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The Send Help Project- 03.25.09

help0.jpg It’s hard to ignore a big box filled with packing peanuts protecting a multi-layered bubble wrapped bottle… with a note curled up inside ever so meticulously. Not to mention the fact that it says SEND HELP largely across its label…

So, WHAT is it? Well for close ups of the awesome invitation, check out the next page… and for more information on this upcoming collaborative art show this weekend, see The Send Help Project! Hosted by CreativeLab it will be in Brooklyn on March 28th (this saturday! one night only!). Artists will be exploring the theme of “SEND HELP” through various forms and mediums. Pics of the behind the scenes setting up the show, and even packing up these bottles are all on their blog… and for some fun closeups of mine, check out the next page!





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----- Luxury Discount Handbags 09.12.10 23:22

Very innovative idea. I like the colors and the eye for detail.Liked the stopper on the bottle, made it look really authentic

----- Fabian Fernander 13.04.10 10:42

Thanks for all the love everyone, the show was a great success.
Giaus and I spend days designing and rolling these posters into the bottles,
glad to see you guys appreciated the work.

Juan Carlos Pagan

----- Juan Carlos Pagan 07.04.09 09:35

You should require every boat, yacht. cruise ship, canoe etc to have one of these and so if ever neeeded… Beautiful design.

----- Amanda 03.04.09 09:50

Very nice piece, except for the way it was taped.

----- David 30.03.09 13:12

Smart design. Well executed, great find Jean.

----- R.T 25.03.09 21:41

Thanks for the LOVE. This project is our baby and it means a lot to all of us to be on NotCot. LOL my full thank you is here: http://sendhelpproject.blogspot.com/2009/03/we-are-speechless.html#links

----- Gaius Benbow 25.03.09 18:02

Pretty fucking slick.

----- Ian 25.03.09 16:16

very very pretty…

----- dan 25.03.09 11:58

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