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Chocolat Factory- 04.09.09

chocolatfactory1.jpg Mmmmm chocolate. Beautifully packaged chocolate. Dare i say the packaging is even nicer than the contents? SO, pictures of some of the Singapore Chocolat Factory stores have been circulating the web quite a bit ~ and when i ran into the one at Changi Airport, how could i not grab some for the 18 hour flight? Ok, well the chocolate rain (cocoa powder with the watering can spout) isn’t easy for immediate consumption, its packaging was too fun not to show you… and of course they got all uppity and wouldn’t let me take any pics in the store, so i guess it worked, i had to BUY the stuff instead!

Tiny bit of background? Read up more about this Spanish Chocalatier, Chocolat Factory on their site. But for the REALLY fun stuff? Check out the poster, packaging close ups, looks at the chocolate and more on the next page!












I couldn’t take pics IN the store ~ so here’s a pic OF the store at Changi Airport…

Ok ok ~ how could i really not put the Chocolate Rain song in this post?

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terminal 3! the new one ~ has an ntuc in the basement and everything…

----- jean 11.04.09 17:48

Hm, I like the packaging quite a bit, but on the pink poster that reads “Dear Client should consumption of our products cause you to melt into a puddle of happiness… and we will come around swiftly to mop you up.”

that “and we will come around” doesn’t seem right, I’m pretty certain there should be no “and” in that sentence. Sorry, just thought I’d point it out, every time I read it, I cringe.

----- trobs 11.04.09 06:03

in which terminal is that store?
i would love to buy something from there…

----- Ac1d 10.04.09 17:46

I have seen the pocket tube somewhere before.I am not sure if I saw it here in L.A somewhere,BTW Good pictures.

----- Ruben .T 09.04.09 21:14

this is great! not a detail overlooked. the copy on the rain shaker/maker is adorable.

----- brittany b reiff 09.04.09 17:39

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