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IKEA Solar Lighting Up Close- 03.09.09

ikeasolar0.jpg Continuing the obsession with solar powered playfully designed lighting… Remember that post last week about the new ones from IKEA? Well, i couldn’t help myself and went and tracked them down, took a bunch of pics at the store, AND bought quite a few too! The real question really was, what is the quality like, how long do they last, etc… and bottom line, i’m LOVING the mini lanterns and the pod on a stick looking one the best! Also some pretty smart design choices on the lantern, but its not nearly as bright as i’d hoped… more pics of all the details on the next page!

Here’s the solar desk light…

Display of the lanterns ~ interesting to see that the tube one is a string of leds…

Main display ~ and those are the non-solar, but rechargeable battery ones… well the big hemisphere is solar, but the mini is not…

The quality/look/feel of the silver posts weren’t too great… the little solar lanterns are definitely on my “fun random gifts” list…

Wasn’t a huge fan of the design of these, i can’t imagine them being too bright… and the mini light sabers look so silly!

Here are the ones i gave in and purchased…

Turns out this one is the medium size of the big solar hemisphere and the tiny battery operated one… and it can be used with or without the pole ~ it looked far cuter in person than online!

Brighter glow than expected ~ i like that it hides the solar panel, not sure how much that effects the charging tough ~ leaving it on charging all day and instant on at dusk… it was done by around 2am…

I thought this would be my favorite ~ it’s like the Allsop Soji Solar Lanterns (and apparently they are in the midst of some patent issues? That’s what i heard from Allsop)… what i do like better about the ikea ones are the materials used, and that instead of a tension brace inside and having to reach your hand all the way in to turn it on and off, they just weight the bottom ring! And the way the hook is set up hangs much better as well… now if only they would make it brighter and have the leds hang in the center!


Now these were definitely the best buy of the bunch ~ brighter than expected ~ super cute ~ and i love that it has a larger solar panel, and that you can have the solar panel charging quite a ways away from the actual lights… also cute that it lets you tilt the spike to an optimal angle ~ some of the others i’ve purchased just mount straight into the ground…



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7 Notes

These solar lights are wonderful.I was wondering how much do they cost?

----- solar panels 30.06.09 00:32

Anyone snag an extra set of the “mini-lightsabers.” My wife loves them, but I didn’t buy quite enough of them. Our IKEA is out of them.

----- Michael 15.04.09 02:48

These look great. And it’s also good news that Ikea are expanding their range of solar products. They are massive in Europe and they’ll create more awareness of solar energy in their stores.

----- solar energy 28.03.09 09:36

My backyard is pretty shady, and not much direct sunlight. Will the party lanterns function under this condition?

----- Dalia 13.03.09 12:29

these are great, i hope they have made it up to Toronto

----- joel 11.03.09 17:27

Here is the specification of the soji solar lantern :Soji Silk Solar Lantern
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1.Solar Powered ,Long Lasting LED Bulb,.
2.Weather Resistant,Automatically Turns on at Dusk,Durable Construction-globe Style Light
3.Visible at a Distance,Easy to Install.
4.High capacity Lead Acid Battery(Sealed Maintenance Free).
1.Soji Silk Effects solar powered lanterns collect light all day and turn themselves on at dusk to cast a beautiful glow at night, all without the hassle of electrical cords.
2.Soji Silk Effects lanterns are equipped with dual white LED lights, solar panel, AAA rechargeable battery and stainless steel hanging handle.
3.Shoji lanterns are hand-made, each is individual piece and has its own slight variances making each piece unique

----- Solar Lantern 10.03.09 22:12

that is awesome… I would not expect Ikea to go for outside party lanterns but I love it! Do you know Ikea makes houses too? In Scandinavia now only, but there are projects approved for Britain.

----- Kelly 09.03.09 14:12

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