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Coraline ~ 50 boxes + MORE!- 01.11.09

corall.jpg Now you’ve seen Coraline Box #21… So, where are all of those other 50 Coraline boxes? And what is inside them? What else are people finding around the internet? Around their neighborhood shops and on buildings? I have been fascinated exploring them all for the last few hours, so i’ve rounded up previews of all of those i’ve found so far on the next page… and really they are just teasers, explore the many links to see what all these incredible designed boxes hold!

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Hi i really like this site and its very interesting site it awesome i really appreciating you for your brilliant work.

----- Embroidery Library 10.12.12 23:07

i just loved the movie i have it on dvd & i watch it like every weekend it’s my #1 top 50 movies that i love so much. i just wish i could buy & own all of these boxes their so cool looking & if they are for sale now that would be very cool.


----- Brooke 20.06.10 14:00

HI!When I saw these amaging boxes,i imedeatly wanted to knnow how to get one….SO how can I get one?

----- sarah nickell 17.07.09 16:12

Wow these boxes are amazing, all uniquely designed. Great marketing!

----- Ben 01.07.09 10:12

oh man~! I wish I were awesome enough to have been bestowed one of these amazing boxes~! I really like the boxes themselves. Especially the one with the hole carved out of it and the key dangling out.
I just saw the movie at the Imax in 3d last night. It was so beautiful. Today I bought one of the bendy dolls (you can take off their faces!) and she is now adorning my desk.
Everyone who worked on this movie must have been so talented! I’d also like to know who made these boxes! I like that they put so much work into each and every one of them.

----- christina 21.02.09 20:04

I love how different each one of these boxes was! Yet no box stood out as being better than the rest, because each was so unique and so special. Definitely a fantastic way to market a great movie, and hopefully something that we start to see more of.


----- Cory O'Brien 09.02.09 22:38

Number 42 went to Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing.net

Number 50 went to someone at creativity-online.com

----- Jeremy 09.02.09 10:50

I was lucky enough to win a private screening of the movie yesterday morning - took my 6 year old and friends. It’s so beautifully done and proves that while computers are amazing, there is nothing that imparts human-ness to characters better than real human hands…


----- Jennifer C.M. 08.02.09 18:15

the boxes are awesome 0__0

----- Irielle 08.02.09 13:19

I absolutely loved the movie and these boxes are amazing! I would love to own one!

----- Elizabeth 07.02.09 14:15

Thought ya’ll might like to know that you can get Box #41/50 and other one-of-a-kind and handmade original items from the film up for auction on ebay right now - all to benefit Starlight Children’s Foundation. http://www.ebay.com/starlight. You can even get one of the original 28 coraline dolls! Check it out. If you want to go straight to the box auction, it’s here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=400029130826. Right now it’s going for $255.

----- Donna DeDario 05.02.09 01:26

These boxes absolutely blew me AWAY. I’m speechless. What priceless treasures. I’d be unable to leave my home if I recieved one of them I’d be so enamored with it. So amazing. ps- I wear blue nail polish on my toes everyday.

----- michelle 01.02.09 21:53

That’s so awesome. I wish I got a box D:

----- Moses Roberts 30.01.09 22:02

Awesome film, but the marketing campaign is what really took me by surprise! THIS is where it is advantageous for Laika to be run by a sportswear magnate. Nike really knows business savvy. It is a delight to see that aspect of the company trickle down to Coraline, where advertising will be the difference between empty theaters showing it and sold out movie tickets.

----- Don Carlson 20.01.09 09:37

Number 27 went to neatorama.com

----- doeth 17.01.09 00:47

Wow. These boxes are absolutely incredible! I have never heard of Coraline (books or the film). I just randomly ran across a box on a blog which linked this page. I am so excited to look further into Coraline. Congrats to everyone who received a box!

----- Jenna 16.01.09 13:11

Thanks so much for doing this visual round up. These boxes were so obviously crafted with care, love, and attention to detail. The aging, the themes, the hand-work are spectacular in every way. Hats off to them artisans and the idea team that set it all in motion. I’m praying the movie has a fraction of the hand-crafted feeling these pieces do.

----- Shelley Noble 14.01.09 12:23

Wow… I thought this movie was visually stunning when I first saw clips/art from it. But seeing these lovely things they’re sending out as part of their advert campaign just makes me more anxious to see the project in its entirety. I LOVE the fact that everything’s so crafty-artisan and handmade!

----- grace 11.01.09 21:48

omg ~ katee ~ me too! Don’t you sense a blue nail polish surge happening when this movie comes out? and those necklaces, and keys… and scottie dogs… and tools… omg, so many of these boxes are just absolutely mesmerizing and inspiring, especially when going through them as a set! Coraline has just stolen my attention for the evening =)

----- Jean/NOTCOT 11.01.09 18:50

I have been starting to hear about these Coraline boxes. I want the one with the blue nail polish!

----- Katee (e-polishblog) 11.01.09 17:43

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