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TAD Gear Titanium Skeleton Key- 02.10.09

skey1.jpg On things i didn’t even know i needed, but now can’t imagine not having… TAD Gear’s Titanium Skeleton Key. But really, who doesn’t want a piece of thick solid 6AL-4V titanium billet that is machined locally in SF in a machine shop that does parts for the F22 Raptor?!?!?! They’ve already sold out of three editions of 100… it features TAD Gear Terminator Skull graphic, and has a laser engraved TAD gear logo on reverse… What does it have? Flathead screw driver tip, pry tip with nail puller, bottle cap lifter, and a spanner wrench tip fit all regular sized Strider Folders. Is it bad this makes me want a Strider now? See more images of it on the next page… and perhaps if there’s enough interest, they’ll do another run!






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I placed an order yesterday, then got an email this morning saying my order was cancelled and do not know why. Can someone help with that?

----- Britton 17.12.12 06:10

Are the Tad Gear titaium skeleton keys available for sale?

----- David 28.08.09 15:12

they are back in stock, i just got one in :)

----- Lukw 17.04.09 06:07

I would love to have this kick-ass skeleton key . I own a tattoo shop and want one for all my staff . let me know when you make another run . thanks Nosferatu Tattoo

----- damion darkthought 15.04.09 14:40

How/where did you get this? They’re always sold out when I go to the website. I must have one!

----- tommy pez 13.02.09 06:17

“Is it bad this makes me want a Strider now?”

Uh… why would it be bad?! Knives, or edged tools, are some of the oldest, and most useful objects we’ve ever developed as a species - wanting something as practical as a knife that’ll last you a lifetime is a hell of a lot more sane than coveting iPhones and fashion accessories.

----- Timichango 11.02.09 11:10

i want one… better, i NEED one

----- nuno 11.02.09 08:46

I don’t have a Strider, but I would buy one just to chuck at evildoers.

----- Cooterpunch 11.02.09 08:01

Oh! So cool!!!! I would get one for me and all of my friends!

----- JB 11.02.09 06:19

um i want it now tell them to get on it and start poppin’ them out
thanks love the site

----- cole 11.02.09 05:23

Ahh they’re all sold out! Boo. Those are hot.

----- Chris Furniss 10.02.09 18:07

I’m not sure I have much use for all the things that can do, but it’s SO cool I want one hanging off my boring-ass keychain anyway!

----- FubarGuy 10.02.09 16:27

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