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Colgate Wisp- 03.31.09

wisp0.jpg Another adventure in packaging based shopping… Colgate Wisps! Keep in mind i knew nothing about these when i wandered into CVS to pick up some last minute travel sized basics for this sudden Singapore trip, and they were intriguingly packaged and designed… tiny, silly, and not sure that i’d buy them for normal usage… but someone clearly spent quite a bit of time on the packaging/product details! So take a peek at some pics of them up close on the next page ~ and a look at the silly marketing angle they’ve taken as well (aimed at club kids?)…

And in all honesty ~ its a lot of plastic to basically get a tiny melt in your mouth bead of mouthwash into your mouth as you scrub with some harsh plasticiness…

This week long Singapore trip came up last minute (booked the night before leaving!) ~ so things might be a little quiet this week as i put in some family time!












Honestly, if i’d seen the campaign/website BEFORE i saw the product, i probably never would have impusle bought ~ imagine this montage… girl is dancing at a club ~ spots boy across the dance floor ~ eyes lock ~ they move in ~ THEN she runs off… pulls out a Wisp from her mini club bag ~ and runs back to make out with him… is it really better than a listerine strip or something where you don’t have to interrupt the moment fully?

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i hate the way companies create such products without thinking about the toll it takes on our planet! in the end it’s all about money, isn’t it?
shame on you colgate!

----- aline horie 29.05.10 12:37

I am an adult with braces. I find the Wisps to be wonderful. With braces, I often feel the need to brush and clear food from my braces. Sometimes, I can’t get to a bathroom or if a bathroom is too, err, disgusting to really brush in, I like that I can whip one out, clean my braces and toss the brush.

I think there is a bit too much packaging. I think it’d be neat for them all to be kept in a resealable pouch and then have one “tube” with capped ends (sort of like one of those travel toothpick holders) to keep one in in your pocket.

They are a little on the “spendy” side and I won’t use them for everyday use, but I absolutely love them for those occasions where regular brushing isn’t practical.


----- Bracesat37 19.05.10 08:33

While they are wasteful (to much packaging) they absolutely fulfill their purpose.

The bristles do NOT hurt and are soft, they also clean away particles and plaque that gum and mouthwash does not. I find that they are way better than gum and Listerine patches for that exact reason.

While carrying a small regular toothbrush is MUCH more environmentally sound you cant really use that in a car driving to a late afternoon meeting, or that split second that you realize in a hurry you forgot to brush in the morning you can use it while walking into work or school.

On the other hand I would stop by a drinking fountain or something after you use it, the taste is lacking. But all in all they do exactly what is promised.

----- Loni 17.03.10 16:55

The product is rediculous, as there are many other breath freshening devices that don’t leave you looking for a place to throw the packaging away after using it. Not well thought out, if you ask me. Never let it be said that Colgate-Palmolive doesn’t know product marketing, though. I have never seen so much throw away packaging to get a miniscule amount of breath freshener in one’s mouth, yet it will sell the product. And the song! It is really great. Does anyone know the name of the song and the artist? It’s really hot…

----- veracruz69 30.11.09 23:25

You people are insane!!! The Song!!! Its the song from the second or 3rd or 4th commercial for this thing….People are going crazy trying to find it….and we can’t even find the commercial…the one with the blonde girl….give us the music!!!!

----- Frantic 11.11.09 17:52

Wow I had bought this package of wisps when I saw them at our local HEB (grocery chain - Texas) and they are awesome. The tooth brush part does an excellent job and the bristles are soft I thought and your mouth feels so clean and minty fresh! Luv the wisp!!

----- ELVIA RODRIGUEZ 31.08.09 13:38

Just bought them yesterday and work fantastic as a mini brush. I travel a lot so this gives me a much better clean then a regular tooth brush and will be really handy when I travel

----- Weight Loss 31.05.09 10:59

These aren’t meant to replace normal toothbrushes for normal usage. If that’s not what you were talking about, it sounded like it in your first paragraph.

Anyway, I can’t wait to try these. They look convenient and a nice alternative to gum.

----- Karen 26.05.09 11:23

Was suprised to see that they contain sorbitol and sucralose. Two artificial sweetners.

----- June 28.04.09 14:22


These are ads for a prophylactic. Toothbrushes are prophylactics, as are condoms ;-)

----- JWTFL 18.04.09 10:37

i only bought this because the guy in this commercial (lucas gil) is like my brother and i wanted ta make fun of him by usin them every time i see him and bein like HA U MADE OUT WID DAT GIRL!

but i have to say that im impressed with it

its such a cute mini tooth brush!

----- ines 15.04.09 18:58

I love these things. I’d never heard of them until a few days ago. It was an impulsive buy @ Walgreen’s. I figured I’d use them before choir rehearsal so I won’t offend anyone with my usual peanut butter breath. I don’t think they’re too hard, it feels great on the gums.

If you can’t chew gum like me, this product is perfect for you. And it’s less messy and more sanitary than those brush thingies you stick on your grubby finger and scrub your teeth with. I think they’re a great buy.

----- Rachel 14.04.09 10:47

Hello,I used wisp and it is awsome.I had some bad breath and when i used it no more mad breath!!!!!

----- nick 12.04.09 07:36



----- BOB 10.04.09 12:01

Wow, and I thought I was being wasteful with my multi-use travel brush with toothpaste in the handle, which I generally keep in my purse or the console in my car. I could see myself using them once or twice, but there are no situations where they could replace my travel brush, just maybe be slightly more convenient (my immediate thought was “after a long flight”, but then you could always use bottled water to rinse). Mints, gum, or even mouthwash are never enough to really make me feel refreshed.

----- Laura E. 06.04.09 19:12

Come on, people! Buy a small thootbrush and keep it in your purse… Or chew gum, or take a tic-tac…or even Listerine.

I think this design is useless. It’s so sad to see new products pop on the market like that without anyone thinking about how much garbage we produce as a society. It’s disgusting. Pure madness. I absolutely hate it.

----- elizabeth 06.04.09 08:40

Love this product. Helps me keep the just brushed feel after coffee. Kind of expensive. Reduce the packaging and lower the price. Great gum stimulation. I do have an urge to keep it when I finish and reuse it though.

----- cpettway 04.04.09 07:34

i’m a dude. i like to party. i like good times. i like shots. all shots. body shots. i’m game.
i have a world class grind. when i unleash my pelvic thrust all the girlies be jockin’ me.

This past weekend, me and my crew (also ballers) rolled through some clubs, gettin’ crazy up in the cut.
we’re talkin vodka+redbull=wicked awesomeness.
I saw this one fly girl, dark hair, hoop earrings, and wearing a similar shade of shirt to mine (i love those monochromatic honeys)…she thought she had a shot at the title…so we started to grind…and after 3 hours of boozin, grinding, and pelvic pumpin i noticed she had a pepper seed…maybe it was a broccoli seed…caught in her teeth…she was dunzo. her shot at the title was K.O.’ed. we’re talking game over.

I think she died alone. no kids. no man.
if only she had the wisp.
if only.

----- NewJerseyRules 01.04.09 14:26

nothing like more useless over-designed plastic products. this is design masturbating design. how much of this packaging and design is comprised of recycled plastic? more over who the hell needs this? there’s this really amazing new design…it’s brilliant in its simplicity…it’s call the toothpick.

with regard to the ad campaign “don’t get caught without it” is peddling the same kind of mindless fear any worthless product. as a whole how did this thing even make it to this site? sounds like a massive PR movement and we’re all part of it…but sorry i won’t be consuming this message or product anytime soon.

----- mason 01.04.09 14:10

great product naming - but the ad campaign looks a little like a prophylactic (sp?) ad. i’ll try em at least once though now that i’ve seen this. usually use crest brush-ups when i’m out, but it’s kind of gross to be sticking your finger in your mouth in public, even if it’s in a minty little sock ;)

----- tommypez 01.04.09 06:25

hey! u’re gg to Singapore?!
i’m a Singaporean and i’ve been frequenting this site. almost everyday (:

----- beplusso 01.04.09 05:58

I bought these yesterday at CVS as well (Yay for great marketing on CVS’s part?) and tried one this morning after my staff meeting bagel and coffee. The little blue ball of goodness is just like a listerine strip, but the little plastic bristles were the real perk. In about 30 seconds, I had reclaimed my just brushed feeling and no, the bristles don’t hurt. They kind of massage your gums while cleaning. I’m sold and plan on buying tons of these and stashing them in my purse and my desk.

----- Melissa 01.04.09 05:54

I really really hate this!
All I see is wastage.

----- roule 01.04.09 01:35

Are they recyclable? I’d feel pretty guilty about tossing all this stuff in the trash.

----- romy 31.03.09 22:15

This product is ideal for someone like me…

I am a bit OCD when it comes to flossing and brushing. I keep the mini flossettes and 2 packs of extra professional in my purse at all times.

Like the perfect little consumer that i am!

Pity we are yet to get this particular product in NZ, and I doubt we ever will!!!

I’m still waiting for twinkies and tweets god damn it!!!!!

----- Betty 31.03.09 15:19

I probably would have done the same thing. I’m such a sucker for packaging. But this seems like a ton of trash when just the little ball being popped in your mouth would’ve done the same thing. Do the plastic bristles hurt? i can’t imagine they would tickle!

----- nikki 31.03.09 12:37


----- required 31.03.09 10:29

I think this product needs more packaging. Plastic packaging. I do appreciate the 50c off coupon though. How can I resist!?

----- andrew 31.03.09 09:56

I found these over the weekend. I was running around town and found them at Kroger (grocery store). Interesting idea, it would be great to see these as after dinner mint/brush/toothpick.

----- Tryg 31.03.09 07:43

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