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Lost designs of Sprouse at Chateau Marmont- 03.17.09

chat.jpg On stories that definitely fall under hollywood lore… here’s a great one that showed up in my inbox…

Stephen Sprouse moved into Chateau Marmont in 1991 for a month but had no money to pay his bill when he was checking out. So Andre Balazs agreed to let him off if he designed some apparel for Chateau Marmont in exchange…a couple of months ago they were going through the archives stored in attic of the hotel and found 6 original sketches by Stephen by accident - all signed and dated. These are never-seen before sketches. And Andre had not seen them for years - he was really excited to be re-united with them.

AND… NOTCOT has an exclusive to show you one of those 6 sketches (as to be expected, the other 5 will be popping up around the net as well)!!! Can you just imagine living the life in a hotel for a month? Only to magically work something out bartering your craft? And it certainly does seem timely that just as the new Sprouse book and LV’s Sprouse revisit pop up, that they *happened* to find these sketches… For those unfamiliar with the late Sprouse’s work, i’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere… he’s known for pioneering that classic 80’s graffiti/pop/punk melded with mainstream fashion with a love of the florescent ~ who went from 70’s band photographer to 80’s-90’s fashion designer/artist! See the full sketch on the next page!

p.s. i’ll add the other sketches when possible!


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cool :D

----- vena 29.03.09 22:36

I think some stuff is available on the Chateau Marmont website. www.chateaumarmont.com Hope this helps!

----- luna 19.03.09 14:20

so did they ever make into actual apparel I wonder?

----- carrie @ bloomacious.com 17.03.09 12:13

interesting. waiting to see the other sketches

----- Bombchell in Atlanta 17.03.09 09:31

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