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Gridiron Backgrounds- 03.27.09

flow1.jpg Sometimes i get distracted by the randomest details ~ my friend, freshly back from Photoshop World, was telling me to check out Gridiron’s Flow ~ and there’s even a free iPod Touch to every 50th download of their trial… but as i was checking it out, i got terribly distracted by how awesome the backgrounds and the flash animation on their homepage were… cute tagline “Chaos, meet Order”… so before i even downloaded the trial, and fully explored the program itself (which is in fact quite intriguing) ~ i was deep digging in their CSS to find all their various background files ~ which are SO cool! So take a peek at those on the next page, as well as some screenshots of their site (in case we ever look back years from now and their site is different?).









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There is 90% there are made by Mark Coleran ( http://www.vimeo.com/1563485 ).
Check the demo reel, the best in a long shot.

----- logicalnot 07.04.09 13:19

Thanks for the kind words, our company is full of creative people. Flow is probably the first piece of software designed, made and tested by animators, graphic designers, photographers, musicians, artists….

About the slowdown thing.. Flow can run with scanning off, and not take up any resources… see our forums. The slowdown in only initially for populating the db, it’s only temporary, and can be fully controlled or ignored if you want.

Keri Matthews
Gridiron Software

----- Keri Matthews 07.04.09 07:03

love the backgrounds. which make the simple site a ton better. nice work.

----- akrokdesign 04.04.09 23:07

Flow is pretty amazing actually, it does so much without you having to do anything. Well worth a look.

----- Graham J 31.03.09 06:01

These are lovely. BTW, I tried using Gridiron Flow but it was such a large application running in the background that it slowed my whole machine down. It’s super useful but I think you’ve got to have a newer machine to properly run Flow.

----- Leslie 28.03.09 15:05

Sweet, those backgrounds really capture the “Chaos, meet order” thing. I have to say their website is very successful in every other aspect as well. From the very first page I got really interested to know everything about that Flow. Video tutorials while waiting the download, absolutely.
Too expensive for my budget, but I’m definitely testing the trial.

----- Juho Paaso-Rantala 28.03.09 12:45

Nice catches! I especially love the red and black/gray one at the end. (:

----- Sara Flemming 27.03.09 15:33

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