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NOTland in Kidlandia- 05.07.09

kid2.jpg I couldn’t help myself. Ami and the Cool Hunting kids clearly had tons of fun with Kidlandia ~ and i had to try it too! Sure it’s for little kids ~ but its like mad libs for a playful crazy MAP! Anyhow, check out NOTland ~ and close ups on the next page! According to CH - “Kidlandia, a website that lets you create personalized fantasy maps for kids, evolved from illustrator, entrepreneur and former Disney producer Brian Backus’ intricate, personalized maps that he started making a few years ago.”






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this was so much fun! a great way to break up a mundane monday and create a world of imagination. thanks for sharing :)

----- tommy pez 11.05.09 13:18

I love it! I think I will be spending a lot of time on Liqurious Island, sipping cocktails in the sun.

----- marcia 09.05.09 11:38

Love all the little creatures.

----- Melanie 08.05.09 04:59

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