

haha…I can see myself using this for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

----- Pitka 22.11.08 15:54

I have this disease. it’s terrible. all i do is eat ramen, but the packets are so much cheaper than the cups. My ailment is that it IS NOT THE SAME to eat ramen from a bowl than from a cup. PLEASE HELP! i need a synthetic transplant!

----- Kristina Chyn 22.11.08 15:50

so cute and quirky, i especially like the im not a plastic cup.

----- ann 22.11.08 15:47

the college students complete service repertoire
oh how I want

----- Kaitlin 22.11.08 15:47

I am not a NOTCOT commenter!

----- Laura 22.11.08 15:27

omg theses would be perfect for work.
they decided not to provide cups for us anymore so i’m always forgetting to bring one, i would always remember this one to show it off. and one of my drawers at work has like five cup noodles right now.

----- ed 22.11.08 15:25

Does it come with ceramic chopsticks?

----- D-Mill 22.11.08 15:21

Can never go wrong with Fred!

----- Sherry 22.11.08 15:17

And this is not a winning post.

The above statement’s validity is a conditional.

----- xyzzy 22.11.08 15:16

Wow, all of the aesthetics of disposable dishes with all of the advantages of real ceramic ware. Very nice.

----- Eric 22.11.08 15:15

That cup is my destiny…so long, double-cupped short americanos.

----- Chad 22.11.08 15:15

wow, this would bring starving college student cuisine to a whole different level!

----- SuperMuffin 22.11.08 15:04

love these!

----- Jordan 22.11.08 15:02

Hell yes. I need one of these for my studio at school.

----- Jacque 22.11.08 15:00

…Brings back memories of interning for a certain entertainment/hospitality company down in Florida… My best friend and I, scraping for anything to eat… Ramen… ramen… and ramen.
Then there were the desperate nights when we’d try to mix things up and throw whatever we could find in the cupboards into the ramen… We called it Glop… or “…why did we eat that???”

I totally need a ceramic Glop Cup.

----- Meep 22.11.08 15:00

ingeniously silly! this are awesome!

----- Nigel Sielegar 22.11.08 14:57

This is not a comment and not wanting to win a paper cup (But really wanting to win that cool ceramic cup!)

----- Felipe Castillo 22.11.08 14:55

Both of those will definitely prepare me for college next fall!

----- Yun 22.11.08 14:54


----- che 22.11.08 14:53


----- josh Mervis 22.11.08 14:47

This mug / cup a mugup seems to be perfect except for one problem. If you dropped it not only would you get the plume of steaming hot coffee liquid shooting at your face and eyes but you would have sharpened ceramic grape shot to contend with too.

----- Michael 22.11.08 14:46

ohh fancy. i would love that cup. i would drink chocolate milk from it.

----- James Feess 22.11.08 14:36

Ceramics, Ceramics, Ceramics… Oh, how I do adore thee so.

----- Rose 22.11.08 14:36

shotgun on the cuP!

----- Ronny Nause 22.11.08 14:35

I spent all the ”fun” I have on your giveaway#4.
NOT.COT drained me.
I want to spend a lot of time trying to come up with something amusing but I’m soooooooo out of inspiration I might as well tickle you instead.

----- monom 22.11.08 14:31

Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised. ;)

----- tracy 22.11.08 14:29

That’s gotta taste better than those crappy styrofoam noodle cups. Blech.

----- Keta 22.11.08 14:28

mmm noodles…

----- Denise 22.11.08 14:27

Yeahii I would LOVE to go to work with one of those…


----- Benjamin Charlier 22.11.08 14:25

Amazing! To show you how much I like these I will list some anagrams of “Perpetual Kid”:
A Perked Tulip
Reaped Kilt Up
Aid Perk Letup

----- Andy Bo Bandy 22.11.08 14:23

As a poor University student I live on Ramen noodles. This ceramic cup will make the experience slightly more enjoyable :)

----- Ian 22.11.08 14:21

I’ve had this wisted for ages! I carry a cup with me everywhere. I’d be so excited I’d tell the world where I got it. You can’t buy that kind of publicity!

----- speck 22.11.08 14:20

give me…yo quiero…please…thank you

----- Evan 22.11.08 14:18

Though I would be honored to accept your Styrofoam noodle waste material, I would worship this ceramic one as I would a deity. Indeed I would put it in the space reserved for worshiping the spirit in my home.

----- Matt 22.11.08 14:14

Cute! (but you knew that)

----- Michelle 22.11.08 14:08

I am what I eat, therefore, I am not a cup o’ noodles.

----- Catherine Chandler 22.11.08 14:07

Coffee and noodles. The breakfast of champions.

----- PixelRobot 22.11.08 14:07

double walled porcelain, nuff said

----- dave 22.11.08 14:05

I’ve wanted to get one of these!

----- Libby 22.11.08 13:57

I’ve often wanted to buy one of these ceramics just so that I can leave them on my desk and get the neat freak in my office upset about having trash around. Oh what sweet revenge for having them throw away my leftover Chinese food because it was 1 pm on a Friday and said neat freak had decided anything in the kitchen (especially my kung pao chicken) was spoiled. Oh and both the cups look kick ass.

----- john 22.11.08 13:55

I have to admit, these are pretty rad.

----- Colin Moon 22.11.08 13:55

I’m broke and in school- I’ll drink more coffee if it gets me that cup- and give the noodle bowl to my friend who lives off ramen…

----- Alexis 22.11.08 13:55

I can´t believe it´s not a paper cup!!!

Excuse me, there´s a noodle in my soup!!!

----- Luz del Alba 22.11.08 13:54


----- karin 22.11.08 13:51

Hum… Noodles & Coffee… Sounds good!

----- Le Sceptique 22.11.08 13:48

Very nice. Very funny.

----- Anna 22.11.08 13:47

does the cup come with chopsticks? LOL

i want them!!!

----- miak 22.11.08 13:45

I’ve been in love with the “I am not a paper cup…” cup, since it has made its rounds on the blogosphere! I bet tea just tastes better out of that thing!!! As far as the noodle cup, if I were to win it, I’d be using it my blue box mac-n-cheese… nothin’ but class over here!

----- Mitchell L 22.11.08 13:42


----- Josie 22.11.08 13:42


----- jean 22.11.08 13:42

These are so cool! I love recycling, I hope I win~

----- Scott 22.11.08 13:39

The ceramic coffee cup would go lovely with that Sorapot *hint hint* and that ramen cup would be more than fitting for me, a college student *hint hint hint*

----- Bernard 22.11.08 13:38

Are those “I am not covered in dangerous splinters”-brand chopsticks included?


----- Worth 22.11.08 13:36

uhm … screw them I’m ASIAN I NEED THIS! haha thanks!

----- Jason 22.11.08 13:36


----- emily 22.11.08 13:34

Me Me Me!!!

----- Tania 22.11.08 13:33

Alright. Here goes attempt two at becoming a beverage queen. As you may now know, I work in a coffee shop. Ever since the debut of the “not a paper cup” on notcot.org I have directed countless customers to the internet to view this marvel. I challenged customers with free coffee if they could procure one of these beauties for me! No one has done it yet, and this saddens me greatly.

Help me realize my goal.
When I serve coffee, instead of for here/to go… I could say:
For here in a ceramic cup that looks like a to go cup?

----- elaine 22.11.08 13:32

perpetual gratitude from a perpetual child!

----- Iain 22.11.08 13:29

I saw the coffee cup at the MOMA design store in NY last week!

----- RNDAVIS 22.11.08 13:24

I wonder if you could do coffee in the noodle cup and vice versa…

----- Michael 22.11.08 13:24

Ohhh my goodness I have both of these items on my christmas gift list!! What a money saver it would be to win them!!

----- Kendra N. 22.11.08 13:23

I’m English, thus i drink a lot of tea and I’m also a poor student whose solid diet consists almost entirely of noodles.
So basically i’m a pretty good representation of the target market :-)

----- lucy 22.11.08 13:23

OM NOM NOM… Ramen for the Soul.

----- Collin Banko 22.11.08 13:20

Starbucks and Ramen - The Attic Greek/Sculpture Double Major Diet. ^_^.

*I’m so serious with this one…

----- Gia 22.11.08 13:18

yo yo yo I rap when I’m thirsty
so don’t lt ma coffee hurt me
I like it when its hot
unless its not in a cup given away by notcot… haha

----- levi montez 22.11.08 13:17

May the not-a-paper-cup set an example for his less eco-friendly cousins.

----- foam 22.11.08 13:16

another step towards being green! I love it!

----- Whitney 22.11.08 13:16

I need these, I really do. (Then maybe I can finally eat my cup o’ noodles with some class and dignity)

----- diana 22.11.08 13:14

I love ramen…

But I’m also no fun. Damn!

----- Ryan 22.11.08 13:12

But does the noodle cup have a lid for convenient storage of leftovers!? I may never find out unless I win it!

----- LMD 22.11.08 13:10

I love both of these. I drink a lot of tea and I’m sick of buying terrible mugs that fall apart in the dishwasher.

----- Renee Bradbeer 22.11.08 13:09

I love the ramen…

----- Klaira 22.11.08 13:09

love it

----- matt 22.11.08 13:09

daddy needs a new pair of ceramics!

----- jp 22.11.08 13:08

I believe I am the most qualified contestant, because I also am not a paper cup.

----- Kevin 22.11.08 12:57

Reminds me of the We Are Happy To Serve You Ceramic Cup, love it!

----- Kerk 22.11.08 12:55

I really like these!!

----- Lawrence 22.11.08 12:48

very nice.

----- Bonnie 22.11.08 12:47

been eyeing these for a while now.

----- Jacob Fu 22.11.08 12:41

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