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(ri)1- 11.23.08

rimain.jpgBeam Global Spirits and Wine, Inc., redefines rye with company’s first ultra-premium rye whiskey - (rī)1 Whiskey Brings Cocktail Style and Straightforward Sophistication to Traditional Rye Whiskey Category”, and you’ve got to admit, it is a seriously un-whiskey looking designer bottle… and even more stunning is the acrylic box they sent it over encased in along with a glass and the coolest stirrer/stirrer placement i have ever seen. Using the transparency of the styrofoam slit to turn the plastic stirrer into what appeared to be a floating droplet of (rī)1 when you slide open the box… so awesome!

(rī)1 - pronounced Rye-One - is certainly making waves in what has been a rather traditional genre, and the flavor is incredible… the spiciness really hits you upside the head (i decided i’d try it neat first and not read the tasting notes until after, so i didn’t see it coming)… it was refreshing and fascinating with a cube of ice, really opening up the flavors - you have to try it!

As the press release describes: “Bottled at 92 proof, (rī)1 features a light, slightly spicy flavor and a long, luxurious finish. Straight, the nose offers a gentle, peppery nod to its rye heritage. Cut with water, the scents of dried fruit and cinnamon push to the front, providing a rich palate experience.” Also exciting… “Future variants, including (rī)2 and (rī)3, are planned to create a complete product line.” Can’t wait to see what those flavors are like! But for now, you have to check out the incredible acrylic box of goodies - i’ve been trying to figure out what else it can be used for, and first idea is… light box? See all the pics on the next page!













As for the taste and what to do with your (ri)1? Well here are some more professional reviews and posts about it as found over at Liqurious! Click these to go find out more…
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Isn’t the box neat? I actually tried to make something with it but had a drill mis-hap and broke the box! The box is a lot stronger/more solid than it looks.

----- marcia 24.11.08 12:22

I recently saw a bottle of this at my local store. Great packaging. I’d love to try it before buying it though. For some reason, with spirits, there often tends to be an inverse relation between quality and fancy packaging - and the relationship between fancy packaging and cost is linear at best.

But on your recommendation, I might give it a shot (pun!) after I finish up my current bottle of Sazerac rye.

If you need some help finishing your bottle, I’ve been playing with this drink from the eGullet booze forum:

2 oz rye
.5 oz St. Germain elderflower liquor (might need less/more depending on the rye)
dash peach bitters

Stir with ice and garnish with a lemon twist (grapefruit might be good too)

----- Matt 24.11.08 11:48

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