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Witches: Lauren Alexander and Gabby Applegate- 03.14.09

witches18.jpg “I am reaching out to you because we have an amazing event coming up for which your presence is requested, WITCHES presentation by designers Lauren Alexander and Gabby Applegate. The most secretive of launches … Lauren Alexander started her fashion career with her namesake collection “Lauren Alexander” touted by LA’s own Kitten Magazine and GenArt, then created a lasting impression on fashion world with her well-established basics line, LnA.”

How can you resist something as vague and tempting as that? Promising… “WITCHES” the new shadowy, supernatural, and chic collection from Lauren Alexander and Gabby Applegate. An incredible editorial presentation in vignette style to showcase the occult collection. Friday, the Thirteenth of March, Seven to Ten in the evening. Chateau Marmont, Bungalow 4”… fascinating part, not even the Dietch PR folks had seen the line before this evening… the designer’s description? “”This line is a modern take on Goth, Grunge, and Victorian dressing. The entire line is comprised of black lace, velvet, silk, and spandex. The collection includes everything from floor length velvet cloaks to lace cocktail dresses with rope details. The goal has been to combine all of these style elements to create something that we feel has been missing in our closets. This collection truly embodies the idea of a “modern witch”.”

Intriguingly vague? Well the scene at Bungalow 4 was surreal… magic carpet vignettes with models wandering about and posing in their “avant-goth” outfits (credit for the term definitely goes to Whitney Pierce)… the truly amazing part beyond the gorgeously wearable (and affordable, $200-400) pieces… the details! Take a look at the glam/goth styling for the whole setup and pictures of the event and clothing on the next page…

Down the path of candles and black rose petals to Chateau Marmont’s Bungalow 4…

… to the new Witches line by Lauren Alexander and her best friend Gabby Applegate…



Here is Lauren Alexander and her best friend Gabby Applegate… apparently they got matching tattoos a while back… and with their matching jet black hair and dark closets… they were often called the Witches… when they realized they were missing something in their wardrobes 2 weeks ago, they pulled WITCHES together! Logo naturally being their key tattoo….

In the yard behind the bungalow there were vignettes on what looked like “magic carpets” on the grass where the models would wander over and pose from time to time…










Every detail down to the shoes…

Zooming out a bit ~ beyond the pink hued lighting, here’s how the scene played out…


Also intriguing ~ throughout there were glasses and bowls filled with Inodourous ~ “A magical mist of sorts, to ensure that you never smell like the night before.”


These fake crows were placed everywhere… throughout the grass (and constantly tripped on and nearly punted a few times!)

…. even above the covered areas!

Perhaps the eeriest noguchi coffee table i’ve seen yet…

Beautiful candelabras were everywhere… and they even had black lace blocking the view into the kitchen…

Some interesting details from the vignettes…

yes… that’s a dead bat…

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I can’t help but think the clothing is an afterthought to the atmosphere here. The attention to detail in the set design is phenomenal and sets a darkly whimsical tone. All I notice about the fashion line is that the across-the-board black ensure the looks don’t clash with the backdrop, and that it surely looks like the line was put together in 2 weeks. And who, I wonder, put up the finances for this little event? Anyway, hats off to the set designers and event planners.


----- Amanda Heironimus 27.04.09 07:00

Very Well Done Gabby! I am so proud of you.

----- Tamara Petersen 16.03.09 08:04

yes! apparently that’s the story

----- Jean/NOTCOT 15.03.09 15:16

…wait. Are you telling me they designed the wardrobe in two weeks?

----- a35mmlife 15.03.09 15:00

yup… pretty much the whole backyard was glowingly pink

----- Jean/NOTCOT 14.03.09 13:37

That is some seriously awesome stuff! Did the entire event have tinted lighting?

----- Michael Critz 14.03.09 11:25

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