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2009 Survey and Logitech Squeezebox Boom- 03.25.09

BOOM.jpg UPDATE!!! Congrats to our winner, Philip in Seattle!!!!

It’s been a while since i asked YOU what you’re up to, who you are, etc etc ~ and advertisers are curious to know more (as am i!). So 2009 NOTCOT Survey time! I know how not fun these can be, so i consider it a huge favor and really appreciate it if you can help out and take the survey here! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

ALSO! To make it more fun, i’ll pick one winner from the surveys to send one of my latest obsessions! The Logitech Squeezebox Boom! (Just make sure you fill in your email at the end of the survey if you want to be entered!) I will pick a winner on Monday, so get that survey in by Sunday night!

This also seemed like a fun chance to show you the Logitech Squeezebox Boom up close too! When i moved into the new NOTCOT HQ ~ it was far too quiet and too many rooms! So this Boom has been perfect! It is nice, simple, sleek and portable ~ i can use it room to room and outdoors even ~ just needs wall power (not sure why no battery option!) ~ and it can tap into my wifi or ethernet (or plug in ipod, etc) ~ play any of the music on my computer/network, internet radio (which apparently includes every local station these days too!), Last.FM, Pandora, Rhapsody, Sirius, and more! I was skeptical about the sound quality at first, but its been incredible for its size, and great for rooms/kitchen/etc. Bonus? It runs on the SqueezeCenter which is a breeze to setup, and it’s all open source so you can even program games and weather and other random features to be displayed… also works great as an alarm clock! … and it networks with all of the other Squeezebox networked players as well! [Retails at $263 at Amazon]

Take a look at more pics on the next page ~ i love the little design details like the rubberized wheel and the thumb indentation on the remote… and don’t forget to take the 2009 NOTCOT Survey!







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9 Notes

Well, who won that sweet thing?

----- Olle 09.04.09 00:03

So who won?

----- Warren Chaplin 06.04.09 21:48

keep fingers crossed. :-)

----- akrokdesign 04.04.09 23:17

I’d like this for my kitchen, my living room speakers aren’t close enough without annoying my neighbors to cook and listen to music. I’ve already taken the survey, twice! (once before you had the problems with it)

----- Jes 26.03.09 10:25

what a sweet boom box! I have always enjoyed the internet radio options and pandora to boot!! I am going to do the survey!!!

----- andy 25.03.09 18:35

In the immortal word of Bre Pettis - Done!

----- The Slapster 25.03.09 15:14

It doesn’t connect to iTunes directly ~ but to the SqueezeCenter server you set up on your computer (don’t worry, super easy!) ~ that can tap into your whole iTunes library as well as play all the internet radio, last fm, etc etc etc stuff. Fun thing with squeezecenter is you can even have multiple devices in different rooms that you can control at once (even playing different music!)

Oh and i guess you COULD have the line out from your airport express plug into the line in on the Boom and just use the boom as your itunes speakers too…

----- Jean/NOTCOT 25.03.09 14:26

Does it connect to your iTunes like an Airport express?

----- Jes 25.03.09 14:14

Yesterday I filled out the form from your Twitter link and I saw the pic but didn’t look at is closely and thought it was a boom box from the 80s with a cassette player! haha I didn’t leave my email.

----- tracy 25.03.09 14:00

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