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Skip Hop’s Wishbone Bike 3 in 1- 01.13.09

bike1.jpg Wishbone Bike from Skip Hop ~ with thoughtful, beautiful design for such playful, fun kids products, Skip Hop has yet to disappoint! Their latest addition is gaining distribution rights to New Zealand designed: Wishbone Bike, a 3 in 1 starter bike that grows with kids… from the stable lightweight tricycle, to pedal-less running bike, to normal bike for kids up to 5! It is also environmentally sustainable design and a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association 2008 Innovation Award Winner! See more pics on the next page!




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I have looked at similar ride on’s but non with the opportunity to re-configure as the kid grow’s. Where do i get one in the UK.

----- Tanners 10.12.10 15:40

That is definitely a cool ride-on. I think I like it better than the likeabike. Here is a good blog about similar ride-on toys and the pros and cons of each product. http://tview29.wordpress.com/

----- jeeves 12.04.09 08:32

@ nadegiko: yeah, the age of the kids this bike is targeted towards don’t have the balance skills yet and are just starting the motor skills they need to pedal. they definitely can’t do both at once.

----- Rainman 15.01.09 20:44

Wow, these are pretty neat. Wish I had one as a kid. What’s weird is that I just saw this other beginner bike this morning, too… http://www.stridersports.com/video.html

The design’s less clean, but still a neat way for little kids to get rolling.


----- Natalie 14.01.09 08:10

huh? pretty cool but…no pedals? hm…

----- Nadegiko 13.01.09 23:44

I love it.

----- Dree 13.01.09 17:35

That little bike looks so cool that it almost makes me want to have a kid!

----- Katee (e-polishblog) 13.01.09 16:35

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