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Flexicord- 01.13.09

flexi1.jpg Flexicord! On silly products that seem so simple ~ its amazing what some awesome packaging, clean simple product displays, and an instant “why didn’t i think of that” reaction can turn into! These Flexicord cables are your usual HDMI, Cat5, S-video, USB, etc… only you can bend them, and they’ll hold their shape! I love their “Clamshell-free” imagery ~ and the idea that it basically comes with a paper towel tube as a “coiling tube” feature… just crack me up. But really, i still want one, it could serve as the ethernet cable that doubles as a cable wrangler, coiling itself around it, or bending it into various shapes to hold/sort the mess behind my desk? Read more about Flexicord here… and I’ve included all my pics of their booth and product sheet on the next page!







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Most brilliant products often are this simple, love it!

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