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Kohler Karbon + Smart Divide Unbox- 04.15.09

kohler0.jpg On NOTCOT firsts ~ i have never really remodeled a house, taken apart a kitchen, installed a faucet, carried a sink… so for those who have, don’t mind my silly excitement at some of the more mundane aspects. Also, i’ve been far too distracted playing with the sculptural Kohler Karbon Faucet, i mean sure, i’ve poked at it at design fairs, but the booth folks sure give you funny looks if you stand there reshaping it too much. Would it be weird to have this designer faucet as my desk/fidget toy? Its so beautiful! And mesmerizing to play with? Also since earlier Kohler ads ran on NOTCOT a few months ago ~ i’ve been wanting to try those Smart Divide sinks with the shorter dividers ~ cookie trays sticking out of the sink - no more!

I’ve never unboxed a sink or a kitchen faucet… ever! So naturally you get to check it out with me! Consider this the first in my latest hands on offline project ~ more updates to come soon ~ but for now, feel free to take a peek at how fun the products are in real life on the next page!

i totally geeked out about the Karbon on Numb3rs over at H2OVisions

Unboxing the Smart Divide Sink!



Here’s what it should look like OUT of the box… but definitely more pics of it to come once its all set up!

Here’s the unboxing of the Kohler Karbon Faucet… i was way too giddy opening it…








For those that are curious ~ here’s the old untouched kitchen ~ looking to change the tile to….. i’m not sure yet, open to suggestions! and extending the counter out a bit more…

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Since it looks like you dont have tons of counter space, you should go fairly high-end.

Extend the counter and backsplash to the window, thats obvious. I think Concrete is so over, and while I love white carerra marble, I think its to cliche. Wood is coming back big time, a gorgeous dark exotic wood with an elaborate furniture style edge would be lovely and unexpected, I also have a feeling an inlaid hardwood counter would be wonderful. The backplash should be tile, Go to Ann Sacks and find something interesting.

Also you could do copper counters! I love the way they age and they are also antibacterial.

Thick glass might be a great counter as well.

Dont do any quartz counters, Im so sick of them, If you want stone get real stone, thats what I say.

You should send the pics to Design Sponge for their before and after page when you are done! Ofcourse post them here as well.

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I’m reminded of “Luxo Jr.”, Pixar’s short film about the cute little anthropomorphic lamp!


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